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Newcomer Special Offers
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Get off to a solid start with these attractively priced,
standard portfolio items

Popular Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins

One troy ounce / .9999 pure gold / Quick delivery / Call to confirm.

The World's Top Five Silver Bullion Coins
Silver Stackers Special

All coins dated 2017.

Includes (left to right) - Britannia (United Kingdom), Maple Leaf (Canada), Eagle (United States), Philharmonic (Austria), Kangaroo (Australia)

100 one troy ounce coins (20 each) = spot + $3.35 per coin
300 one troy ounce coins (60 each) = spot + $3.20 per coin
500 one troy once coins (100 each) = spot + $3.05 per coin

Flat rate shipping $50 per order

All pure silver. All liquid. All IRA eligible.
Gold/Silver ratio now favors silver.
Stack for the future.

Historic gold from Switzerland
.1867 net pure gold / minted 1933 or earlier / Uncirculated grade

• Standard inclusion in well-balanced gold portfolios
• Tracks the price of gold
• Price comparable to 1/10th ounce modern bullion coins
• Priced at current melt value + 13.5%
• Popular acquisition for privacy-minded investors

Typically, the Swiss Helvetia carries a much higher premium. We purchased a nice-sized lot of these coins in Europe and are able to pass along advantageous pricing.


Limited Offer

Items that will appeal to the collector in you
as well as the cost-conscious safe-haven investor

We buy large tranches of old, historic gold coins in Europe as part of our normal business operations. In the process, we often acquire collectible items that we can then pass along to our clientele at prices comparable to our standard, bullion-related historic gold coin offer list. In many ways, these offers encompass the best of both worlds –– collecting and investing.

In addition, since we acquire these items on a consistent basis, the client who would like to combine the two is rewarded with a steady stream of choices throughout the year. We have a large subgrouping within our clientele who have been involved in this program for years, even decades, and own remarkable investment-related gold coin collections that track the gold price, yet hold out the longer-term prospect of premium appreciation based on their historical scarcity and desirability.

In every instance, the supply is limited and items are offered on a first-come, first served basis. Often the items offered are commited quickly upon release, so if you have an interest please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Here is our latest special offering for the collector/safe-haven investor:

Two different sets of 19th and early 20th century 20 franc and 20 lira coins from France, Italy, Switzerland and Tunisia.

Visit here for details
Call the ORDER DESK directly to reserve your order

1-800-869-5115 EXT 100


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