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Order and Delivery Guidelines

We now make direct deliveries of gold coins and bullion to the countries listed below except where noted.
Please call for details.

Ordering precious metals from USAGOLD for international delivery is straightforward, convenient and safe. We invite you to take advantage of our competitive global pricing, seamless fulfillment services and professional guidance tailored to meet your particular needs. We also offer fully allocated, economical safe storage in the United States for those who prefer that option.

1. Nation states served (International toll free telephone numbers included)

at Austria 0800-802140 www.usagold.at (deutsche Sprache)
be Belgium
/images/caflag Canada
dk Denmark
fiflag Finland
No direct deliveries at this time. Storage only.
frflag France
de Germany
www.usagold-eu.de (deutsche Sprache)
ieflag Ireland
it Italy 800-793-339  
nl Netherlands
nzflag New Zealand
noflag Norway
No direct deliveries at this time. Storage only.
seflag Sweden 020-889-258  
es Spain 900-838879  
swflag Switzerland
www.usagold.ch (deutsche Sprache)
ukflag United Kingdom
us United States 1-800-869-5115 www.usagold.com

2. Coin and bullion availability

• All contemporary, widely-traded gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion bars and bullion coins
• Select bullion-related historic European and South American gold coins
• United States $2.5, $5, $10, and $20 gold pieces (historic)
• Special offer items

3. General Terms & Conditions*

• Orders processed and confirmed by telephone only - no online or e-mail orders
• Advance wire required on orders of $50,000 or more
• All sales confirmations are final and establish mutual obligation between buyer and seller
• Client orders require wire payment within three-days of order date
• Payments accepted in US$'s only
• Refused or returned shipments and/or cancellations are subject to a processing fee of $50 and return shipment charges. Additional charges due to adverse market movement and losses may also apply on a case by case basis.
• Minimum orders accepted: 10 troy ounces gold, 10 troy ounces platinum, 500 troy ounces silver, 20 troy ounces palladium
• We do not accept wire payments from tax haven countries. Customers must be a resident or citizen of the country from which payment originates. Orders are shipped only to the country where customer's wire originates.

* Partial list. Please see our full Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy

4. Shipping details

• All orders shipped fully insured and signature required utilizing the international delivery systems of United Parcel Service and Federal Express
• Orders shipped five to ten business days from receipt of payment
No shipping charge on orders of 100 troy ounces gold or more, 100 troy ounces platinum or more
• Flat $50 (US) charge on orders of less than 100 gold troy ounces, 100 platinum troy ounces
• Shipping charges on silver and palladium quoted at time of order
• We ship only to the countries listed above.

(Please see our full Shipping Policy for full details)

Note: We forward delivery tracking numbers by e-mail when your order is shipped.

5. Special considerations for buyers in European Union countries

• Customs and duties on gold coins and gold bullion are waived under the harmonized code governing imports/exports (Please see: European Commission Taxation and Customs Union, TARIC Measure Information)
Certain investment gold coin and bullion items carried by USAGOLD are exempt from Europe’s Value Added Tax (Please see: European Council Directive 98/80/EC and List of Exempted Gold Coins)
• We do NOT offer silver, platinum and palladium bullion and coins for delivery within the European Union. The exemption for investment gold coins and bullion does not apply to silver, platinum and palladium. However, we do offer a low cost, safe storage program for those precious metals (as well as gold) within the United States.

(Note: Should customs officials determine that value added tax, customs, duties, tariffs, provincial taxes, goods and services taxes, sales taxes or any other taxes or levies associated with precious metals customer purchases should be levied, such levies are solely the responsibility of the buyer. Where applicable, customer should expect to pay these charges upon delivery.)

6. Special considerations for buyers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

• Gold, silver and platinum refined to a purity of 99.5 % or better are exempt from national sales taxes, harmonized sales taxes and goods and services taxes. Provincial sales taxes may apply in some cases.
• Customs and duties on all precious metals are waived under the harmonized code governing international imports/exports
• For clients wishing to own historical gold coins (most were minted at a purity of 90%), we suggest our US-based safe storage program.

(Note: Should customs officials determine that value added tax, customs, duties, tariffs, provincial taxes, goods and services taxes, sales taxes or any other taxes or levies associated with precious metals customer purchases should be levied, such levies are solely the responsibility of the buyer. Where applicable, customer should expect to pay these charges upon delivery.)

7. U.S. safe storage accounts

• Fully allocated precious metals storage at approved depositories
• Standard low-cost insurance and storage fees apply
• Buy or sell with a phone call
• Account items can be delivered at your request partially or in full
• Historic gold coins can be included in your storage account

• For traders, we offer a special Bullion Storage and Trading Program with narrow margins and a delivery option.

Safe storage in the United States
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Convenient, flexible and affordable precious metals accounts for international safe-haven investors

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