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Gold Treasure

(11/20/02; 13:18:59MT - usagold.com msg#: 89946)
You can do this...

Five syllables here
Followed by seven, and then
Five more about gold.

We all know that gold is going to do just fine as future events unfold. So all that is really left for each of us to do, outside of over-analysis, is to spend our time being thoughtful, and also making money so that we can buy more.

The methods of money-making I leave to you, but in regard to the first item, sometimes we all need a little prod toward thoughtfulness. Therefore, the challenge before you is to offer a haiku about gold.

The art of haiku has been described as the attempt "to frame reality in a single instant that will lock the poet and the reader into sharing the same experience -- a moment of absolute intensity in which the poet's grasp of his intuition is complete and the image he/she describes lives its own life."

The "haiku experience" consists of three elements -- where, when, and what. These elements of place, time, and object are in the finest examples of the art so unified that in the single breath required to utter a haiku it springs to unambiguous life in the reader/listener's mind like the sudden bursting of fireworks.

Gold of autumn leaves
Dappled in moonlight above --
Thieves pause, distracted.

Ok, so much for my contribution. Now it is your turn, everyone. --Randy

Presented In Alphabetical Order, by Author


A round golden coin
in my palm lies so heavy -
the metal of kings.


Sit after supper,
belly now filled. Or did you
prefer the dollars?

Aragorn III

In dark Wilderland
Gold shall ease your footfall 'though
Sauron dogs your heels.

~ ~ ~ ~

fish out of water
excuseless doom devours
a man without gold


Falling Gold: bruised foot.
Falling prices, swelling vault.
Limping jolly well ! ! !

~ ~ ~ ~

Leather bag of . . . coins??
"Waste of a good bag." Peers in.
Coins are . . . GOLD!!! -- "What bag???"

~ ~ ~ ~

The fixed Gold Standard:
A crutch for cavemen who can't
comprehend MONEY.

~ ~ ~ ~

Gold is property.
Monetizing it is the
dream of socialists.


Dig down to bedrock
Pry open the hardened fist
Beware of gold's grip

~ ~ ~ ~

At the ship's rail the
clasp fails her golden braclet
shimmers and is gone

~ ~ ~ ~

Christmas bells ringing
Gold tossed into a kettle
Anonymous joy

Aureo Speedwagon

Five! Seven! And Five!
Repeat the chant with me now:
Five! Seven! And Five!

Brett Woods

la grande douche, un merdement
my coin rinses clean


Smeagol's Haiku
Like peeling a sweet onion...
Layers of hidden meaning!


From cosmic expanse
In primordial epoch
Sprang silver and gold


A golden sunrise
Mirrored in my opened palm
A new beginning

~ ~ ~ ~

The dollar falters
Worthless government paper
Good thing I have gold


In times of tension
Nothing relieves better than
The clink! of gold coins.

~ ~ ~ ~

The end of cheap oil.
So much thought at the Forum.
Brain in overload.


Oh! Nectar of Sun
Obscured in rock of deceit
Fire will refine you.


By daily life pressed
A loves touch, a glint of gold
My spirit renewed


Frosted mountain light
Ancient golden leaves falling
Spring wave augurs life


golden sunset's peace;
patient, i trudge home anew...
my heart remembers.

~ ~ ~ ~

daybreak's gold shyness
hiding and seeking midst clouds;
oh for metal's heft!

~ ~ ~ ~

sun glows gold at noon.
snakes lie in the shadow place,
unaware of light.

~ ~ ~ ~

blue dusk, crescent moon;
ducks fleeing across this sky.
Fear sends man to gold

~ ~ ~ ~

Here, here now, still...
unlike paper shuffling woes,
we sit in coin content.

~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, J.P.Morgan,
J.P.Morgan, who are you?
shorn of gold, no hope

~ ~ ~ ~

greenback diving silent
energy rises; gold takes wing anew.
chaos begins quietly.


Fear creeps silently.
No! It will not overcome!
Gold! waits patiently....

Nay, naivete!
Maturity is coming!
Gold! will lead the way....

Harsh and sharp their might.
Ach! Pain sears...quickly blinding.
Gold! the shining light....

Light replaces dark.
Dim hope to dawning wisdom.
Gold! alert, we hark....

Truth and liberty ­
The premises unbroken.
Gold! for eyes that see....

Lost, but now we've found
Our anchor. It waits with strength!
Gold! our trust abounds....

Winter turns to spring.
Decay...to life...to loving.
Gold! the angels sing....

Praise to life and love!
Hope that leads to redemption.
Gold! from God above.

(With apologies to the masters et al.)

Great Albino Bat

Gold is for warriors,
Gold rings for their lady loves;
Paper bills for serfs.

~ ~ ~ ~

"Down the centuries...
Paper for democracies;
Gold for Charlemagne!"


Pure is gold's virtue
neither good nor evil bears
use makes clear intent


strolling by a stream
a bright sparkle caught my eye
I am curious


Selling All BANKS'Gold!
Al Greenspan's Policy Change!
Printing More Fiat.


Ancient gold statues,
Passive tributes to wisdom,
Smile, as truths unfold.


Gold - its power shines!
My labor's wealth now secure,


Gold...elegant, pure
Silent judge of modern man
Man is found wanting

~ ~ ~ ~

'Mid stacks of gold
Our enemies nod and smile
Financial doomsday

~ ~ ~ ~

The vulgar despise
Gold, a simple element
Draw the velvet rope!

Liberty Head

Sunbeams n'er shine here,
Satan's abode found frozen,
Forsake gold of thine.


Golden cherubs rise
Singing, dancing, laughing
At the horizon's edge

Sweet sun beget life
Fuse water, air, earth
Gold sparks your birth

~ ~ ~ ~

Loyal selfless friend
Humble birth bear's silently
Lead on Golden One

~ ~ ~ ~

Dollar hangover-
Slowly tosses its cookies,
Bent over privy.

~ ~ ~ ~

Floundering men's savior
Sailor's guide in stormy seas
Deep royal consort

~ ~ ~ ~

Cicada rest well
Molt off man's poisonous dust
Sail to heaven's gate

~ ~ ~ ~

FOA greetings!
Your friends adhere to the trail,
Wishing you the best!

~ ~ ~ ~

Paper printing storm,
Dollars flutter down, up, down.
Who would've caught them?

~ ~ ~ ~

Paper mache gold,
Shiny confetti freefall-
Life of the party

~ ~ ~ ~

Free hand for free trade.
Free birds with free will buy gold-
Spirit hops, leaps, soars.


Sands of human dreams
Quiet moment, ebb is flow
Silent draw of moon

Mr. Bill

From golden slumber,
Reincarnation cometh

Mr Gresham

Hmmmmm...one, two, three, four
Can I buy a little more?
No derivative.

~ ~ ~ ~

Speaking of haiku,
It just occurred to me (now)
Gold is very Zen.

~ ~ ~ ~

Randy starts something
Amateurs spin out true gold
Hall of Fame beckons.


Flame And Branch In Hand
Rising Within Golden Sun
Steps Forth Liberty

~ ~ ~ ~

Gandalf works magic
Hobbit fingers in pockets
Remember this rule

otish mountain

enduring thru time,
history proves without doubt,
Gold, immaculate.

R Powell

What use can there be
Of gold and silver money?
For our liberty!

~ ~ ~ ~

Regally weighted
A value unto itself

~ ~ ~ ~

Maybe soon to rise
Commodities on a tear
Inflation lurking

~ ~ ~ ~

I owe, I owe, so
Off to work and earn I go
That I may repay


Hours I toiled
Elbows in mud
Two tiny flakes

~ ~ ~ ~

For three hours I toiled in this hidden stream,
Up to my elbows in mud,
To aquire two tiny flakes with an eternity of meaning.


Ebb and flow of price
masking now the truth of gold
Value despite all

~ ~ ~ ~

Paper blows with wind.
Never to be seen again.
Gold in hand holds fast.

Paper rots in rain.
Mould the only matter left.
Gold forever shines.

Paper burns in fire.
Ashes left to mark the loss.
Real gold shields the flame.

~ ~ ~ ~

Paper hats and boats,
Useful only for the day.
Gold is good for life.

~ ~ ~ ~

Paper tears from load.
Tatters all around your feet.
Gold can take the strain.

~ ~ ~ ~

Paper soon becomes
Lining for the birdies cage.
Gold retains its worth.

Sierra Madre

"Paper bills in heaps -
Autumn's chill wind scatters them;
Shining gold remains."

~ ~ ~ ~

"Gloomy monkeys watch
Chickens coming home to roost;
rats leave burning ship."


History cares not.
Civilizations, names, faces.
Gold, brings them to light.

Smeagol -- [click to see Smeagol's special tribute to Gold Price $500!]

bright Sun, Yellow Face
softer the Moon, the White Face
they shines in our hands

~ ~ ~ ~

Tons, thousands of tons,
Won from stone, shaft, hill and stream
One ounce at a time

~ ~ ~ ~

Picking the pocket
of the fat Samwise hobbit
...but we gives It back.

~ ~ ~ ~

Guard your Precious well
keep It safe, keep It secret
Evil Men wants It

~ ~ ~ ~

No need to tell those
crying beside the bonfire,
gold was never there.

~ ~ ~ ~

While Plungeteers play
we trades their fiat for It
one ounce at a time

~ ~ ~ ~

Fiat hypnosis.
Svengali would be jealous!
Gold sees right through it.

~ ~ ~ ~

Siren song of wealth,
Gold in lucid belcanto
steers us round the bergs

~ ~ ~ ~

BOOM!... (haul, pulverize,
pile, leach, pump, electrolyze,
cast, roll, punch, stamp)... GOLD!

~ ~ ~ ~

Tons, thousands of tons,
Won from stone, shaft, hill and stream
One ounce at a time

~ ~ ~ ~

Those enchanted by
derivative delusions
wreck on golden rocks

~ ~ ~ ~

Collateral gold
Confiscated, borrowed, sold
Do you have title?

~ ~ ~ ~

Over storm-swept waves
flashes golden lighthouse beam
Steady as she goes

~ ~ ~ ~

What is that you say?
The Emperor has no clothes?
Trust him not with gold!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Gold sits there range-bound
as all else goes to the sky.
Don't just sit there, BUY!

~ ~ ~ ~

Gold-chained, he said
to the man with silver bars,
"Need some help with those"?

~ ~ ~ ~

The chemistry of
element seventy-nine
fills books, hearts and minds.

~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~

Use silver bullets
against were-creatures, gold ones
on money-monsters

~ ~ ~ ~

Silver? Platinum??
NICE, yes !!.... BUT, there's just SOMETHING
about the YELLOW !!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Kicked-in doors swing
(while they search and find nothing)
on precious hinges

~ ~ ~ ~

"Trade ya this fer that"
will be on everyone's lips
'round the money fire

~ ~ ~ ~

... which smothers the rock
breaking blades that cut paper...
Gold prices them all.


honest forever
schreeching fiat to a halt
a new era from here


Debtberg lours and looms.
Future's foe today consumes.
Children sleep and dream.

~ ~ ~ ~

Old man dreams of gold.
Soft glowing lustre, smooth touch.
Maybe tomorrow!

~ ~ ~ ~

Spot leaps, barks loudly.
Golden Moon rises. Dogs howl.
Short gold, long worry!

~ ~ ~ ~

All Greenspan's greenbacks,
Stuffed in sundry burlap sacks,
Gold's fixed value lacks.

~ ~ ~ ~

Gold price going down?
Ride the cabal out of town!
Lest we gold bugs drown.

Gold price on the rise?
What a very nice surprise!
...saved from our demise.

~ ~ ~ ~

Oh five, seven, five,
Once I caught a fish alive!
...now I've lost the drive.

Oh five, seven, five,
Through Life, Love and Labour strive...
Lost...but still alive!

Oh five, seven, five,
Gold and Silver's Sun revive,
Upward, onward strive!

Time and Thought contrive!
How much verse can one derive?
From five, seven, five...


If_I were a rich man
La da de dol de dol da
Have Gold and Golda!

~ ~ ~ ~

Lazar Wolf has Gold
Please marry him my daughter
Gold. It's Tradition!


Hungry. Snow covers
Hidden midden hoardings
Sleeping again. Full.


Gold of autumn leaves
Dappled in moonlight above --
Thieves pause, distracted.

~ ~ ~ ~

Haiku fun with 'RotK'
[Warning: there be spoilers]

And so it begins.
Everyone must play their part.
An epic struggle.
Gandalf takes command.
Gondor's beacons call for aid,
still more is needed.
The Paths of the Dead.
Strider, Legolas. . . . Gimli.
"The way is shut." NOT!
Theoden's riders.
Orcs on the Pelennor Fields.
One charge rules them all.
Some help for Frodo.
Men wage war to buy him time.
At what price, Precious?
Climbing up Mt. Doom.
A quest to destroy One ring.
<bloop!> "Nooooooooo... 'twas REAL gold!!!"

turkey hunter

Earth's treasured nugget
Worth greater than man's fiat
Begin gathering


Let's get physical
I wanna get physical
I don't want paper


Gold, caress my soul -
Thou art warmth and protection
'gainst confetti snow.

~ ~ ~ ~

Searching for the Gold
Not found in the mine, but Soul
Tranquility, Peace.

~ ~ ~ ~

Suicide dollar
Bursts into green confetti
Then a ghastly pink

~ ~ ~ ~

Bad thugs may get us
Because they envy our loot
But we'll still be rich

Some nice non-haiku gold poetry, too...

mikal (03/30/03; 20:18:37MT - usagold.com msg#: 100587)
P's of AU
The peace of gold
Will not be sold,
If you will hold
What here is told:

Portable possession protects people's plans,
Providing palatable nuggets in pans.

Perennial prosperity, private and precious,
Passes to progeny of gold bugs -- infectious.

Preserving possessions proceeding from pain.
Partitioning true wealth from ill-gotten gain.

Pretending not to posed, proud fraternity,
Pulsing from priceless stellar paternity.

Portioned for production of electronic precision,
Propels and empowers progressive decision.

Prohibits pretense of pro-forma plunder,
Predicting patterns of providential thunder.

a nation of one (5/16/03; 10:43:55MT - usagold.com msg#: 102904)

The poet felt strongly about gold
And said so with all his best powers.
His compatriot then gave him a scold,
Saying "Poetry is only for flowers."

"Emotion from a heart that is bold-"
Claimed the young lecturer for hours-
"Should never in verse be told,"
Lest all of his rules,
That he learned in his schools
Be proved to be frozen and cold.

Henri (4/3/05; 20:23:51MT - usagold.com msg#: 130869)
The one (immovable) will become many, and the many will become one -- or -- Prodigal Goldbug
knowledge washes over the sand grain of my existence
as the ocean upon the shore
new truths revealed with each crashing intrusion
each different and even more amazing than the last
dislodging me from my heart
drawing me down out and away

on wild windy wave I'm tossed
cast away and lost
used as a tool to abrade the immovable
ever present but now slightly diminished
just from my passing
changed but still not moved
does it know?

realizing that which changes not as the truth
always there to receive me again
returning to nestle amongst those of my own kind
changed yet somehow the same
rediscovering my heart
clinging mightily to each other our collective strength in numbers
not to be drawn away again

reaching out to those being swept away
entranced by the ever yet never new lie
knowing there is no way to hold on in the face of such power
letting go the ultimate act of love with the wisdom gained in experience
that they too will return to find themselves at last
golden grains upon the beach of time
knowledge forsaken for what it is not
true love

melda laure (4/4/05; 19:33:54MT - usagold.com msg#: 130904)
Henri 130869- a laite te!
Henry, what a spiffy riddle!

But now I bide the quiet light,
a hobbit hole, hands held tight.
Or in a box, stuffed in old sox.
A flower bed to rest my head?
Or cold I feel neath lid of steel
in hoard of men. And then
I wait, for with the rising dawn
I'll see the sun, and bright my face
and worned out rim will ring upon the barrel head.
Then you'll see, I will be free
while the whole world will welcome me!

So who gets the chair?

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