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The Light of Gold Amid Dark Visions

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(As posted June 2002)

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four horsemen
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse / Albrecht Durer

A posting Contest calling upon your greatest posting skills!!

Bernard Connolly's Dark Vision for the World Economy is having quite an impact both within the industry and with investors the world over. A new Fifth Horseman?

An olde Contest revisited. A new Fifth Horseman waiting to assault these Castle walls...

This inspires a Contest subject: What is your "Dark Vision for the World Economy?"

This will describe your worst case scenario and most importantly gold's role.

The Subject box of your entry must contain
***** Dark Vision *****
(surrounded by stars as shown.)

The Contest will go from this moment until 5pm (17:00 MDT) Wednesday, June 26, 2002.

Each entry must be at least 100 words to qualify (there is no advantage to posting first or last.)

The winner will receive (get this!) one Brazilian 20,000 reis gold coin from our recent special online offer (offered at $370 ea.) There will be two runners-up. The first runner-up will receive a lucky French Angel. The second runner-up will receive a silver Canadian Maple Leaf.

With that much gold sitting on this Table Round, this should prove to be the best contest ever held here. We look forward to reading your entry. Good luck to all, and may the best poster claim the gold. . . . . .

In Bernard Connolly's
Dark Vision for the World Economy,
the new Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse are the
Financial Collapse of the G3,
Political Instability and Unrest,
and Worldwide Inflation.

Gold may be the best defense.

Editor's Note: Every once in awhile an article comes along by a commentator/analyst who has found the key to a clearer understanding of the forces at work in the world economy. This article by AIG's chief global strategist, Bernard Connolly, offers that degree of insight. The picture he paints is an interesting one. Far from a world moving toward global world government and co-operation precisely orchestrated by the G-3 (Japan, Europe and the United States), Connolly describes a world perilously at odds with itself, fracturing along old pre-World War II fault lines, and heading toward a catastrophic inflation in all three nations -- a circumstance brought by their own inability to reconcile long-standing differences among themselves and the failure of each to come to grips with their own internal problems. In a world of three structurally weak currencies, gold, he says, will be the primary beneficiary because it is the one asset which stands apart from this governmental and central bank currency destruction. We would like to thank theminingweb.com and Mr. Connolly for permission to reprint this important contribution to the current analysis and we highly recommend that USAGOLDers take the time to thoroughly digest it. This article will be a source of discussion and support documentation for some time to come. Beyond that, Mr. Connolly provides some very convincing reasons for gold ownership on the part of citizens in all of the three G-3 nations. --MK

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Brazilian 20,000 Reis winner
Aureo Speedwagon
(06/26/02; 14:19:46MT - usagold.com msg#: 79194)
****Dark Vision****
Dear Dad,

Happy birthday! One of these days we'll be able to visit you--we have enough gasoline coupons for each state to make the trip; we're just waiting for our interstate travel permit to come through.

Silvia says she can't believe we haven't seen you since the wedding in 2000, and that you've never even seen your great-granddaughter. Aureo Jr, Agnes and the baby have moved in with us now. "Baby"...Audrey is almost 7! I'm sending you a picture of her.

Hope to see you soon! Praise the North American Union!

Your loving son,


44K Attachment: Audrey.jpg



This part of the e-mail is
embedded in the photo of Audrey using a new ultra-secure quantum encryption method they've developed here in the remnants of Silicon Valley, so don't worry; if any snoops had tapped this, the message would have vanished instantly.

I don't think we're going to be able to visit anytime soon, because they won't issue me a travel permit. Every time I submit my proposed itinerary to the Office of Homeland Security, there's always a bridge out, or a large scale fire or flood, or some classified national security emergency somewhere along the way, and it's back to square one. It takes about 90 days for the permit to be processed. And there's no way I can fly--the truth came out at the Santa Clara County Air Travel Planning Department when the clerk opened my dossier and showed me a MasterCard receipt from a San Jose gun shop. "You rented a .357 Smith and Wesson and bought 100 rounds of .38 Special ammo. Obviously, you know how to use a gun. You're never going to get a flight permit." If only I'd paid cash!

So that's probably what's holding back the car travel permit, too.

But things seem to be getting better here. The County Nutritional Planning Commission raised the weekly calorie allowance three times this year, and our house is scheduled to be re-connected to the water system within a couple of years. So funny that we have e-mail and Web and satellite TV, but no flush toilets.

We still have a quart jar half full of
gold eagles; thank you so much for persuading me to stock up on gold when it was still available. Remember how you were always saying an ounce of gold could always buy a good suit? Well, I bought a suit for an ounce of gold! It's a government-approved radiation suit, $20,000 list price in Newbux, and I've been using it to do some salvage work in the old financial district in San Francisco. I drive into the city to Duboce street where the J Church muni train became a subway, and I walk the tunnel downtown. There isn't a lot of blast damage; the crater is only a hundred yards wide, but it was a neutron bomb: most of the energy went into creating a flood of neutrons, so the structures were pretty much left alone, but everything is highly radioactive.

It's a risky thing to do salvage in the financial district, so I don't do it very often, and I won't let Aureo Jr. do it at all--got to protect the family jewels. I struck a bonanza a few months ago when I cracked open an office that nobody had gotten to yet, and almost every skeleton was wearing a Rolex!

Of course, I had to turn everything over at the Materials Planning Commission checkpoint when I returned back through the subway tunnel, but it was a good infusion of electronic Newbux for the family.

All official transactions have to be in Newbux, but people privately trade pre-'64 silver coins. It's illegal, but the cops wink at it, mostly. They crack down pretty hard on gold, though. You're supposed to turn in gold for the official price of $20,000 per ounce, but then they deduct income tax, transaction tax, and precious metals windfall profit tax. So gold pretty much stays hidden.

One of the most annoying things is compliance with IRS regulation section 60501: any time there's a cash transfer of $10,000 or more, you have to file a Form 8300. Around here, $10,000 is the cost of a meal for four at a nice restaurant, so you end up paying in electronic Newbux to avoid the hassle.

I get a steady income of silver from an unexpected source. Remember how I used to do all my own tune-ups and carburetor re-builds? I'm in demand now! The only other nuke strike we had around here was the air blast directly over the Blue Cube, a top secret computer facility at Onizuka Air Force Base, just off Highway 101 and Mathilda Avenue in Sunnyvale, that controlled satellites transmitting the nation's most vital military and intelligence secrets. Next to the Navy's Moffett Field, NASA Ames Research, and Lockheed. Again, it wasn't a property-damage bomb: it put most of its energy into a huge electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that fried all electronics for fifty miles in every direction.

So today we have millions of SUVs with fried on-board computers, and the only cars that work are the ones with the old-style controls. With the price of gas today, nobody wants an SUV, of course.

Anyway. Silvia's doing fine, putting a lot of effort into her garden. Aureo Jr and his family had to move in with us because of the real estate bust--they lost their house when the bubble burst, and then Fanny Mae became landlord to everybody. Except us, because I paid off the house long ago and own it free and clear except for the taxes, which are steep. I always tell Silvy,
"Did you ever think you'd live in a hundred-million-dollar house?" Well, we do. Too bad we won't be able to pass it along to the kids, because the death tax kicks in on assets over $1 million.

Aureo Jr. has a nice little plumbing business going, building cisterns for people who can't get connected to the public water works, which is anybody who isn't related to a member of the Water Planning Commission. The bonus is that he has free access to copper.

Audrey isn't doing well in school, thank God. I was so furious a couple years ago when Agnes took Audrey for a pre-enrollment interview, and the Educational Planning Counselor told her not to teach the child numbers or the alphabet. This is because kids who already know the alphabet get bored and unruly during class.

That made me damned mad, and I made sure to teach her to read, and she's racing through the Nancy Drew books right now and having a lot of fun. We've warned her not to let on at school that she knows how to read; it doesn't come up much because most of her classes are multi-media, like History of Human Sexuality, Social Conviviality, and The Life Of Our President. She was confused when we changed Presidents, because the class never mentioned that there was an election, just shifted gears to praise of the new guy. She had no idea that there ever was a change in Presidents. I got out my box of old fiat and showed her pictures of Washington, Lincoln, and Grant. She spent the afternoon making paper airplanes out of Franklins and throwing them around in the back yard.

Anyway. Happy birthday, and I will see you again one of these days, here or in heaven.

Your loving son,


French 20 Franc Angel winner
(06/23/02; 15:47:08MT - usagold.com msg#: 78876)
***** Dark Vision *****
The ships hull rode the rhythmical flow of the waves as though it was at one with the sea. Half a dozen dolphins jumped and played in the clear indigo ocean immediately off the bow and the golden sunlight sparkled in the spray like freshly cut diamonds. Oh, to be a dolphin - unbound in the beauty of the ocean and oblivious to the world of human beings.

It was the fourth week at sea - an emergency departure not unexpected, but one that would never be forgotten. Preparations had been made eighteen months previously - the storage of food, emergency medical supplies, extra fuel, guns, ammunition, fishing gear, crab traps, spare engine parts...and the bilge...hundreds of kilos of Gold and Silver which provided ballast for the vessel and
financial ballast for its captain.

That was the most important and secret of all preparations, as
Gold had appreciated suddenly and drastically when it finally broke free from decades of chained bondage. Spot was angry - angry at the bondage, the manipulation, the disrespect, and it was relentlessly attaining its rightful place in the world economy. Gold was asserting itself as the sacred standard of value and the pivot of the new international monetary system. It currently traded at $3,000.00 US per ounce, inversely proportionate to the value of the US dollar.

The vast majority of
people were unprepared for the hyperinflation - it had gripped the fiat unexpectedly as true inflation data had been disguised and kept from the public for the past few years. When inflation hit, it hit with a vengeance, jumping 500% in a day and financial institutions were ordered to freeze bank accounts and retirement savings plans. The government was bankrupt, the banks were bankrupt, and the people were bankrupt - financially, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

The great reckoning had been ruthless and had caught the masses unaware. The resultant
collective anger was immense - it seethed, it boiled, and its devastation was immeasurable. The anger was rooted in a sense of betrayal - betrayal from a government whom most believed would provide for their every need - provide security, provide jobs, provide health care, and provide more when there was nothing left to provide with. Betrayal had turned to anger, anger had turned to hunger, hunger to desperation, desperation to crime, and crime to insanity.

I was in my home and had placed barbed wire around the top of my fence. But that didn't stop those out of work, out of welfare, out of unemployment benefits and desperate for food. A young chap in his early twenties had hoisted himself over the barbed wire and landed on my property torn and bleeding, breaking his leg and begging for sustenance. There were no ambulances or public medical care as the system was bankrupt - services that had always been there and taken for granted no longer existed. I'd set his leg fashioning splints from brooms, and stitched his wounds with only some precious whiskey to soothe his pain. I carved crutches for him from tree branches and sent him on his way the following week.

I escaped to the sanctuary of the ocean days later and left my home to the care of friends, come of it what may. It didn't really seem to matter any more - my few precious possessions were with me now and property values had fallen so drastically with the
collapse of real estate it was hardly worth worrying about.

The morning news crackled over the radio.
Unemployment increased again this month - 50% of people were out of work...the demonstrations continued in some cities, the riots continued in others...the crime rate climbed to new heights like an over inflated stock index...the DOW fell below 5,000...who would ever have thought...only a few of us.

The story was
the same all over the world - Japan, Europe, North and South America. Argentina was still the worst as their economic implosion was now into its third year. Thousands upon thousands had died as disease ravaged the country secondary to poverty and lack of sanitary living conditions. Favourite tourist destinations of a few short years ago were now avoided like the plague. The party was over and the hangover was deadly.

As I listened to the news, I steered towards a small coastal community to fill up the water tanks. Water was still available to those who had items for
barter...Gold, silver, but most wanted ammunition or food. I had fresh salmon and halibut to barter with, preserving my bullion for the purchase of precious fuel. War encapsulated the Middle East and although the US now controlled all oil refineries in Iraq and the Caspian Sea area, the price of oil was unbound, similar to the price of Gold. The world had reached Hubbert's Peak earlier than expected and the reality of depletion hit hard because the Arabs had grossly falsified their reserve data.

I looked up into the sky as the cry of seagulls rang through the crisp morning air. They soared white against the blue expanse and I thought of Jonathon Livingston - he had it right and the human race had it wrong.
Freedom and sovereignty versus government bondage, honesty versus deceit, integrity versus greed, and harmony versus hate.

When the news was finished I switched on the autopilot and logged onto the net. The USAGold forum had become a frenzy of activity. There were hundreds of posters who had the
insight to buy Gold under $350.00/ounce. Many had made a fortune in shares and had transferred that profit into bullion. Those who held on to their shares for too long had lost their total investment when the mines were declared state property in the interest of "federal security". Belgian and Aristotle had every right to say "I told you so" but the words were never uttered as current circumstances spoke so loudly and clearly.

There was one sentiment common to all posters however - the
yearning for the world as it had been before Gold reached $3,000.00/ounce.

There had been one precipitating event which drove it there, one event which many feared but which most never believed would become an actuality. Following the US invasion of Iraq, two cities in the US had been struck simultaneously by
terrorists and it was ugly - a horror beyond description. Gold had catapulted from $350.00 to $450.00 an ounce within days and had caught the shorts off guard. Following the brief run, the economy rotted more quickly than a corpse on a hot summers day, and the move to $3,000.00 was rapid.

The forum isn't the same. Yes, there's still The Blade who comes to us from a mountain hide-away and whose posts now close with "off to chop wood". Many discussions revolve around the new role of Gold as the currency of
international trade, and most posts are accompanied by personal tales of extreme circumstances in extreme times. The jubilant ambience that once accompanied the rising Gold and share prices has faded, and is replaced by reminiscence of the world as it used to be, never to be again. The sorrow for the state of the world is palpable, and the yearning ceaseless...the yearning to trade all ones Gold to buy back the world of yesterday which somehow, through the folly of man, fell into the abyss.

The seagulls soar and the dolphins play. I share their elements and vicariously live their experience in an attempt to escape the reality and destructiveness of the human race. For their world of the sky and the ocean is a world of freedom, beauty, honesty and integrity. And unlike the self-destructive and imploding world of humanity...a world without end.


Silver Maple Leaf winner
(6/21/02; 09:23:05MT - usagold.com msg#: 78708)
*****Dark Vision*****
I knew this was going to happen. It all seemed so obvious to me a couple of years back. After a bunch of quick calculations, and some serious pondering, I quit my job in the city and purchased this little hobby farm. It took me a few years to get the swing of things, but I make a few bucks here and there on the side selling my goods at the local market. Enough to pay the bills anyway. Well I used to, until all this came about.

I knew it was going to happen. All of the warning signs were right in front of my face. The one thought that really got me going was the consideration that our dollar might not be useful enough some day to buy the oil we so direly need to keep this monster rolling.

Well it happened. It happened a lot faster than I thought it would too. Before we knew it our dollar was useless on the world market, and the Saudis stopped their oil shipments. No big deal right? Wrong. All the reserves we had left were consumed in such a short period, that we were left high and dry without fuel, not to mention the prices went through the roof. Some gas stations were charging an ounce of gold for a tank of gas, but do you think they would take fiat? I don't think so. The oil companies worked out a deal with the Saudis,.. gold for oil they called it. Unfortunately our
federal gold reserves weren't ours, and our government wasn't much help buying the nation out of this bust.

The worst part of my fears came true though. People who lived in the big cities soon found themselves without food as many shipments were delayed as a result of the fuel crisis. I heard stories of people killing each other for a bag of rice.

They started coming out into the countryside about two weeks ago, tearing the place up and consuming everything in their path. It's like they finally discovered where food came from, and they came a hunting. Mostly on foot, they were pleasant at first, asking politely to trade thier jewellery or whatever valuables they could carry for food. After awhile the farmers started to run out of pigs, chickens, cattle etc., and people would just sit in the fields roasting whatever they could get their hands on.

I knew this was going to happen, so I learned the art of preserving produce, and I stashed quite a bit away in my secret place. I figure I have enough food to feed three or four people for about a year, but I think we would have to go into hiding so others would'nt raid everything.

Sometimes I feel bad for these people, and I want to help them, but there are so many.

There is one thing that will stick in my mind forever. A frail young boy came to the door and asked for a glass of water. He stood there patiently as I fumbled with the latch. For such a young lad, he had the look of wisdom in his eyes. As I was pumping his water, I asked him if he was travelling alone, and without a tear he explained to me how his parents were murdered for their jewellery. His look was one of deep anger and resentment. He described his sister to me and asked if I had seen her. Apparently one of their relatives has a farm around here, and he thought she might have come out here looking for him.

Before he left to continue looking for his sister, he turned to me and asked me if I could do him a favour. "Of course!" I replied, "anything you need." He held up a
one ounce gold maple leaf, "my grandfather gave this to me" he stated,"somebody might kill me if they know I have it. Could you put this somewhere until I come back?"

I hesitated for a moment, then I asked him to follow me. I took him to my secret place and showed him all of my stores. I placed his coin on top of a jar of peaches, and I told him that it would be here when he returns. "Whether you find your sister or not, you are always welcome to come back here and stay with me" I told him. With that he gave me a big hug and proceeded out the back door on his journey.

I really hope he comes back.


There,... that dark enough for ya?

Silver Maple Leaf winner
(06/26/02; 05:27:43MT - usagold.com msg#: 79130)
***** Dark Vision *****

Why do the tides roar?
Why do they surge insistently upon tired shores
That have had enough?
While claws of sea-spew blast and scrape
The borders of the eroding strand,
And hands of foam deftly finger through the sands,
Picking them clean of all that's precious,
As they drown in the engulfing wash.

The sands, weary of the onslaught, give a little,
Succumbing to the churning draw of the retreating flows.
And so the drama reenacts, a perpetual dance,
Performing to the rhythm of the Moon.

I saw the shade Tiresias standing on the shore,
The waves lapping over the tops of his feet,
A sand crab scuttled across the surface, hunkered down as each wave broke,
Then continued on its pointless journey.

I saw as through the old man's still perceiving eye the sands in random eddies.
Up close they became
teeming swarms of men,
Troubled by the unrelenting waters,
Ordered by the motion of the Moon.
Myriads of desperate souls,
Ignited by the pursuits of the moment,
Driven by the momentum of the past,
And projected into the abyss of the future

I watched every crashing wave disturb the shore,
And then withdraw, like the pulling back of a death shroud,
Revealing what had been laid waste. All that they had built was laid waste.
Over and over again, by the tides which are driven
By the order of the Moon.

The ancient Theban appeared wizened and stooped,
Heavy with the burden of
The same admonitions
, time and times and times by times.
I heard the sage unfurl his thoughts.
Weighty words coiled in riddles,
delivered now with tired monotony, as one performing repetitious tasks,
Only lightly conscious of the matters he pressed.

I watched
each generation pass from bright-eyed small children
Through stages of progressive disenchantment;
From laughter and little thrills, to bitter wailing, and sighs of untold grief.
I saw even the blind seer of once mighty Thebes bow his head and weep.
But his tears, like his words, fell into the gathered pools and were lost in the ebb of the deathless tide.


We are found at the sunless dawn of a time of great stress. Stress upon every system, upon every resource, and upon all who inhabit the globe. The entire social fabric is poised to be rent asunder by this immense weight. With that, the best preparations of any man will at most only purchase him some time.

If the civil order of our societies should disintegrate, resulting in devolution into chaos, or a determined construction of enslaving global statism, the conclusion is sobering. Surely angels weep. In this our gold will not be able to deliver us, as it was never meant to deliver.
It is savings, not savior; a wealth-asset, not well-being itself.

Were we
not however to descend the depths utterly, and our societies remain intact, then accumulation of this kingly metal should reap bountiful rewards. Yet whether feast or famine, personal happiness -- contributing to and partaking of those things bigger than ourselves -- is still the truest gold.

Lay up your treasures in Heaven; but
store wisely here on the Earth.


Silver Maple Leaf winner
Bound Spirit
(6/21/02; 13:25:59MT - usagold.com msg#: 78724)
*******Dark Vision*******
First, a little introduction is in order. I've been lurking for about 3 years now on this site ­ and not just a little, but at least once a day. My rationalization for not actively participating are: 1) I felt I needed (and still need) the education and 2) I'm a damn good civil engineer with an incurable desire to please. In other words I'm constantly flirting with failure due to my proclivity for over extension.

To say that I've benefited from all of your daily interactions would be a gross understatement. There really are no adjectives to completely describe my recent metamorphosis. One thing I know now clearly - Ignorance is definitely not bliss, but neither has been my increasing melancholy and alienation from my family, friends, associates and from general society. About the only place I can find solace is through my daily exposure to the kindred spirits at USA Gold.

Previously I thought I was a depressed sole when the focus of my political energy was on decrying the success of the liberal agenda which has
irreparably shredded the fabric of our western culture. But now, through my increased economic focus, I witness daily the insidious destruction of our shared ideals, our loss of personal freedom and the decay in our quality of life ­ all brought about by fiat money and the unprincipled people who control it. Between the liberals and our choreographed economy, I now see clearly the "end game" of western civilization.

Now don't misunderstand me ­ I'm grateful for the vision above the forest. My family has a
much greater chance of survival now. But I'm finding it much harder to focus on my job (i.e. on the design and construction of new debt funded infrastructure). How could anyone have enthusiasm for their day to day responsibilities once they've been convinced that the near future holds no positive scenarios?

We will either: A) become a totalitarian world or B) Our lives and our descendants lives will become reacquainted with the animal kingdom. Anybody want to speculate on a third option?

Will our powers of reason save us or will they always be contaminated by self-promoting rationalization? Maybe we will be saved by our scientists who now rein supreme as modern day clerics. Maybe the Internet be the innovation that somehow boot straps our societal consciousness above our intrinsic personal selfishness? What "New World" is waiting out there for us to discover so we can temporarily flee our problems, as did our European ancestors? Is there any hoping that we will rediscover the dogma of religion or unite around some shared spirituality? These are all nice possibilities to consider when our self help books recommend that we keep hope alive. But for me the only thing I can hope for is something completely new that I've never heard of.

Lets face it, most of the mature contributors to this forum own gold as a means to survive what lies ahead. Beyond that, it borders on naïve that we could return to a world where gold will once again serve in its intended role as a passive guarantor of our freedoms and inalienable rights. God, how I wish it could be so ­ but my crystal ball says no.

So for me, the more I hear and study about Keynes, M3, derivatives, pro-forma CRAP accounting, Merrill Lynch, the Cartel, etc. the closer I get to my version of a Mozart Death Requiem.

I'm certain that relatively soon, we'll all be rich with real gold wealth. But when that happens, I'll do what I have to to take my family and my little pile of gold to the mountaintop, where I'll spend whatever time I have left writing poetry, loving and protecting those closest to me and communing with God.

For those of you who have not experienced or forgotten the classic poem "The Second Coming" by William Butler Yeates. For me, this one says it all.

The Second Coming
by William Butler Yeates

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

****** Thanks to everyone here for your efforts*****

Silver Maple Leaf winner
(06/25/02; 23:44:23MT - usagold.com msg#: 79104)
*****Dark Vision*****
For the last several years I have been preparing for a worse case economic disaster scenario with the philosophy that it is better to be years early than a day late in preparations. And, for years I have witnessed an increasing verification that I indeed was correct to have been preparing, and that I am correct to continue doing so with increased conviction. What I observe:

1. World
currencies are collapsing, and I believe that we will see runaway inflation in the years ahead.

2. Word
stock markets are eroding, and I believe we will see a crash worse than the US has ever seen with nearly all savings of Americans wiped out through the drop in the stock markets, and by inflation.

Unemployment is increasing, and I believe we will see an unemployment rate in excess of 25% in the near future. Already some of my friends have not found jobs (one high tech private contractor has been 18 months out of work; another, a Phd in Psychiatry, is tending horses at a stable-the only job he was able to get over the last 12 months; another, who took early retirement, hasn't been able to find a job to supplement his retirement).

4. Natural disasters are increasing in frequency; I believe geologists that this will continue to increase, and I believe it will have devastating effects on the economy (e.g., geologists say that Southern California is overdue for a dozen more Northridge sized 'quakes, plus the big one).

5. I believe 9/11 was the terrorists' calling card and that we will soon get the "business". The US Govt thinks likewise; there is much talk about dirty nukes, bio- and chemo-terrorism, and, a secret shadow govt as a backup plan (doesn't forebode well. Govt officials know much more than they are telling). One nuclear expert stated that a "dirty bomb" set off in lower Manhattan would cause the lower third of Manhattan to be inhabitable for 100 years due to the radiation. I dread the thought, and fear its strong possibility.

6. Mideast is increasing in tensions; I believe that the Middle East conflict will grow into a major war, and that war will result in a protracted nuclear exchange. We will have gasoline rationing, and supplies will be hard to come by.

7. I believe that we are entering a time in the world where there will be total chaos,
social unrest, economic depression, food and gas shortages, desease and terror unlike anything Americans have seen.

I believe that all of the above events will soon come to pass. However, because of my preparations, I am very optimistic about my and my family's future. But I do believe that the general public, who are like the proverbial deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck, will be severely impacted financially. But, this does not have to be. Unfortunately, the
general public has been conned away from gold and into paper, when in fact, gold is real wealth, and has proven to be so for thousands of years.

My personal strategy is to have most of my
liquid assets in gold coins. As a result, I do not expect to be part of the problem, waiting on long lines to be served by government social agencies or charities. When the gas shortage occurs you will not need to wait if you pay in small denomination gold coins; neither will you be concerned about a food shortage since local farmers and food distributors will be happy to get paid in small denomination gold-they will even make home deliveries.

To protect my pension and savings against inflation I have a gold coin IRA and gold coins in my possesion as well. Incidentally, if you live in high risk areas such as Los Angeles, NYC, or Washington D.C., or near nuclear plants, etc., where you may have to suddenly flee for your life, I suggest you keep your main stash of gold coins at a safe harbor in another town, state or even country, but have enough on hand to buy yourself a quick escape from the disaster area. For example, you don't want to be searching through rubble for your gold coins after an earthquake, or not able to access your local safety deposit box because a terrorist attack occurred on a Sunday or Holiday. Keep enough of a small supply readily available for immediate use.

I always keep a few gold coins on my person for immediate emergency use. You will be amazed on how fast you will be able to catch a ride out of town, or exit by small private plane, helicopter, balloon (I live in ballooning country), etc. if such becomes suddenly necessary, and you have gold. And, after a disaster when thousands of people are fleeing and competing for the limited motel rooms that are available, if you have small denomination gold coins handy, you and your loved ones won't have to worry about being stuck in a shelter, or sleeping in your car, if you can pay the local motel operators in gold.

I am reminded of a story about two campers, out in the woods, awakened one a.m. to the roar of an approaching bear. One of the campers scrambled to put on his shoes. The other retorted, "What are you doing, man? You can't outrun a bear!." The other replied, "I don't have to outrun the bear. I
only have to outrun you."

Get the
survival competitive edge. Buy gold! Picture hundreds of thousands of people trying to flee out of NYC at the same time--it's not that far fetched a scenario!

It is the
preparations you make now that will determine if you will end up leaving town as a refugee or as an immigrant. Or, if you will be spending your survival efforts waiting on long lines for basic necessities, or getting home deliveries. Or, if you will end up in your senior years begging for a job as a porter at your local grocery store or enjoying your retirement at your favorite vacation paradise.

I would like to share my favorite poem by Wheeler Wilcox with you:

One ship sails east, another sails west
With the self-same winds that blow.
the set of the sail and not the gale
determines the way they go.

As the winds of the sea are the ways of fate
As we voyage along through life,
'Tis the act of the soul that determines the goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

We are all facing the same potential, and I strongly believe "inevitable" pending economic disasters. It is not so much the disaster which will do us in but the lack of positioning ourselves to come out of the economic storm unscathed.


1. Buy a supply of small denominated gold coins to have always readily available as your "escape velocity" gold. (to buy passage for you and your family out of harm's way quickly).

2. Buy a supply of one-ounce gold coins to have as your "safe harbor" gold which you keep at a safe location where you plan to re-settle in the event of an emergency.

3. Open a gold coin IRA account as your "retirement security" gold to secure your retirement future.

(p.s. don't forget to add a 14 day supply of potassium iodide to your gold survival kit)

Be prepared and you will sleep like a baby.

Silver Maple Leaf winner
(06/23/02; 05:55:45MT - usagold.com msg#: 78846)
*** Dark Vision ***
*** Dark Vision ***

I apologize in advance for the length of my post. The information here is from my favorite book, The Fourth Turning something I have talked about here several times here with little or no response. Nonetheless, it does not take away from the fact that events in the last several years (911 in particular) have done nothing but confirm the authors' hypotheses (originally published in 1997). And besides, as a Gold Bug I am quite used to people disregarding my analyses and conjectures º I had just hoped (and still hope) that some readers here would be more open-minded and thoughtful than average. As for it's
relevance to gold, I think that is quite self-explanatory after considering that the primary danger of the Fourth Turning is a world-wide currency devaluation.

Hopefully this post will help some of you in your thinking and
preparation for the future.


Fourth Turnings have provided the great pivot points of the Anglo-American legacy. Dating back to the fifteenth century there have been six. Each provided its own Crisis, each roughly eighty years apart.

Fourth Turnings in American History

A) American Revolution (1780)
B) Civil War (1860)
C) Great Depression and WW II (1940)
D) ??? (2020)

A Fourth Turning Prophecy

Sometime around the year 2005, perhaps a few years before or after, America will enter the Fourth Turning. A spark will ignite a new mood. Today (1997) the same spark would flame briefly but then extinguish ... this time though it will catalyze a Crisis. In retrospect, the spar might seem as ominous as a financial crash, as ordinary as a national election, or as trivial as a Tea Party. An initial spark will trigger a chain reaction of unyielding responses and further emergencies. The core elements of these scenarios (debt, civic decay, global disorder) will matter more than the details ...

At home and abroad these events will reflect the tearing of the civic fabric at points of extreme vulnerability -- problem areas, where, during the Unraveling, America will have neglected, denied or delayed needed action.
Anger at 'mistakes we made' will translate into calls for action, regardless of the heightened public risk. It is unlikely that the catalyst will worsen into a full-fledged catastrophe, since the nation will probably find a way to avert the initial danger and stabilize the situation for awhile. The local rebellions will probably be quelled, terrorists foiled, fiscal crisis averted, disease halted or war fever cooled. Yet even if dire consequences are temporarily averted, America will have entered the Fourth Turning.

The new mood and its jarring new problems will provide a natural end point for the Unraveling-era decline in civic confidence. In the pre-Crisis years, fears about the flimsiness of the social contract will have been subliminal but rising. As the Crisis catalyzes, these fears will rush to the surface, jagged and exposed. Distrustful of some things, individuals will feel that their survival requires them to distrust more things. This behavior could cascade into a sudden downward spiral,
an implosion of societal trust.

If so, this implosion
will strike financial markets -- and with that, the economy. Aggressive individualism, institutional decay, and long-term pessimism can proceed only so far before a society loses the level of dependability needed to sustain the division of labor and long-term promises on which a market economy must rest ... people will come to the jarring conclusion that they have grown helplessly dependent on a teetering edifice of anonymous transactions and paper guarantees. Many Americans don't know where their savings are, who their employer is, what their pension is, or how their government works. The (previous) era will have left the financial world arbitraged and tentacled: Debtors won't know who holds their notes, homeowners who owns their mortgages and shareholders who runs their equities -- and vice versa.

At some point, America's short-term Crisis psychology will catch up to the long-term post-Unraveling fundamentals. This might result in a Great Devaluation, a severe drop in the market price of most financial and real assets. This devaluation might be a short, but horrific panic,
a free-falling price in a market with no buyers. Or it could be a series of downward ratchets linked to political events that sequentially knock the supports out from under the residual popular trust in the system. As assets devalue, trust will further disintegrate, which will cause assets to devalue further, and so on. Every slide in asset prices, employment, and production will give every generation cause to grow more alarmed.

Before long, America's old civic order will seem ruined beyond repair. People will feel like a magnet has passed over society's disk drive, blanking out the social contract,
wiping out old deals, clearing the books of vast un-payable promises to which people had once felt entitled. With American weaknesses newly exposed, foreign dangers could erupt.

Preparations for the Fourth Turning

Reflect on what happens when a terrible winter blizzard strikes. Picture yourself and your loved ones in the midst of a howling blizzard that lasts for several years. Think about what you would need, who would help you, and why your fate might matter to anyone other than yourself. This is how to plan for (the coming Crisis). As in a blizzard, simple but fundamental verities will reemerge. These are the familiar elements of legend and myth that have endured over time simply because they are required in times of peril. Classic traits that don't necessarily pay of in an Unraveling (traits like trust, reliability, patience, perseverance, thrift and selflessness) will become hard currency in a Crisis.

Don't think you can escape the Fourth Turning the way you might today (1997) distance yourself from news, national politics, or even taxes you don't feel like paying. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted. The Fourth Turning necessitates the death and rebirth of the social order. It is the ultimate rite of passage for an entire people, requiring a liminal state of sheer chaos whose nature and duration no one can predict in advance. It could involve episodes of social dislocation (and enforced migration), total mobilization (and youth conscription), economic breakdown (and mass joblessness), communication blackouts (and household isolation) or social breakdown (and committees of public safety). Most likely it will involve more than one of these elements.

If you apply these lessons, you would be risking little. Suppose you're lucky, and the Crisis doesn't touch you much personally. By having prepared for it, you may have lost some short-term income or pleasure, but nothing of lasting consequence. Suppose you're not so lucky. If you haven't prepared, you will have put much at risk. History warns that saecular winters can be searching times for everyone, especially for those who are caught entirely by surprise. No matter what your age, sex, income, race, family status or line of work, sensible choices today could help you avoid truly desperate choices in the Fourth Turning.

sector (06/17/02; 15:21:37MT - usagold.com msg#: 78386)
**Dark Vision**
Let us count only the financial images... leave Global Thermo-Nuclear War out for now
Start with the trigger of stratospheric inflation in Japan that leads directly to a massive gold move which seals the cabal's demise. The signal event in that demise will be the panic of a large central bank that begins BUYING gold as Dredsner did to trip the gold move to $850 in the early eighties.

World economic chaos ensues as gold trades skyward. The US defaults on it's COMEX contracts and shuts the US precious metals markets. Those holding COMEX contracts are given the markets per ounce value in dollars [$50]. The TOCOM is similarly shut but gold is a world market so Dubai, Shanghai and possibly even London take up the slack. Gold smuggling rises.

Massive inflation sweeps the US. A New colored FRN appears [See today's AP report]. It is the basis for a two-tier currency, "Old" and "New". Old money will be worth less than new money. Those that hold old money will be linked with money-launderers.

The US will Balkanize into three sectors similar to the red and blue electoral map of 2000.
What about war?

The New Year will bring three. The Palestinian, the Iraqi and the Indo-Pak. Will they escalate to apocalypse? Religious wars always do.

What about American Homeland Defense? Now that the authorities have described in excruciating detail how to build a "Dirty Bomb", radical Muslim infiltrators will construct, distribute and detonate them creating decades-long ghost towns at their respective "Grounds Zero". New York, Washington DC, fill in the other blanks.
Wiemar Republic inflation will be the norm.

The barter system, based upon useful items such as guns, ammunition, food, water, medicine and gold will abound.

Law and order will dissapear. The anarchy that so many of the leftists in American Universities crave will not be pretty.

I once told the moderator of a popular Conservative Television Cable channel that if the money is destroyed, the country is destroyed. It sailed clear over his head.

slingshot (06/17/02; 18:36:43MT - usagold.com msg#: 78393)
***********DARK VISION**************
And they worshipped the dragon Which gave power to the beast: And they worshipped the beast saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him.
Revelation, Chapter 13, Verse 4.
The marvels of technology has now reached a pinnacle which by its own being can fulfill mans dreams or bring distruction upon himself. Each new discovery has the means to be used for good or evil for those who have the vision to
comprehend its use. No other creation has had a more profound effect upon humanity than the introduction of the computer. Computers have become an integral part of mans life. Freeing and enslaving at the same instant. Everywhere we turn, the small box of microchips has invaded our lives. From cars to planes and into our homes.The list is endless and so is man's dependence. Nowhere has it embedded itself more firmly than into the financial markets of the world. Billions of transactions sent across fibre optics in a fraction of a second. Controling the markets with the press of a key. The worlds population has surpassed Six billion. War as we know it in the nuclear age would be a last act of desparation. Destroying resourses and infrastructure of fragile economies that took years to build. We have unknownly set the foundation of what our future economy will be. We have given the powers to be a tool to control the world. Fueled by materialism and greed
we will enslave ourselves by turning away from true wealth and succumbing to the fantasy of Fiat.

The economy of tomorrow will be one of control. Capitalism and Free Enterprise will be dead. The economies will be controlled by government. An endless process of the destruction of personal wealth by devaluation and countless
exchanges of colored Fiat. All to keep us in the servatude of government. The information you have given to buy that car or house is all electronicaly stored away to be used against you. There will be an economy, One that functions for the state.
Gold will play an important role for it will be the sole survivor of freedom. The powers that be know this and discredit gold at every chance. It will be highly sought after a few exchanges and become a medium of exchange to be determined by freedom loving people and not government!
To all of you I say, Buy Gold for the future is upon us.

Christian (6/18/02; 08:09:28MT - usagold.com msg#: 78427)
******Dark Vision*******
U.S. Central Banks will be forced to revalue their gold reserves at the IMF from the present $42.22 an ounce and use the resulting increase in monetary reserves to bring about fair instead of the free trade by using gold as a trade currency. We will have to pay for imports by real money instead of fake fiat. U.S. Central Banks will have to bring about a new paper U.S. currency in non debt form and backed by a basket of agricultural commodities while the present fake fiat $'s in circulation will slowly have to bne devalued in order to devalue the value of present private, state, federal, FICA and other related programs. A sound money system must provide for a commodity currency, or at least for a common denominator commodity as backing for currency. The bottom line is that debt can not be paid off with debt, and debt generates no aggregate income that isn't offset by more debt. It takes a sound currency and production of goods times price to generate aggregate income for an economy. Old debt's will have to be devalued with an old fake fiat we now use while a new system comes into place. --- Tacartion is an easy business. Any projector can contrive new impositions. Public money ought to be touched with the most scrupulous conscientiousness of honor. It is not the produce of riches only, but of the hard earnings of labor and poverty. It is drawn from the bitterness of want and misery. Budgets are not merely affairs of arithmetic, but in many ways go to the root of prosperity of individuals. The new dollars issued must be in non-debt form. Income in the new currency form must not be monetized by becomming more debt as it is with the present fake fiat dollar system. The arrival of raw materials like gold or silver, times price man debited, nature credited must be allowed to deliver real earnings in non debt form. In my mind for this to happen things will have to get so bad that the system collapses and people are forced into barter. From this barter trade fair trade will win over free trade.

Aristotle (6/18/02; 19:01:28MT - usagold.com msg#: 78475)
***** Dark Vision *****
Princes to kiss sleeping beauties are few and far between. Rarer still, persons possessing well-founded comprehensive understandings of the workings of the wide world of banking and finance. They are the stuff of legends even among princes.

Yet here, in the very heart of Gold-dom and in plain view, the "Thoughts!" of one such legend, ANOTHER, have issued forth like a wellspring to quench the thirst for knowledge and to nourish the minds of truth-seeking adventurers from all walks of life. Even those who have blindly stumbled into this realm of USAGOLD need not linger but a moment in time ere they gain an awareness that this is a place not like any other place they've been. Somehow the trees here grow taller and grasses seem lusher, especially as they approach the banks of that trickling stream.

A dark vision???

The world abounds with intelligent people everywhere that haven't even the vaguest notion of what is coming to pass in the world around them. This includes people found even here in this oasis of understanding. Here, yes here, in the very heart of Gold-dom, we see their numbers wandering hither and thither like lost little boys amid the tall trees and green fields, droning optimistically about their mythical quest for leverage opportunities, all the while muddying the waters of the crystal stream with their bare and shuffling feet. Fairly reckoned, however, the fact that they happened near upon the water at all -- yet chose not to drink -- shall not in my mind render their plight shared with the regular world any more or less tragic. Pathetic, yes, and they'll probably beat themselves up over it in the end.

Dark vision??? Nothing sinister, just dark as a result of people's poor vision (understanding) of the same old same old. That is, of the Achilles' heel of (bullion) banking again taking down the latest generation of players, complete with graves dug and obituaries written by the latest crop of politicians under whose indignity it befell to preside over the event.

In the land of the blind, be king.

Gold. Get you some.

--- Aristotle

Slowman (06/19/02; 20:44:25MT - usagold.com msg#: 78578)
"Dark Vision"
The manipulated, short selling , central banks are about to get what they deserve. Precious metals are going to explode before Aug. 31, 2002. The proliferation of bankruptcy and fiat currency has come to an end.

As countries like Argentina, Brazil and Japan declare bankruptcy and have fiat problems, the smart money , already has moved into silver and gold. They being GATES, BUFFETT, SOROS and CEF fund. FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!!

The trusting public is being set up for bankruptcy while coporate America CEO's sell their stock while the company looses millions. The news media and pension fund managers continue to acclaim everything is fine LONG TERM.

New world order at work, BUY , gold and silver NOW to protect any assets you may have.

YGM (06/19/02; 22:48:33MT - usagold.com msg#: 78589)
*****DARK VISION*****
In these turbulent days of this the "New Millenium", mankind seems in an almost manic state of Ying and Yang. On the one hand we behold astounding scientific advances and prosperity to the realm of decadence for but a few. An endless shameless display of media attention given over to look, act and live the life of the affluent, rich or famous.

On the other hand we see, if we but look below the sugar coated surface, a world still fraught with ages old hatred, poverty, fear, and virulant diseases of man and now beast. Dare we let ourselves dwell on thoughts of terrorists from near and far? Nuclear threats abounding? What? Mad Cow disease? Is it not man who's gone mad? Are these not surely the Seer and Prophets age old dark visions?

No I think not! For there may yet be a Darker Vision. A vision of dispair and anguish cast upon this same life of decadence and prosperity we of the so called 'First World' take so heartily and lightly for granted. We the few who know not the ways of hunger and making do without. Our Castles are grand, moats deep and wide, ramparts well manned.
But what you may ask could it be this Darker Vision? Well I say to you this...Look to your history, of Depressions and Crash. Take the 30's disruptions, lost homes, jobs and careers. Take the future of youth all halted mid-stride. Take all of the worst that the Great Depression did hold, multiply it by ten and only then may you grasp my Dark Vision.

Yes an Armegeddon it is, and wars may ensue. But this Armegeddon is the kind that will destroy the illusions we have so willingly allowed to be fashioned of false wealth and prosperity for us all....All but those whose strong backs have given of cheap labour and the earthly riches of far lands. They shall not notice much of this Financial Dark Vision. They learned well at their fathers knee as did fathers before them. Trust not your worldly wealth and savings, no matter how meager, to the suited man behind barred window handing out script. No they learned to buy Gold. Gram by Gram, week by week, Chicken by Chicken and Pig by Pig. Years of gathering like a squirrel hoarding cone.

As I've said, our Castle is secure or so we all think. How little notice taken of the fate bestowed of late, on modern Argentina and the bubble collapsed. From cozy office desks to begging and stealing. Well the pipers done playing and now we must pay. Decades of illusion and false money dies nigh. Can you pay the piper?

Beware this "Dark Vision" and make a little secure. Trade some of the falsehoods for the ageless money "Gold"...YGM

Boilermaker (6/20/02; 06:36:58MT - usagold.com msg#: 78606)
******* Dark Vision *******
We have struck an iceberg and we are sinking. Most of us are unaware of what has happened although a few are milling about the deck trying to decide if action is warranted. The crew is advising everyone that this unsinkable new ship will be slowed for the moment but the designers have insured that it cannot sink. There are many compartments, separated by watertight bulkheads that will provide buoyancy even though several may get flooded.

The captain is the famous Alan Greenspan whose prowess navigating the stormy seas is legendary. The ship has been designed by the famous architects Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers who have carefully crafted the design, monitored its construction and intervened whenever problems have appeared. Everyone agrees that the design is nearly flawless and the captain can manage any crisis. Together they have created monumental confidence that we are cruising on an unsinkable engine of growth, the "New Economy".

But now we notice that we are dead in the water and the deck now slopes a bit. A few are donning life jackets but they are branded as hopeless worrywarts. The band plays on and people continue to party on this magnificent goliath.

Deep in the bowels of the "New Economy" another story is unfolding. Mountains of debt are beginning to spill over the bulkheads and are quietly snuffing out the fires in the huge boilers. Passengers on the lower decks know something major is amiss but they are being told not to panic, everything is under control and we will be on our way shortly. Captain Greenspan is reviewing the ship's plans and realizes that the watertight bulkheads may not rise high enough to prevent spillover. He calls the architects but learns that they are not aboard. They're working on new ships and aren't available to correct the problem at hand. We have a new untested crew who are hopelessly uninformed about the design flaws that are now beginning to emerge.

A few of the crew begin the perfunctory exercise of readying the lifeboats. One of them does the old math in his head. He multiplies the number of lifeboats by the capacity of each of them. The result is troubling. But not to worry, the captain has not sounded the abandon ship order and continues to council confidence as the means to weather the crisis. Other ships are called for assistance but none is close enough to respond quickly. The "New Economy" has reached a spot on the ocean where no help is forthcoming in time.

Some of the more astute and nervous passengers are beginning to sense a situation that cannot be ignored or solved by confidence. They are eagerly climbing into the lifeboats and preparing to take their chances on the cold dark sea of reality in their own watertight refuge. They do not panic but neither do they stay the course.

Officers of the ship begin to see the truth. They have no answers save for offering refunds to the inconvenienced passengers. The captain remains stoic and silent. This is when I decide to find my lifeboat and take charge of my own destiny. I recommend that other passengers do the same.

Hipplebeck (6/20/02; 14:11:42MT - usagold.com msg#: 78641)
*****DARK VISION*****
by Michael

The men had built a business larger than any other and controlled vast holdings but it required the cooperation of many men.
When looking into the future the men realized that to carry on for more than the lifetime of one man it would be necessary to give the business an identity of it's own seperated from any one man, so they made it corporal.
It became incorporated, or embodied
A body bigger than any of the men working to make it grow.
The beast was born.
In time, it became apparent that the beast had a life of it's own. A man could rise in the ranks or otherwise find a way to be at the helm of the beast and influence it and control it to some extent to steer the beast in some preferred direction, but there were underlying currents in the beast that were bigger than any one man.
It was obvious that the beast was compelled to grow.
In fact, it was discovered that if the beast did not continually grow it would die.
By offering riches and power to the men, the beast was able to thrive.
Men fawned over the greatness of the beast and declared it a savior and a miracle.
The beast devoured other smaller beasts and gobbled up all in it's path. It corrupted many men.
There came a day when men became aware that if the beast continued to grow at such a rate, that it would eventually devour everything.
All men would be in slavery to the beast.
Then it would stop growing and die.
It was a very rude awakening and at first no one wanted to say anything because they felt foolish.
If no one else was saying anything, then maybe they knew more.

No one did anything until it was too late.
It took the men many years and much suffering
to regain their freedom and get rid of the rotting corpse.

Shapur (6/20/02; 18:09:04MT - usagold.com msg#: 78659)
*********Dark Vision*********
White Gold

I stare and stare and look at the sun
eyes wide and white
blinded over,
gold-struck and finalized.

that's all I see, white gold and me
alone and shook-- and quiet.
a breath, the dark vision widens
see the scene, its what I know.

the end, born from a past future
always the same
jaws and fangs in the neck,
your money's no good.

they don't take dollars,
they don't take checks,
promises are cheap,
gold they need.

gold is alive,
a wide-eyed head
white gold, I saw then,
they now see-- and they now dread.

Shapur 06/20/02

jinx44 (6/21/02; 22:25:02MT - usagold.com msg#: 78769)
DARK VISIONS submission
"Badges?.We don't need no stinkin' badges!"
Watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Mr. Bogart again, and extrapolate it to modern times.

We get lost in the script and forget the message. GOLD is the message, the sinful nature of all men, the backdrop. The Word of God equates gold and silver with great value, whether symbolically as in the treasures of Heaven, or as secular items with inherent worth to the nations of the world. Gold and silver are literally one of the many gifts God has bestows on us all. We only need to ask Him
In the movie, I like to think of the small group of prospectors as the current world of gold bugs. That world encompasses all types from the Rothschilds, Ferdinand Marcos's and George Soros's of the world, to the rest of us who know how wicked people and governments can be over time and want to preserve what is ours. The banditos are the world of fiat and their enforcers, who live on the largess of others.

Perhaps, without knowing, Hollywood has shown us a bit of the truth.

My point in the DARK VISION contest is to remind all who have ears to hear, that the trump will sound and the Creator will triumph. What does that portend for us here? It means that regardless of the 'next horseman' who is unveiled, there are moral and physical absolutes that we are subject to-for eternity. If we respect those absolutes, we will fall under God's guiding hand. We will all be subject to justice in the end. Our path must be the straight one, the narrow gate, the golden gate.

It will not matter what the world hands us if we follow the path of honesty and truth. All are subject to the vagaries of life. That means the wiles of satan for you Christians. The blessed hope is for honesty in commerce-gold--and honesty in life--God--we are assured that right will prevail in the end.

We cannot fight against the PTB with their unjust weights and measures, or the many traps that the huge socialist systems like the US and the rest of the world lay for the working man. We must recognize where our strength and hope lies. We must persevere with love and caution, recognizing the nature of the beasts that rule our bodies and our world-for no man rules, except by the grace of God.

In essence, the DARK VISION for the world will take on many shapes. Those of us who love Truth and deal in honest weights and measures will never be forsaken. That same dark vision will also reveal, in time, the corruption that is the lie behind it. Until then, trust in earthly gold and heavenly riches. It is a simple message that transcends all the horrible things man can do to another.

Respectfully submitted,

Yukon (06/23/02; 01:34:24MT - usagold.com msg#: 78841)
*****Dark Vision*****
In regard to the question, "Are the Federal Reserve Banks under control of the Federal Government?" The answers would be without a doubt, "OF COURSE!!" So much knowledge to be learned by our brothers and sisters. And with the plain truth always within everyone's grasp. It truly is frustrating to see so many never give any thought to the events that surround them, no matter how negative or damaging. Nor to inquire as to why (beyond what we are spoon fed).

You are absolutely correct in that the web being woven over America is indeed thick and entangling. With the daily propaganda (can I call it that...or am I now considered a terrorist?) spewed from our leaders, issues no doubt get distorted and manipulated. However, and this is a biggy, I feel that if a persons convictions are honest and forthright, and the truth must be known in one's search for answers; then I find it impossible to believe that anything short of full disclosure on the matter would be accepted.

Let me clarify that thought a little. With myself, I started coin collecting back in 1995. I immediately noticed that gold and silver coins for the most part were much more expensive than there clad, copper and nickel counterparts (unique rarities excluded). After learning the subtleness of grading, mintage, mint marks, date, and present populations with respect to price appreciation, my next thoughts then led me to the question: Why do we no longer have gold and silver coin as circulating medium as stipulated in the Constitution (Article I, Section 10)?

Isn't the Constituton supposed to be the SUPREME LAW of these fifty United States of America? If so, where is the gold and silver in circulation with which to honestly discharge my debts (vs transferring the debt to someone else as with Federal Reserve Notes)?

As you can imagine, these simple yet direct questions led me right smack square into a heap of manure filled with more questions.

And then one day, through the top layer (where the flies were buzzing and hatching new larvae) I noticed a different texture. Perhaps it was the way the light was shining, or perhaps it was the source of the light. In any case, the greatest fraud (from my perspective) ever to be perpetrated against the people of this nation came shining through in all its putrid horror!

With mammoth marble structures, polished glistening conference tables and plush imported leather seats adorned with the finest pearl inlays, the wealth and power of this group goes beyond comprehension. Buy along with this wealth, power, prestige and admiration and you will find yourself in need and lacking. For you will have unknowingly placed your chips with the master destined to bring us down to the very depths of hell.

The sorrow, pain, suffering, and anguish associated with this entity, like its wealth and power, goes beyond words. With the blood of the innocent are the halls of injustice and inhumanity decorated. This all under the guise of "Democracy". Corruption, treason and greed make up the core beliefs of this cirriculum and it is studied and practiced with such reckless aggression as to make a mockery of the people of all nations. For the system is called by different names but always has the same principal beliefs. War is gain.

It is written that thou shalt not have any strange Gods, and the worship of this power is both feared and celebrated. It is written that thou shalt not kill, and without hesitation do the chains of command and bondage betray. For nearly one hundred years has this been the achillies heel of American prosperity. Illusion has become so common and accepted that it now is increasingly uncomfortable to imagine life without the wings and horns of our captor. And so down the path we rumble, headlong into the known and the unknown.

For a few, a thorough examination of life's choices reveal "the path less chosen" to be better equipped to meet the needs of the wary traveler. And as the rumbling gets louder, more and more seem to say, "Let me seek the shelter of the forrest, for I have lost much and tommarrow is another day."
Yet, along this path there does shine old and new beauties to both wonder and sustain us. The solid strength, the unencumbered vision, and the truly ancient history combine to give solace, peace and tranquility. Indeed, the beauty of this path never fades. Its luster shines throughout the ages.

But hidden amongst the many beautiful sights of this path, there remains always the presence of the wicked venomous danger. Ever waiting to gag, bound, enslave and destroy; proper direction is essential on this old mining trail as it is not completely void of all danger. Fortunately, the surrounding natural earth provides the perfect compass.

An old papyrus found earlier in my journey reads of a Dark Vision:

"ArmageddoN. Four Riders Decend from the North.
Tears with gnashing teeth; I behold a Pale Horse..."

It was obviously part of something much longer as the paper was ripped in an obvious fashion indicating more text was once attached. World War? Economic Hardship?
Loss of Values? Thoughts from another...time? Place?

No matter. On this path there lies scattered about perhaps the most feared and triumphant asset available to act as both sword and shield. For knights and maidens of the roundtable the time has come to collect what you may from this temporary way-station. The journey ahead will test not only your physical, but your mental as well. So be prepared to use all that you carry. Waste no efforts with things you have no intention of using; but carry with the light of liberty all that you can muster!

As the final struggle for men's souls continues, like the final chapter of the good book, so it shall be written. For with only divine help is there any hope to overcome the burden of this unholy alliance between mankind and the great deceiver, as this is his domain. So it shall be done.

Viva Liberty!


balzac (06/23/02; 09:03:19MT - usagold.com msg#: 78855)
We ponder the events of our times and the effect on PMs but
I feel it necessary to examine the root of our present
world situation. [ The philosophy of ownership]

I could peruse the daily lists of geopolitical current events
and economic reasons for the dark vision however a very compelling item appeared on USA GOLD recently, this fact was
that the US has gone from a $137 billion surplus to a $147
billion deficit in the first 8 months of fiscal 2002.

This reversal shows the trend, accompanied by the litany of accounting deception and the $400 billion trade imbalance
are the economic factors influencing the dark vision ahead.

But what is the philosophical or the psychological reason in the minds of men ? The real reason?

The main motivator for the dark vision is greed in high places. This greed is fueled by a philosophy of ownership
driven by conspicuous consumption rather than any real need.
North american consumption today is influenced totally by the
comparison with peers , the old adage of" keeping up with the Joneses " gone mad.

I believe this to be the motivator for corporate greed and
accounting deception.

Rather than living moderately , american corporate and political leaders have become selfish , greedy conspicuous
consumers who care for nothing but acquiring more of the "good life" the modern phrase for hedonism.

What happened to Statesmanship and ethical business practice?
Has greed overcome honesty?

Throughout history it is obvious that moral collapse is always followed by financial ruin.

Lets hope that America is not morally bankrupt ,for financial
bankruptcy is sure to follow.


Noble1 (06/23/02; 16:24:47MT - usagold.com msg#: 78879)
*****Dark Vision*****
Greetings and Hail to all Ye mighty Kings, Queens, brave Knights and fair Maidens residing in the cyber-realm of USA Gold Forum. May I humbly introduce myself. I call myself Noble1. Not because of any particular social status. Just sounded neat and choosing a handle is even tougher than naming a dog. I have been lurking outside the castle for quite some time, studying the landscape and planning my approach. Contemplating whether or not I should leave the shelter and anonymity that I enjoy as a village inhabitant or expose myself to those within the castle walls.(Like many other new posters). The lure of our gracious host, MK, dangling that Brazilian 20k reis in front of me was tantalizing, but today, the decision was made for me. For I saw a with my own eyes the face of the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse and am compelled to spread the word.

I joined a small group of disenchanted villagers slowly making it's way toward the Trail. Facing us was the Moneyprinter, surrounded by guards, preaching his dogma of the value of fiat, urging us to turn back. When unexpectedly Four Horseman, armed, armored and sitting high upon their mighty stallions approached, directly in front of us, for all to see. We all shuddered and leaned back in fear. The Moneyprinter faced the Horsemen and raised his arms in defiance. The Horsemen abruptly broke stride and angled away. Thus convincing the crowd that the Moneyprinter was in control. Suddenly, a guttural rumbling was felt in the very earth we stood upon. Created by the roar of cantering hooves from none other than the Fifth Horseman himself, galloping along just far enough into the forest that he could not be seen. The crowd sensed the energy of this horseman whisking by and insisted on knowing who he was. The Moneyprinter cried out to identify him to the crowd. " He is the US Dollar. Of which I am in complete command, allowing me to keep all other horseman at bay. Feel his strength and power ." The crowd asks "Why can we not see him?" The Moneyprinter replies " You can see him. Just look at the wealth you possess in your pocketbook and remember, it is you that keeps the dollar strong. If you fail in your role, you will lose your wealth and all it represents." Of course the crowd knew exactly what a dollar was (as originally established) and the people understood and were satisfied with that reply. They obeyed the Moneyprinter. Not wishing to do anything that would risk the value of their dollars, they all turn back, save one. As a hardworking professional laborer who has toiled half a lifetime saving dollars and DDA's. I had to see him. I must see him. I just must. Sneaking past the guards to the edge of the forest, I spy the horseman. Alas, he is but a tired, frail old man with the letters FRN written across his chest, gaily skipping along, followed by an oaf clacking coconuts (ala Monte Python) and a powerful amplifier. As I return to tell the story to the rest of you villagers, you scoff at me. Not wanting to believe what your "wealth" has become. Firsthand knowledge can certainly give you ANOTHER perspective.

Having become a PGA, I continue to convert my FRN's to seashells and oxen (Au and Ag) while trying to educate other villagers about the engineering and transformation of the once mighty Dollar to unbacked FRN's by the Moneyprinter. The true nature of the Fifth Horseman is the failing falling FRN. We must act like the child who exposed the emperor and reveal the dollar's (FRN's) genuine stature to our acquaintances so they will have the opportunity to protect themselves.

The Giants understand this and are already positioning themselves to take advantage of what is to come. You ask. "Who are these Giants and what are they doing?" I'll leave that for ANOTHER story. When the public comes to grasp this, the music will stop. Don't be one of the many left standing (holding paper). There are far fewer chairs than there are players in this game. For when this time arrives, it will come quickly to the unsuspecting masses. Be prepared. Buy your seashells and oxen now with overvalued paper.

The Moneyprinter believes he knows how and has the wherewithal to take care of himself and the rest of us under his umbrella. Given that the FRN is failing- THE DARK SCENARIO IS IF THE MONEYPRINTER ALREADY HAS SEASHELLS AND OXEN. THE DARKEST IS IF HE DOESN'T.

For if he doesn't, he will take the fall and TPTB will be begged by the commoners to provide a new almighty dollar and thus restore order. For this is just what they need to establish their NWO and all it represents. These PTB will tell the people "Just look over the hills to the south and glimpse the suffering and despair that results from not conforming. Do you want your children digging through trash for food?" The people will plead for TPTB to provide the solution. TPTB will be more than happy to oblige them. The people will become enslaved thinking they are being saved.

Best Regards,


Remember...Gold is the noblest of metals.

Black Blade (06/23/02; 22:06:11MT - usagold.com msg#: 78893)
***** Dark Vision *****

Barbarians at the Gate

The use of metal and metal coins as the only acceptable money continued throughout the centuries. Perhaps the earliest use of gold as an item of value was about 9,000 years ago with ancient gold objects found in modern day Bulgaria (ancient Thracian civilization). In ancient days gone by, Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans (among others) would go to war to loot state treasuries and energy (in the form of slaves). The spoils of the vanquished and the slaves were typically paraded through the streets of the victors.

The Romans developed one of the greatest empires ever known. Unfortunately for Rome, the Italian Peninsula lacks deposits of precious metal. The Romans obtained gold and silver by looting the treasuries of their conquered neighbors but ultimately those treasures were eventually spent. When Rome defeated Carthage they also acquired the region of Spania (Spain). The Romans used thousands of slaves to work the silver and gold mines and they sent the metal to Rome. Slaves worked these mines for over 300 years bringing out large quantities of silver and gold. Some estimates are that over 300,000 ounces of gold were produced annually.

These precious metals were used to pay the great Roman legions. Their loyalty was only as good as long as they were paid in gold and silver. Eventually the great mines played out and precious metals ran short. Then began the debasing of the coin of the empire. The soldiers were not fooled and as these soldiers were needed to fend off the Barbarians from the northern lands, the situation became more difficult. What to do? The Romans debased their coin with the addition of cheap metals as lead and copper. Eventually the Roman currency became despised and the government lost prestige.

Finally in the fourth century A.D. the empire collapsed as the "Barbarians" truly were at the gates of Rome. The Roman legions loyalty waned and they abandoned Rome and the Romans to the Barbarians. With no "money" left to pay for mercenaries, the great empire was finished. The Huns and Vandals eventually sacked Rome and the empire disintegrated into a collection of principalities and weak states in a loose confederation. The empire was dead.

The Gold Standard and The Collapse of Currency

The gold standard prevented governments from debasing the currency (previously in the U.S. gold and silver coin were currency). Like Rome, today's politicians love to spend money, even if it means that the currency will be debased. That is the function of a politician. However, a gold standard compels politicians to be honest and to not spend beyond the means of the country's ability to pay and stay within the budget. This of course is an intolerable situation to a politician. What to do? The first step was to prevent citizens from exchanging scrip for gold (and eventually silver).

The process of shaking loose from the gold standard began with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Gold Reserve Act" of 1934. This new executive order made private ownership of gold illegal and called for the collection of all gold coin from circulation. Afterward, the currency was debased as the dollar was devalued from $20 to $35 for an ounce of gold, and later it was devalued further to $42 an ounce. In 1971, President Richard Millhouse Nixon repealed the gold standard and shut the "gold window" preventing the exchange of U.S. dollars for gold (silver was no longer minted for circulation in 1965). Soon coins were made of only cheap pot metal clad in silver colored coating. Even copper pennies were no longer copper, but cheaper zinc. The debasement of the currency was well under way.

Politicians were now able to spend with abandon. The plunder of the treasury could fully commence and the printing presses could run flat out. Fiscally irresponsible politicians were free to destroy the life savings of the people. Long before Alan Greenspan became the Federal Reserve Chairman he stated:

"Under a gold standard, the amount of credit that an economy can support is determined by the economy's tangible assets, since every credit instrument is ultimately a claim on a tangible asset, but government bonds are not backed by tangible wealth, only by the governments promise to pay out of future tax revenuesThus, government deficit spending under a gold standard is severely limited."

"The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of creditthere are now more claims outstanding than real assets."

"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of valueThe financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for owners of wealth to protect themselves."

"Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the 'hidden' confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious processIf one grasps this, one has no difficulty understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard".

- Rand, Ayn, with additional articles by Nathaniel Brandon, Alan Greenspan, and Robert Hessen, 1966, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal: The New American library, New York, 309 p.

The Currency Wars

Today the debasement of the World's currencies continues. We see the battle between the Japanese and U.S. currencies for the weaker position. Each nation is vying to gain a competitive advantage for their respective export markets in the shrinking global economic pie. The Japanese to date have spent over $20 Billion worth of yen to prop up the U.S. dollar while selling yen to weaken the home currency. To date this has been a failure because the U.S. dollar is grossly overvalued. The foreign investor is taking his cash home as western equities markets fall and interest rates are very low.

We also see other currencies falling off into oblivion. In Latin America Argentina's Peso, Brazil's Real, Colombia's Peso, Uruguay's Peso, and Venezuela's Bolivar appear to be headed much lower and even possibly to the scrap heap of dead currencies as these Latin American economies flounder amid banking crises, geopolitical turmoil, and debt defaults. Mexico's Finance Minister Francisco Gil Diaz has stated that he sees a similar fate for his country. In Asia, countries about the whole region await to see the outcome of the Japanese devaluation and if successful they too threaten to react by weakening their currencies.

The viability of the Euro is also in question. I have debated in the past about how viable the Euro will be. So far the Euro is strengthening against the U.S. dollar. That may be due to the fact that the dollar is so overvalued. I have stated that I do not see how it is possible for 15 nations with different political systems and cultures to combine under a unified currency. Strict fiscal discipline is necessary ­ something many European countries are not known for. The only way that I can see the Euro becoming a viable currency is for the nations of Europe to give up their national sovereignty and submit to a central power such as the ECB. That includes not only giving up fiscal responsibility but political independence as well. In other words ­ let the Barbarians enter the gates.

Just as ancient Rome, the "Barbarians" (in this case the international bankers and politicians) are at the gates. The world's financial banking system is one of debt and the ability of central banks to print a constant supply of "money" to float the financial system. The growth of derivatives in the financial markets has only amplified this leverage to an unprecedented degree of speculation that cannot be held in check forever. Eventually the inevitable end result is rampant global currency inflation and perhaps hyperinflation.

The Dark Vision (with a faint glimmer of hope)

Hordes of the former middle class are picking through landfills to find discarded scraps to eat. Woe be to any stray cats and dogs. Rodents, insects, anything that walks, fly, crawls or swims and is edible is consumed. The banks are closed and the stock markets are shutdown. Commodities markets are no longer functioning. Fresh vegetables and meat are selling at a premium to those who can afford it. The well connected and those who prepared and are able to withdraw cash and transfer their wealth into hard assets are now isolated but survive fairly well. Barter is more valuable than the currency. Crime is in the streets. There is rioting and looting in every city. The police are overwhelmed and martial law is declared with orders ­ "shoot to kill". However, like the legions of Rome, the soldiers have not been paid and their loyalty is about to be sorely tested. The Barbarians are at the gate.

Is this the former Soviet Union of 1992? Is this Argentina in 2002? No, this is The United States in the not too distant future. The second Great Depression has arrived. In fact no country has escaped unscathed. As most industrialized nations do not support agrarian societies, this time around the Great Depression is total devastation. Gold and silver have no stated value because the currency is nearly worthless. However, precious metal will help transport wealth across these stormy seas. Those with precious metals can make purchases if necessary, however, most keep their ownership a guarded secret. Once this period of economic turmoil quiets down, those with precious metals will emerge to start up new businesses and purchase land much like the Southeast Asians who held gold during the "Asian Contagion" crisis in 1998.

The loss of freedom over the last century has conditioned the people to accept ever more restrictions. The people have sold their birthright to freedom for a few scraps of perceived security. The economic turmoil will lead to a more restrictive, almost totalitarian form of government in most every country in the World as the elite seize power and a new empire (New World Order) emerges with well-paid mercenary enforcers to keep power ­ like the legions in the early Roman Empire. Meanwhile an official economy operates in the open while another underground economic system based on precious metals, barter, and hard assets operate out of sight from the prying eyes of the elitist government. The majority of people are enslaved to an oppressive government. A new currency is created to replace the old defunct currency. Unless today's Barbarians (politicians and bankers) suddenly acquire a conscience and embrace silver and gold as money and commit to freedom, then this is the future society we have to look forward to until the next group of Barbarians approach the gates.

a nation of one (06/24/02; 14:36:02MT - usagold.com msg#: 78948)
*****DARK VISION*****
Gold is beautiful.
It's heavy.
It feels like it's yours.
And it is.
Everyone knows it has value.
It's harmless. You can wash it off and put it in your mouth and it won't hurt you.
Wonderful things can be made from it.
It stays the same for millennia.
When Alexander the Great conquered Persia he so effectively surprised King Darius in the city of Persepolis that the king did not even have time to save his treasury, and Alexander's men are said to have found five thousand tons of gold there. That same gold is with us now, in your girlfriend's ring, or in your computer's circuitry.

Our legal currency is merely paper that has had ink printed onto it. If your hands are clean, it often feels dirty. You don't know where it's been. More than 30 percent of all U.S. one dollar bills have a detectable amount of cocaine on them. Even when relatively new, they look second-hand, and you can't make them look like they're not. Paper money has no value of its own. Nothing enduringly wonderful or intrisically valuable can be made from it. And, really, paper money doesn't actually smell very good.

You can always tell when money is not worth anything, because people get rid of it as soon as they get it, unlike good money, and gold, which they tend to keep.

Americans have been getting rid of their money for quite some time now. First they spent it calmly. Then enthusiastically. Later, wildly. When they spent all they had, they borrowed more. Then they borrowed all they could. When they slowed down, the Fed stepped in and lowered interest rates, and now it is so easy to borrow money, credit card companies call you on the phone just to insult you if you don't want any. Very few borrowers understand that whenever money is loaned at interest -no matter what the amount, no matter what the interest rate, no matter how large the nation in which it is borrowed- that the money that is to be required in repaying the loans does not exist but has to be created for that purpose. It is created by banks. The U.S. Constitution says that only Congress shall create money, but Congress gave up that power before they even knew what it meant. There is a limit to borrowing, and Americans are coming face to face with it right now. Deep down inside, they tell themselves that the dollars they will be repaying their loans with are not going to be worth as much as the dollars they borrowed, and for this they think they are wise.

Into the U.S. economy has recently been injected $1 Trillion. Do you know how much money that is? ...No. You don't.

Take 163 rooms filled with confetti, each piece a quarter inch square. The rooms are ten by twelve, with eight foot ceilings. That's a trillion. A billion is just one of those rooms, with the confetti 15 and five-eighths inches deep. A million is only about one sixty-fourth of an inch of confetti, spread evenly on the floor, or, made into sheets of typing paper, one ream (500 sheets) plus an additional 169 sheets (rounded up to the nearest whole sheet). That's a million: 669 sheets of typing paper cut into quarter inch squares. A trillion is a million times that: 669 million sheets of typing paper, cut into quarter inch squares. We have not seen this new $1 Trillion reflected in prices yet, but we will. And other trillions too. Every one of those dollars is going to count when we figure the new price for gold, because gold is the only real thing, and the dollar is going to have to be adjusted to fit.

Yet even this $1 Trillion will not be enough to pay the people's debt. A very large part of it will never be paid. This is beginning to dawn on some people.

That's one reason these are pregnant times. The baby seems half born, but it is only the first, since they are twins. When they come fully into the world, we will call them 'Catastrophe' and 'War.'

The Chinese have a saying: "Where there is an army, the people become poor." But that is only if they live.

War is a great way for a government to pretend there is no economic trouble. After all, quite a few of the citizens are not around during it and afterward; those who are tend to be wary and silent; everyone who can stand up is put to work defeating the evil enemy; and from the public treasury, money flows like water. But the troubles we are facing will not be hidden so easily. America's problems will be public. That is America's nature. That is what Americans believe in. That is what Americans live and fight for. When it comes, no one will mistake it.

That is when gold will be wanted most.

You and I are preparing for that time.

For every bubble there is a pool of unsold items being held. The items in the pool do not possess the listed value, except individually, and, even then, only if sold at that price. When holders in the pool release for sale a statistically significant proportion of their items, the bubble bursts. All prices are temporary. Not just those in stocks and real estate. If the crash of 1929 happens today, by 2005 the DJIA will have dropped to below 1260. Of course you laugh. But several factors seem to justify thinking it could be worse than that. First there's all that money, not just one trillion but many. Then the debt, even bigger trillions. And the fact that stocks are profoundly overpriced. Real estate too. Many companies formerly viable become unprofitable during a depression. Goods stop being bought. Profits decline further. People's income goes down. They cannot buy as many buy goods. Companies have no reason to produce. Profits shrink. And so forth. Additionally, America has exported its ability to manufacture things, thereby making itself vulnerable to the whims of foreign nations. Certainly the other nations know this. Further, we are now at war. So are numerous others. We know our money is no good. And that's not all.

Huge U.S. financial institutions have made colossally wrong bets. Many of our largest, most trusted companies use bookkeeping practices that are deliberately intended to misrepresent profits, because their profits are already unacceptably low. The companies' officers have no power to influence this reality, so, like desperate animals, they do the first thing they think of. They lie about it. Then they insist that they are not lying. In part because of this, we know that U.S. stocks are powerfully overpriced, though few in that business have the guts to say so. Those who otherwise might have had the guts fell for the tale that all is well, and today they conduct themselves as though they still believe it. Especially the most loyal Americans are fatally obsessed with following biased advice that benefits the markets and people in the know but not themselves. With companies falling down nearby, and the herds stampeding through the exits, with their own pants and shirts on fire and bullets flying all around them, they stand glibly reassuring one another, fingers fidgeting nervously in their pockets, patented smiles pasted all over their faces, with everything they own still invested in the market, because they have not found the courage yet to figure out that loyalty only works in one direction, which is exacty what the people wanted who convinced them to adopt their erroneous beliefs in the first place.

Bonds pay negligible interest. Nations are being manipulated to serve alien desires. The people's money, in the East and in the West, is being used in ways they would never knowingly approve. The people elected to represent them do not. The majority of citizens hold dearly to ideals which, when fully understood, mark those who believe in them as being doomed to extinction. Public officials lie to the people and the people do nothing. Passivity invites aggression. Aggression naturally turns into abuse. Blood will flow.

Balances of power shift. China and Russia, long dangerous, grow more powerful continuously. If America falls they will rule. The Middle East could evaporate in a minute. Pakistan and India actually are capable of, and perhaps even willing to, turn themselves and each other into landscapes festering with millions of incinerated or catastrophically wounded. Nor are our Middle Eastern enemies through with us. They are playing, like a cat with a captured bird. The U.S., which we love more than anything else than we have ever loved, really can become irretrievably pockmarked by lethal disasters put in place by a people known for their skill in the use of little more than boxcutters. Rockets' red glare could force our nation to its knees. Our computers may be rendered into junk in seconds by an enemy government's virus. All of our bank balances could be wiped out in the span of one night by the click of a mouse. Our giant, nuclear-reactor power plants could be made useless forever, and poisonous for ten thousand years, by people whose main strength is merely that they possess the desire and the will to do so. No above-ground building is safe. Modern cities are obsolete. Nerve gas may kill you tomorrow on a public road. Deliberately cultivated germs could wipe out millions like you and me without anyone being able to prevent it. Smallpox -which scientists thought they had made extinct- can be deployed as a weapon this evening, and since vaccinations for it only last a few years, no one is immune. You could be blown up while watching a movie. Or dancing. Or eating a meal. These terrors are not false but real. We feel them in our bones. No vision can be so dark as one that is already true.

Not far from my home, there is a grocery store where a man works, whose name I do not know. I do know him well enough, however, to be certain that if times got rough, and no matter how panicky people might recently have been, if I were to give him a full-size South African Kruggerrand, Australian Kangeroo, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, or United States Gold Eagle, he would suddenly remember where there was enough food to fill up the trunk of my car with, and the back seat too, and that he would even carry it out and pack it in there for me, and tell no one.

Within one block of where I live, there are at least five people who, when the planes hit the buildings, tried to buy all of the bottled water off of the shelves in that same store. By that time half of it had been put in the back. When the United States of America starts being spelled A-R-G-E-N-T-I-N-A, they will be selling their bodies on the streets for food and cigarettes.

That man at the grocery store, and I, will each be counting our respective, beautiful, gold you-know-whats. I will not have to pick food from the dump, or wrestle with the moral issues involved in the question of whether I should eat my neighbors. And I will sleep relatively peacefully night, knowing that I did right.

You can't judge a man by the dogs he walks, but if something is made of gold, you can be sure that its power -and also its appearance- will never be less than impressive.

Here is a little, in fact a very little, smattering of verse that I put together, just for this occasion, using all of the one-syllable words I could think of that rhyme with 'gold,' plus a few others. If you don't like such things, skip it. I don't usually burden people with 'poetry,' but in this case I thought it might serve a purpose.

Owed to the Yellow Stuff (That's a pun.)

I've been told
That gold is old,
And that both the brazen and the bold
Have bought it when it's sold.

And yellow,
Smooth and round,
It is the nicest thing I've found.

It is always the thing that it always is, no matter whether flattened or rolled:
We keep it firmly in our fold
To ward off misery and cold.

Gold sings a song of serious delight
Deep in the darkness of the night.
It foils the edge of horrible fright
When nothing else goes right.

Forebear to scrimp or to withhold
When feathering your nest with glorious gold,
And do not yield if you're cajoled,
When you the glistening item hold.

But to say that gold is all that counts
Is not exactly what you ought to announce
To a devoted gold bug ready to pounce.
(Wait till his mind is off of his ounce.)

Of all that's old
Or bought and sold,
Of all the treasures that I'd hold,
There's just one good one: Gold!

THE END of my *****DARK VISION*****
a nation of one

Econoclast (06/24/02; 16:03:47MT - usagold.com msg#: 78954)
********* Dark Vision*********
As our world rounds the corner from the twentieth into the twenty-first century, I feel that I am living in a drama of events that could be compared to a marathon being run. All the time that the runners spent training is comparable to the time of European growth and expansion along with the push into the New World, development of the United States and the Industrial Revolution. That is a lot of history in one line of script, yet the training period is always much longer than the actual race, yes? By the beginning of the twentieth century, America had become positioned to become the driving force of the world, both politically and economically. The starting gun for the marathon was set off in 1913, that infamous year in our history that saw the passage by stealth and deceit, of those dual pieces of binded legislation; the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax. Those pieces of shlegislation, analogous to a two-headed dragon, forever altered the future direction that our great country would take, and marked the beginning of the end for our Constitution and republican form of government that our Founders fought and died for. In spite of many obstacles along our path during the twentieth century, we had such strength and optimism as a people, that we overcame all, as we sometimes limped, but mostly chugged strongly through the twentieth century. But now we have turned the corner into the twenty-first century. We became numb somewhere along the way. We lost all track of the fact that this marathon must have an end, and where and how that end might come. We gave into the mindlessness and the high that comes with just putting one foot after another over and over and over again. But now all of a sudden, a finish line has come into view. It turns out that it was a 99-year race. The actuarial tables must show something, as an amazing number of important government laws, programs, etc. either end or are projected to go bankrupt in the year 2012. Our debt-based economy is starting to feel some major aches and pains that were just theoretical inconveniences farther back in time. The total public and private debt has grown to overtake the nation's gross domestic product. How will this race end? Who will be the winner(s)? Will we even make it to the finish line or will we experience chaos and breakdown along the way? If we do make it to 2012, what happens after that?

As America's economy goes, so goes the world. As I am an American, that statement brings up a feeling of egotism mixed with a little pride, and thankfulness that I landed on this planet here. My circumstances could be much worse. America is considered to be the "last Superpower". Economically, socially, culturally, we drive and mold the world.

The decay that has been caused by the attachment of a deadly parasite in 1913 has spread, and the host has sickened to the point that everyone in the country is feeling the malaise on an individual basis. Everyone knows that something is dreadfully wrong, but most just don't understand the system enough to know where to properly direct their anger and seek change.

The American people are being crushed under the weight of a confiscatory tax scheme and a debt system of money that is only understandable to a few. As families work harder and harder just to stay afloat, the government continues to grow. The rate of growth is the only item available for discussion. Actual contraction is not even a concept open for discussion. Increased regulation and intrusion into all areas of personal and business life, layer upon layer of bureaucracy, it just keeps going. Now that we have entered a protracted recession, and tax revenues have dropped, the government is looking to take MORE from us to support themselves. Any organization takes on the characteristics of its leader. The organization that is America has taken on the characteristics of its leader, our government. Corruption, moral decay, greed, ignorance, laziness, non-accountability, have all worked their way through the system. How could it not? Everyone knows that if government opens its mouth, it is either a lie or there is an ulterior motive for what is being said. Yet that is accepted. We have Forest Service employees burning down the forests! Government run schools spend the day not teaching our children how to read, write, and think; but instead indoctrinate them into whatever the politically correct social policy of the day is. Government accountants tell us there is a surplus (this lie has recently become too blatant to continue)when all you have to do is go to the Treasury's own web site to see that they are lying. Politicians and government agencies make laws and regulations that are patently repugnant to the Constitution. The government then relies on ignorance, fear, and threat of force, in daring people to demand different. The huge volume of laws are only selectively enforced. Leonard Peltier is living proof that we have a government of force and political will, not of law. I could go on and on. All the decay and corruption has worked its way throughout our economic and social fabric. We have a "War on Terrorism" that as far as I can tell, is in reality a "War for Oil Interests" in combination with a "War AGAINST the American People and the Constitution itself." Our economy is cracking and showing signs of stress under the weight, which in turn is radiating out through the world. We are slowly sinking into the abyss. America, our political, and economic system was and still is the greatest idea for societal organization the world has ever seen. The amount of abuse that the system can take is a tribute to its greatness. But the thousands of little cuts have added up and She is staggered and looking to hit the canvas.

We are coming to the end of the timeline. We are nearing the breaking point. All the countries in the world are in a race to make their currencies worth LESS than other countries to maintain some kind of competitive advantage. That is the exact opposite of a moral position based on strength. Yet that is where our system has led us. This race to the bottom is leading to an inflation that requires more deceit by our rulers. This inflation must be channeled into the proper directions so that it remains hidden from the citizenry. The direction has become financial instruments. The vast numbers of dollars created have been channeled into the derivatives markets as well as into deep pockets. In the derivatives markets, the dollars have been used to control and to depress commodity prices, taking many of them below the cost of production, which has had the dual effect of helping to keep the illusion going to the masses, while allowing the beneficiaries of the financial inflation to literally buy the world with overvalued paper. GATA has developed proof of this commodity price suppression in the gold markets, which has allowed, and led to the gold belonging to public treasuries being divested into private hands. I have no doubt that if we could see a list showing the buyers, it would closely match the list of individuals who have been encouraging the exact opposite behavior in central banks and the investment world on behalf of their firms. The gold market, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. This same thing has been happening in all commodities to keep price inflation in check, or out of sight, and allow a massive accumulation of all things real by those to whom the fruits of the financial inflation have been flowing.

Even here in America, we have developed a ruling class, or aristocracy. Sometimes, it is referred to as the "Cabal". It is made up of the families whose names keep cropping up in positions of leadership and power, both in governments and the banking/corporate world, across the generations. The enormous power of the ruling class' money has been deployed anonymously where possible through trusts and foundations to appropriate or destroy everything of value, along with the ideals that built America. Thomas Jefferson warned that if America allowed a private central bank,the banking institutions and corporations that grew up around them would eventually drain the wealth of the country and leave the citizens penniless in their own land. We have just about come to the point in time where our system has gotten too top-heavy. Our system has developed too many leaches sucking its blood. The majority of those who innately recognize this also feel that they should be entitled to participate in "something for nothing". Our economy is being drained of production and producers, as honest work no longer pays the bills. In the effort to maintain the status quo, innovation, the hallmark of capitalism, has become very difficult to bring to market unless one is already "part of the club". The onset of the technological world, where communication and transportation have become instantaneous, has helped to further the current state of the world. The added production value of this technological enhancement has been outweighed by its use as a method of control. The American ruling class has become tied in with the other powerful interests across the world. They see the nirvana of complete and everlasting control through cooperation and integration of economic, political, and social policy. Dreams of world domination have been given legs due to the technological innovation of the twentieth century. Thanks to the power of the computer, information can be compiled and analyzed on a scale never before possible in world history. The tools now exist to know what everyone is doing, all the time.

Development of the tools of domination, a sufficient control of assets and production, along with the recognition that the system that has been in operation is coming to the end of its timeline, has led the owners to trend towards the one, static world of their ancestors' dreams. The economic, political, social, and moral breakdown that is occurring will play right into the authoritarian's hands as it always has in the history of the world. The people of America, and throughout the world, have been so seduced, confused, and paralyzed, that we don't even know who the enemy is. Hiding behind the curtains, pulling the levers of the world's economy, and having their way for generations, the owners have even come to believe in their omnipotence themselves. Governments, institutions, political and economic systems come and go. But the plans have been constant yet continually evolving across time. You and I are focused on paying next months mortgage, or saving enough for retirement, or putting bread on the table. That puts us at a tremendous disadvantage when trying to even see the big picture, much less develop strategies and implement plans to counter it.

An important truth of human nature and human beings, even omnipotent ones, can be summed up in one word. Imperfection. The most thorough plan is still an imperfect one. And human nature will never be thoroughly subdued.

As an example, I digress to the earlier topic of the gold market. The manipulators have left themselves seriously exposed financially and morally through their actions. Their plan was based on deceit. While they were playing a shell game with the gold, they needed to convince the world that not only was the gold there, but it was no longer worth anything in the modern world. Once the shuffling was completed, the truth would no longer matter because all the gold and the power it represents would be legally locked away in their vaults never to see the light of day again. But therein lies the imperfection. Human nature has an innate attraction to gold that I don't think can be extinguished short of extinguishing life itself. I am not a linguist but I feel that it is more than a coincidence that "gold", "good", and "God" are all such closely related words in the English language. Gold, as it has in human history for 5,000 years, is still playing a VERY important role on the world's stage. Just like the fact that our true enemy has been hidden from us, so too, the manipulators have attempted to hide the importance of gold from us as well. But human nature in combination with the faltering global economy has gotten in the way and denied them their secrecy for the length of time that they needed. They have left themselves seriously exposed through their arrogance. They were found out and it could cost them, in more profound ways than most people, even dedicated "gold bugs" searching for the truth that gold represents, understand. The interaction of the world's economies and the actions of the individual players in these economies, have become very complex, and people will always act in their perceived self-interest. In spite of the manipulators best efforts, the complexities have resulted in too many unforeseen and unintended consequences. One of the results has been that more and more people throughout the world, feeling that something is dreadfully wrong, are acting according to their human nature and buying gold. At the moment, the buying is still just a trickle, mainly coming out of Japan, as their economy is currently farther along the path of decay than ours. Even this trickle is affecting the gold market, however, as it is in such a precarious state due to the years of manipulation. Many buyers may not even realize the innate truth and security that gold represents and that they are countering the corruption and decay in the world by doing so. At some point, these people will come to understand their actions. As more and more people throughout the world decide for whatever reasons to buy some gold, this trickle will turn into an avalanche and we will see for the first time in the world's history a true gold rush on a global scale.

Although people throughout the world have been lulled into a false sense of trust and security and do not yet see the threat posed to them by the true nature of their invisible enemy, more and more people are waking up to truth in the world that can be hidden but never banished. In these United States, more and more people are finding out about the fraud that was perpetrated on them through the Federal Reserve and income tax. I recently read that there are 65 million Americans who have stopped contributing to the Big Lie. I don't know if I believe that figure, but I am confident that the number is now in the millions. I have also read that only 2-3% of the population actively participated in gaining our independence from England. Only 11% of the population was for independence at that time. Leaders CAN effect change.

It looks as if the owners, based on recent developments such as the "War on Terrorism" in conjunction with our very sick economy, are shifting into a severe defensive mode in order to maintain their status quo. An economic breakdown, much more severe than anything in the past, due to the decay in morality, values, and rational thought processes in much of the population is heading our way. Technically, it will be precipitated by a debt crisis and/or other form of derivatives meltdown. Through fear, threat of violence, and appeal to the baser human instincts, our government and "leaders" will attempt to perpetuate their power and seal their control. During a possible time of unrest, people will have to relearn self-reliance, trust and cooperation within a community, and the meaning of real work. Back to a previous subject, everyone intuitively knows that physical gold, held close, would play an important role in any type of economy where trust is lacking. Gold will become the basis on which economic actors can trust each other.

Just about everyone these days, realizes that something is going wrong in our world. More and more people are glimpsing or coming to understand the true nature of the problem. Human nature can be suppressed but it will never be extinguished. It is true that human nature involves many negative characteristics. We are living in a time when many of those characteristics are dominating the national consciousness. This is leading our country down the wrong path. But just like a pendulum, and the changing of the seasons, the tide will turn. Especially when it comes to the American spirit. As a people, all of whose ancestors left where they came from seeking a better life, we have a history of being pushed to the edge but then waking up like a hungry lion. We are almost to that point now. Our spirit is in-domitable and we will not be led off in chains into the night. And when the Great Awakening occurs, the truth will be seen. The enemy will be recognized through their own arrogance. People will come to realize that their own complacency was the only thing that let the plunder of the world happen for as long as it did. Events will open people's minds and we will all recognize the truth after being shaken out of complacency. Critical mass will soon be reached in the current system, which must implode on itself because it is built on lies and deceit. EVERYONE will realize that an economic and political system must be built on truth if it is to function properly. Since a new system will have to be built anyway, people will choose/demand this route. I would not be surprised if even the majority of the government and ruling class came to realize this in their attempt to hold onto their place in the world. But make no mistake, the pendulum will swing back, with or without them. Human nature will demand it.

Throughout this economic scenario, this dark vision, one concept is continually under the surface until it continually comes up to make its power felt again and again. This concept is the undeniable importance of gold in our economic system. No matter your interpretation of the past, or where you think the future is going, the importance of gold is there. A standard rule of thumb is to hold 5-10% of your investment funds in gold. In the uncertain times that we have been led into, I would recommend being heavy in gold exposure as opposed to under-weighted. Due to the recent manipulation of the gold price documented by GATA and supported by more and more financial analysts and banking firms around the world, it is currently a great time to add that gold backing to your portfolio. The manipulators have given you a gift which they meant only for themselves; an unnaturally low buy in price. And for the politically inclined who want to take some kind of action to right what you see as wrong in the world, there is no better way to punish the evildoers than buying and taking control of physical gold. That is the one area where their greed has left them exposed. Remember the old adage: He who has the gold makes the rules. A powerful group of people in the world has been attempting to take control of all of the worlds gold through the largest fraud and deceit in the history of the financial world. Even if it is difficult to understand all the nuances and motivations in our economy, wouldn't you agree that it would be a wise policy to follow on an individual level the economic giants of the world? A large and extremely powerful force in the world wants gold and wants it bad. Protect yourself and your family at these current prices that defy economic logic while there's still some to be had.

Au-some (6/24/02; 19:30:08MT - usagold.com msg#: 78967)
*****Dark Vision*****
There aren't enough hours in the day! I'll have to sling it out there and see what sticks to the wall -
"The cashless society is the IRS's dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American." ­ Congressman Ron Paul, from "The New Money Survival Handbook".
The future will be cashless. There will be no old money, there will be no new money. There will be no Federal Reserve Notes, no Silver Certificates, no Euros nor Yen. There will be no greenbacks, no mauve bills, coins, bars, salt, cattle ­ no cockleshells as currency. All these things have had their place but in the end it will be the electronic transfer of funds that will prevail. No matter how you count your wealth or in what unit you tally up the value of your assets, all will be converted to electronic impulses. Even the value of your camel will be made to pass through the eye of this electronic needle. Combine this with the computational wizardry of the modern computer and it is safe to say "the bear market in government is definitely over." ­ Bernard Connolly
Digital access to funds will be via an electronic code consisting of nine "numbers". These nine numbers are divided into three subsets. Each subset consists of three binary numbers. A binary number has two values ­ on or off. The code looks like this:
on/off,on/off,on/off ­ on/off,on/off,on/off ­ on/off,on/off,on/off
I/0,I/0,I/0 ­ I/0,I/0,I/0 ­ I/0,I/0,I/0
2,2,2 ­ 2,2,2 ­ 2,2,2
6 ­ 6 ­ 6
This is the number that gives our society security. It is given to us by the government and is impressed upon the memory (forehead) or upon a card to be "handed" over to an employer allowing us to be employed, have an income, buy and sell.
"Welcome to my nightmare." ­ Alice Cooper
Very, very few of us will ever escape this system (or want to). Outside this new order gold will find its true role and value as money along side other barter items such as aspirin, penicillin, illicit drugs, matches, cartridges, denim, canvas, rope, hooks, needles, axe heads, mules, potatoes, and so forth. Nineteenth century technology will be sought after in this neo-Luddite subculture.
Filling in the details of this Dark Vision is difficult and foolhardy. Providing detail is like trying to price guess. One would be wrong much more often than not. But we can discern the trends:increasingly managed economies, loss of individual freedoms, growing disenfranchisement.
After all the sport and speculation is over, the Dark Vision remains. How will it end? When will it end? Who will be the winner of Le Contest Noir!

Saxulum^ (6/25/02; 07:07:26MT - usagold.com msg#: 79000)
*******Dark Vision*******

*****From the far side****

Orwell's "Animal Farm" revisited.

From the book:
Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland,
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tidings
Of the golden future time.

As for a change, may I suggest the dear Ladies and Knights of this round table, to take a break from the screen, have a seat in your favourable chair, close your eyes and take a deap breath.

Now try to picture yourself as one of the more "innocent" animals in a random page or scene from Orwell's "Animal Farm" (see link if you haven't read the book or need some refreshment) and use your imagination to replace any of the "pigheads" with the heads of any of our "charismatic leaders" today. Yes, I know it's hard to see any difference, but keep trying!
Replace some beastial words with today's "impressive" political or corporate "pro forma" vocabulary.
And voila
The proof is in the pudding that, after all those centuries of "civilisation", we are still running around in circles, on the same farm, with the same cast, script, powergames, etc.
Call it communism, capitalism, democratism or libertarianism; it's all a disguise for Darwinism!
Well, does that picture give a dark vision or what?

If, during the visualisation, you experience sudden bouts of "deja-vu", you should stop the proces immediately and consult your local politician for a rebalancing conversation, followed by a few calls to your broker.

Conclusion: Even in the darkest of dark visions, an individual has a choice. The choise to prepare and move outside of the farmhouse.
When he observes that the time is there again that pigs can't fly anymore and start falling from the sky, he prepares mentally and physically for the changing times, collects the fruits of his labor and savings and exchanges them for the only hardware, gold, that has proven to stand beyond and above all "civilised farms", giving him the indestructible seeds to start his own farm, when ever and where ever he chooses.

Note: my command of the english language is limited so I don't want to bother the dear Ladies and Gents
with an extended Babylonic prose.
But since a picture tells a thousand words Sir Gandalf has something to ponder about (big smile)

(And to honor Waverider's proposal for the bright side)

Or do we now see the light,
and prepare ourselves to hide,
outside the farm's destructive might?

It is a free man's right,
to follow his inner frugal guide,
persuing his own destiny's FREE ride!

(Hey CB2, that could have been you.. :-)

Cheers, from under the little rock

barnaclebob (06/25/02; 11:08:22MT - usagold.com msg#: 79018)
***Dark Vision***
I had just been released after 3 months 4 days from the reeducation camps after Home Land security had accused and charged me with being unpatriotic (resisting w/o violence) because I would not allow the creditors to take possession of my home and automobiles. My home and cars had been paid for since 2001, and my taxes were current, but the now bankrupt state, local and county governments had defaulted on their bonds. Little did any of us realize that the governments had pledged our private property as collateral to the private international bankers and investors. Homeland Security was now detaining Citizens for debts, bankruptcy was outlawed in 2004 under the new Constitution and now Debtors were sent to government labor camps to work off their debts. I was one of the very fortunate ones that was completely debt free by 2004.

Upon my release from the internment camp, I wandered about looking for the remaining members of my family. I rested beneath a withering citrus tree seeking comfort away from the hot bright sunlight. The energy crises prevented irrigating the citrus groves and agriculture was a mere 25% production of what it once was. My stomach was empty and to relieve my thoughts of hunger and nourishment, my thoughts began to wander as I reflected on how the anarchy and economic collapse had come about.

As I gazed in thought, I remembered how the late President had stolen the election in 2000 and was installed by the puppet Supreme Court. Then Visions of fuel laden aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001 on 9/11. The utterances of the Presidents words of a "crusade" and Brezinski's writings of the "clash of the civilizations," are much clearer now. The stock markets and the dollar appeared to recover, the major medias, the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury were touting economic recovery. Life was not so bad at this time. Then in June of 2002 the dollar came under pressure losing as much as 2% per month. Little did we know that this was just the beginning. Gold began marching upwards, the stock markets crashed to new lower levels. A giant rally began in August, but by September it had fizzled out and the major indices fell even lower in October. The economist remained telling us that a lower dollar would be great for production and unemployment. We never realized at that time that unemployment had skyrocketed to 20% and the stock markets were supported by government intervention and were not disclosed for political and economic reasons.

2003 began with the economists predicting a rise of GNP that would cure the ailing economy. Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and the Mexican economies were all failing. Thousands upon thousands of Mexican immigrants crossed the border in search of work because their factories were closing or had closed and the production had shifted to far away places such as Asia and China.

By April, it looked as if the economy was rebounding nicely, when all hell broke loose. Iraq's dictator was assassinated which sparked demands from one billion Muslins for a call to military action, this was just the beginning. The United States was prepared for war. In a coordinated effort, the Muslim world struck back. The price of oil rose to over $150 per barrel, gasoline now cost $9.50 per gallon when available. The stock markets and dollar immediately collapsed as the Arab world repatriated their assets and purchased gold and silver. On June 1, coordinated terrorist attacks began. Portable nuclear devices destroyed New York and Chicago's financial centers, the Pentagon and the Capital, Washington, D.C. was destroyed killing 165,000 and wounding 800,000. Nukes also destroyed the financial centers of Tokyo, London, Frankfort and Brussels. The president was safely in his underground bunker at this time. The economy came to a standstill. The banks closed, the grocery stores were plundered and sold out within 4 hours of the attack. Transportation and services came to a grinding halt.

On June 5th the Chinese attacked Taiwan. Pakistan in a coordinated fashion launched a surprise nuke attack on India destroying most of Indias military infrastructure. The United States military was spread out across the globe and could not respond timely. The military reserves had been called up and most had been transported to Kuwait and surrounding military bases in anticipation of making war with Iraq prior to the assassination.

Then on June 7, shortly after sunset a nuclear device exploded in Tel Aviv. The world was now in a perpetual state of fear and shock. I remember awakening to the news and thinking that my one year store of food, cash, silver and gold would be adequate for my survival. I was very wrong. Israel responded by launching nukes on the Muslim capitols. Millions were slaughtered.

On June 8th the insurrection and civil war began. Millions and millions of Mexicans crossed the border and rose up for La Reconquista -- the "re-conquest" of the southwestern United States to reclaim Aztlan as Mexico's newest province. The Brown Berets de Aztlan and Moviemento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan had successfully amalgamated pursuant their EL PLAN DE AZTLAN to overthrow the states of California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and portions of Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The American Citizens were overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. The military and national guard reserves were out of the country and unavailable. The "rule of law" and law enforcement in Aztlan became nonexistent. Millions fled the Mexican uprising on foot due to the fuel shortage. The Mexican government provided secret fuel allocations to insure the success of the reclamation of Aztlan. When news of the Aztlan uprising spread about the remaining nation, the Citizens began indiscriminately killing anyone that resembled a Mexican national. Hundreds of thousands of innocent hard working Mexicans were killed by roving gangs of vigilantes over the next three weeks. The Mexican invaders responded in kind and over three quarters of million Citizens were killed before they could escape to safe areas outside of Aztlan.

The Congress having been annihilated by the nuclear blast, and the country now operating under a secret emergency government was incapacitated by the unfolding events. It was as if hell had come overnight. Then it all changed for the worse.

The Capitol and the Congressional members were destroyed and killed by the nuclear blast on June 1, and the underground covert CIA backed government had taken over. The President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff appeared in a shortwave radio broadcast address stating that nuclear weapons had been launched on China, citing that Chinese nuclear weapons had been used on the U.S., India, England, Germany, Belgium and Israel. The International Banking Interests and Creditors were infuriated by the Presidents destruction of China. Several days after this address we learned that the President had been assassinated by a high level cabinet member. The CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff seized control of what remained of America.

***Dark Vision, Part II***
Looking back, the energy crises first began on July 1, 2002 when terrorist attacked and destroyed the Hoover Dam Complex creating massive flooding and rolling black outs across the southwestern United States. On July 2, attacks commenced upon the oil refineries located in the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles area and the Central Valley destroying 55% of western production capability. On July 3rd additional attacks occurred on the six main sections of the national natural gas pipeline infrastructure damaging over 70% capability. July 4th the Alaskan pipeline was almost completely destroyed by terrorists.

OPEC immediately increased oil production, Russia, Venezuela and Mexico rushed in to support Americas energy crisis. The price of gasoline increased from $1.65 to over $4.50 per gallon due to the shortage and energy crises. The average home electricity bill tripled virtually overnight across the nation. People began car pooling and conserving energy. The Politicians rallied support, thousands of unemployed people began working continuous 8 hour shifts to repair the damaged energy facilities. The stock market began recovering in August.

We should have seen the next events coming. In June of 2002, the President gave the Palestinian Authority an ultimatum that called for the Chairman to resign. Israel tried to force the issue and by accident, fatally wounded the PLO Chairman early September. The Muslim world and China were outraged by this death and called for the immediate destruction of Israel. The first Muslim nation to fall was Saudi Arabia and like dominoes, every Muslim nation with ties to the west was overthrown by radical Muslim factions within weeks.

The new Muslim regimes and leaders demanded Euro's, gold, arms and/or weapons of mass destruction in payment for their oil from Israel and the United States. Several large oil tankers were destroyed after leaving port by black high speed torpedo boats. The dollar fell to a value of 20 on the DXU overnight.

Russia, Venezuela and Mexico tried to support the United States energy needs, but the devalued dollar could not support their efforts as their domestic economies continued to decline at home. The U.S. attempted another coup attempt in Venezuela that led to Venezuela embargoing oil exports to the U.S., Mexico, was experiencing social economic riots due to their state of 38% unemployment, and Russia was now producing and exporting 76% of their oil production by treaty to the energy hungry European nations.

The G10 countries rallied support for the dollar and finally propped the dollar up for their interests, not the United States interest. The United States was forced to open up our strategic oil reserves. The population became very energy conservative, but once the strategic oil reserves came on line, the emergency stabilized and the economist stated that America could progress forward again.

***Dark Vision, Part III***
The entire population of the country was elated to see the turn of the date into the new year of 2003. The country had for a short period of time bonded together. We were all helping and aiding one another regardless of rich or poor, race, color or creed. A new attitude had developed in the American people.

The economy had begun to pick up, the price of oil and energy was now 30% less than it was, but we all realized that the strategic oil reserves were a short-term fix for a long-term problem. Gasoline was only $3.15/$3.60 per gallon, utilities were lower with the average 1700 sq. ft. 2 bedroom 2 bath home costing about $445 per month, food stuffs had increased by 100%, the government rushed in and provided new "instant" home equity certificates to prevent housing repossessions as almost no one could afford to pay their utilities, insurance, house payments and eat too.

Things were beginning to look up the first quarter of "03", the Churches, The Salvation Army and Fraternal Civic Clubs (Moose, Elks, Lions, etc.) were donating and volunteering time, food, shelter and clothing to the unemployed and needy. The Federal Government could no longer afford to pay out social security, medicare, medicaid or unemployment benefits. The reserves they once possessed had been exhausted on military ventures and pork barrel politics, the rebuilding of the infrastructure consumed all available liquidity. The States fared no better. The stock market collapse(s) and deficit spending had bankrupted 90% of the States and the remaining few not bankrupt expected further declines until they too would declare insolvency and could not provide services.

The last bastion of hope the Executive had laid with their plan to militarily invade Iraq and take over their oil fields. The CIA had infiltrated the Iraqi regime many times, but a double agent had betrayed the CIA each time. This time would be different though. The United States had set a trap, the largest gathering of regular and reserve troops had gathered surrounding Iraq. The U.S. gambled when they pulled troops from all over the globe. This was to be Americas saving coup de grace.

Shortly after the Iraqi dictators assassination the saving of America plan failed..

My thoughts have now wandered a bit as,

I remember the Airlines pleading for government backed loans, it seems like yesterday as they one by one became insolvent and were forced to sell their jets, planes and inventories to foreign competitors. Air travel is now a thing of the past in most non-oil producing countries or reserved only for the very wealthy and politically correct. I remember when United Air Lines was traded to Saudi Arabia as a partial payment for oil, the same thing happened to American Air Lines when it was traded to Russia until one by one they were all bartered away for imported oil.

Americans were now time sharing automobiles due to the rapid increase of energy and gasoline expenses. America was exporting millions of used vehicles to the world just to repay our years of deficit spending. We were being swapped out. It really did not matter, we could not afford the fuel expenses and eat too. The insurance companies had gone bankrupt after the terrorist attacks of July 2002, the stock market crashes and the overall loss of confidence in business.

This all occurred before the June 1, coordinated terrorist attacks began. The terrorist nuke attacks on New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt and Brussels plunged the interwoven global economies into instant economic chaos and world wide depression.

On June 5th the Chinese attacked Taiwan. Pakistan then launched a surprise nuke attack on India destroying most of the military infrastructure.

The U.S. had gambled on overtaking Iraq's oil fields to rebuild our economy. Instead the U.S. had been betrayed again. The troops were amassed and positioned to attack Iraq after the assassination. The U.S. and Russia had a secret agreement that the Russians would supply the badly needed oil for the military conflict. Russia reneged on the contract and U.S. troops were sitting ducks when the Muslims began to attack. Israel was engulfed in the defense of her own existence and could not help. The U.S. was forced to begin using limited nuclear weapons against Iraq and the Muslims. On June 7th Tel Aviv was destroyed by a nuclear device. The Israelis responded by nuking the Arab world.

The Iraqi, Saudi, & Iranian oil fields were lost due to radiation contamination and multiple nuclear detonations.

Then on June 8th the insurrection and civil war began. Millions and millions of Mexicans crossed the border and rose up for La Reconquista -- the "re-conquest" of the southwestern United States to reclaim Aztlan as Mexico's newest province.

The final nail in the coffin was when the President ordered nuclear strikes on China for their role in providing the fissionable nuclear material and technology that the state sponsored terrorist used against America, Israel and the European Financial Capitals.


Pizz (06/25/02; 20:33:20MT - usagold.com msg#: 79078)
***Dark Vision***

First seal (6:1) a white horse, its rider holds a bow

Second seal (6:3) a red horse, its rider holds a sword

Third seal (6:5) a black horse, its rider holds a pair of scales

Fourth seal (6:7) a pale horse, its rider is called Death


In the great room of the farmhouse, an elder sat in his old overstuffed recliner. A fire in the stone fireplace heated the room and provided a low flickering light. Scarce lantern fuel would not be wasted, nor needed for this evening of learning and revelations.

Although the walls of the room could not be clearly seen in the dim light, it was not necessary, for those whom had been chosen to come had been here before, and of all whom had come in the past, the chosen were the few that had recognized there was a certain symmetry and pattern to the drawings. And they had asked.

The old man reclined back and closed his eyes as he had done many times before. The drawings on the walls as fresh and clear in his mind as in the daylight when he had drawn them. They were of men on horses drawn in sets of four. Warriors mounted on steeds of white, red, black, and pale gray, with only one of each color within a set. The distances between each varied within the sets, but always in some sort of trapezoidal form. Those on the white were brandishing great bows with quivers of arrows strapped to their backs. Riders of the fiery reds wielding swords of different shapes and sizes, and on the blacks were warriors holding sets of scales. The pale gray horses carried riders only. Most of the sets were complete, including the largest. Set upon set of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The invited would arrive soon, and the old man contemplated just how he would present, or better yet, put into words the reasons for what had transpired to the world over the past ten years. For that is what the drawings represented, at least to him, and he had yet to be proven wrong. The big picture would be presented first, for the details and their many entangled relationships were very complicated, even now, after history had made them a little clearer.

A short decade prior, right after the start of the new millennium, most, including the elder, were caught in the euphoria of the expanding "New Economy". The Horsemen, and the demise of mankind, had taken a back seat, and why not? The world had not come to an end when the calendar had rolled 2000. The New Economy, spearheaded by the computer revolution and digital money, was making nearly everyone rich, or so it seemed. Few realized then, that the New Economy was no more than the manifestation of the white horse, the rider the United States, and the arrows, the dollar, being shot worldwide. White - the color of hope, prosperity, and the start of a new and better world order. But the dollar, forced upon the world by the one remaining super power, like the arrows, had points. Dollars had been imbedded into the economies of the rest of the world to such a degree that, at least for the smaller countries, removal would prove terminal.

Europe recognized the problem first and gave birth to the new European currency during the 90's. Few thought it would succeed, but succeed it would, because Europe had gold. Not enough to fully back their new currency, but with strict budgetary discipline, a loose tie to a fifteen percent gold reserve proved more than enough confidence for the rest of the world to start shifting reserves from the dollar. As the dollar started its demise during the year 2001, the US found it's white steed tiring, and with an indignation that would soon turn to rage, mounted the red steed with sword in hand.

There were many reasons initially given for the start of WWIII. Whether the war was planned initially as a way to inflate the world out of the depression that was starting due to worldwide debt and a dying reserve currency, or as a reason for the US to capture and control the last of the world's depleting oil reserves, we may never know. What most finally realized, at least, was that the War on Terror was nothing more than a smoke screen for the real problems.

With a crashing dollar and debt market, the US launched a conventional war against Iraq in late 2001. Within days terrorists started hitting targets within the US as had been done to Israel during the first part of the year. The economy of the US went from bad to worse. Gold's price set a new all time high within a few short weeks. The gold derivatives went first, taking down the bullion banks in one fell swoop. The financial derivatives were next, and one by one, the major banks of the world failed. Very few at that time owned physical gold, but a few more held the paper versions. The elder at that time held both. But the elder also knew the war was to get much, much worse. The entire world fiat money system was imploding and the US had sold its gold reserves years before. They also had deployed less than 250,000 troops into the Middle East. There was not enough money, gold reserves, manpower or support for a drawn out conventional war. It would go nuclear. The elder sold all his paper, bought more gold and silver and a farm in a remote portion of the Northwest. Three months later a radioactive "dirty bomb" went off in a not so major US city. Retaliation was swift, but the damage was done.

The war only lasted 6 months and the US changed steeds again. The economic collapse was doing more damage than the limited nuclear arsenal that had been used. We were too dependent upon our systems of civilization and too urbanized for the majority of the population to survive. At first the military tried to get control of the cities, but with the transportation system in shambles, fiat money worthless, the worth of food became life, and the rider of the black horse was demanding the scales to be balanced. The weight of gold and silver bought survival, as the elder so vividly remembered. Most could not balance the scales, and the pale gray horse with death as his master rode within the cities for a short six months.

As the old man slowly opened his eyes, his art was before him. Pictures that would need explanation. For on one wall all the countries of South America were represented, and all were complete. Another wall represented North America, with the largest set complete. Europe and Asia had fared better, if lasting longer was better, but the sets were now completing one by one.

With his years numbered, the elder's remaining gold would be distributed to those who would listen and understand. It was gold that had balanced the scales of the black horseman and it was gold that kept the pale gray at bay. The paper had finally burned, the digital gone with a pull of the plug, but the gold and its holders had survived.


turkey hunter (06/25/02; 21:23:12MT - usagold.com msg#: 79084)
********* Dark Vision ****************
It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times for a gold bug. Yes, the gold bug was right because the paper avalanche had come and swept over the country like a home sick train on a one way track. Gold was trading at $7,000 and rising. Americans who were envied by the world were now 4th world class citizens. The suicide rate was high and even higher in the banking sector. Bank presidents were being shot on sight by a mad populace and Wallstreet was officially shut down.
A new president had been elected to office. His name was "Andrew Jackson." President Jackson saw the problem, and told the people that the root of the problem was the fractional reserve banking system. He said, "I will root these bastards out, chase them, catch them, and hang them for treason for destroying our once and powerful American nation;" however the Powers of Darkness tried to foil this powerful president who was going to bring the country out of the chaos it was in. There were several assassination attempts against the president but to no avail.
President Jackson ordered the Treasury to print new money that would be backed by gold and silver. The Federal Reserve Bank was blown up and a monument placed there that said, " THE SOURCE OF HATRED TOWARD MANKIND, THE FEDERAL
RESERVE BANK" This angered the European Bankers. They had waited for their day in the sun, and it was in their grasp. The new European King had made a speech and said he would bring America to her knees, and take her people captive if they would not use the Mark as a currency. They launched an all out military attack against the USA but to no avail.
Two weeks earlier President Jackson had asked 5 star Army General, William Wallace to inspire and gather all the people who still had guns. It was only a few years
earlier under the Presidency of Billy Ahab and his first lady Hillary Jezebel Ahab that the UN had come in and taken the guns away from the people. But they didn't get them all
because there were some who understood why they had freedom,it was because of the guns!! General Wallace had inspired around 33 million Americans to come to the east coast for the battle of freedom. And come they did!!

Intelligence sources deciphered the European Generals commands. The Rapid Deployment force were to split in two. One force was to land on the shores to the south of NYC the other was to land at Virginia Beach, VA. The goal was to secure the gold vaults at FT Knox and at the NY Federal Bank. General Wallace reacted to the news and sent the American gun toting freedom fighters to both sites where the battle was fierce. The white foaming shores of the east coast were turned to red and the causalities were high but
the Rapid Deployment force was no match for the Americans. The European Generals had forgotten about all the guns that were still in the American citizens hands and it cost
them the war.
President Jackson gave a speech to the American people after the war.
The speech:
"My fellow Americans I speak to you tonight as president of a sovereign nation. We have been through much, but we have prevailed. Many of you were once cowards
caring nothing but for yourselves, and your six pack. You have grown in courage you have stood up for freedom, and all that it symbolizes. I call upon you this evening to be a shining light in a dark world. There is a power of darkness that wants to rule the world. They rule through a false monetary policy that enslaves those who fall into their greedy little fingers. But nay!! Not we!!, WE, shall be a nation of honest weights and measures. This is a great
task, but it will be fulfilled, and the nations will look to America as a beacon of light and a bright ray of hope once again....." &*(^^)^&*^)(%^$*
THIS IS JON BLACKBLADE REPORTING LIVE AT THE WHITEHOUSE. The President has been shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canuck (06/26/02; 05:36:02MT - usagold.com msg#: 79132)
***** Dark Vision*****
Well boys and girls, after years of waiting our day has arrived.

The dollar HAS fallen off a cliff, the major stock markets of the world HAVE fallen off a cliff, gold HAS busted $325 for the umpteenth time in the last few weeks only to be thrashed after crossing $326/327 and Israel now occupies the cities of the West Bank yet again.

The news last night of the second biggest US corporate scandel is now real. EVERY conceivable fundamental aspect of a rising POG is now in full frontal view. There is no debate on that issue, zero, nadda.

I imagine the G-8 meetings will be very lively today. What impecible timing. I imagine the speculated agenda will change to "what do we do to stop the MELTDOWN?"

Overnight we HAVE seen the world fall off a cliff and now we wait only an hour for COMEX to open and 2 hours for the stock markets. Now we watch to see how brazenly crooked the PTB can be. We witnessed how black the last 12 hours have been, will the white knight rescue the financial world?

I have that last statement completely wrong, we have witnessed the 'white' world in the last 12 hours, are we to see the 'black' knight appear over the next 2 hours?

The entire world awaits his entry. Goldbugs are cynical, we expect his cowardly entrance, slashing and burning the truth. The world understands the truth, it became crystal clear last night. The pro-RBC observers, the GATA army, pro-gold, PGA's and all believers of free-markets, vision and truth all await the 'evil do-ers' to do their thing; manipulate and destroy.

I can only imagine how much physical was bought last night and as this carnage continues more and more will be stashed away. The paper required today will carry odds of burning at a much higher premium than yesterday. Tomorrow's paper will be at much higher odds again. Soon paper will carry an infinite premium and that day friends will be the end of this paper charade. I expect today's peak in the POG will be at or just after noon when THEY can do their worst. I hope I am wrong, I hope JUSTICE will prevail.

I hope, I hope today is the day. I KNOW that the truth will prevail. It is truely not a matter of if but when.

Physical gold......get ye lots.


Cavan Man (06/26/02; 08:32:10MT - usagold.com msg#: 79156)
*****Dark Vision*****
The Resurrection destroys the "dark vision".

"....for I am with you always, even unto the end of the age."

Thank Him for your joys and your sorrows and walk in the Light whilst enjoying your rite of passage. This "passage" is a gift and for some an admission ticket to eternal and heavenly bliss.

Kali Anastasi.....CM

Henri (06/26/02; 11:36:58MT - usagold.com msg#: 79177)
*****Dark Vision*****
Connelly's vision is skewed by his perspective as a chief executive of a major insurance company. He seems convinced that the collapse of the life insurance industry will have catastrophic effects on society at large. My vision of the future sees this event as a given and but a small bump in a long tough road of recovery from these fiat driven vehicles. Does he think this an event any more significant than just another reason to be pissed off at the global financial infrastructure and sharp-tongued salesmen? This will be the least of concerns as the full impact of global financial collapse accelerates.

Small groups of individuals skilled in computer programming and secure encrypted communications have already taken the new financial high ground by creating anonymous asset lodgement services (not banking or credit creation) and digital bearer certificates on distributed servers. In an anonymous marketplace one may buy currencies of any type, a basket of fiat that can weather individual swings of fiat fortune, or digital GOLD! Cyberspace is their new frontier and Cybercorporations with unknown owners and principals will be the new paradigm from which economic recovery will advance. Government as we have know it will be severely curtailed as their ability to tax the assets of individuals and cybercorps will be eliminated. Individuals, because no-one that has anything to tax would be so foolish as to lodge it in a location visible to a sovereign taxing authority, cybercorps because ownership is anonymous.

These new age revolutionaries have then done the unthinkable they released the software for the creation of cyberspace associations, guilds and communities as open source and free to all enterprising individuals to use.

The principles of free markets are restored as the abilities of governments and central banks to control the money supply are eliminated. Rogue operators are rampant and participation in a community is done based on cost and reputation alone. Those communities offering the most freedom will thrive. Lawyers and lawmakers become irrelavent. Real estate becomes just that again. User fees will dominate infrastructure utilization and in a free market will operate efficiently or perish. Brokerages and insurance will be outlawed and operate only as independent unregulated entities with the only asset holders at risk. Caveat emptor will be the rule of the moment and default of any type will create a serious breech of trust and reputation.

Governments will be unable to float loans or bonds as no one will trust them anymore. Cybercorps of good reputation may of course occupy this niche without restraint. The world as we know it has already changed. The nimble and cautious will thrive fools will lose all. An asset that is another's liability will never again be traded at a premium. Fiat will be used for day to day transactions but the records of such will be fully private between buyer and seller. A war will create a monumental effort to pull off and private security and family nukes a la Frank Herbert will be the new power brokers. Are they not already?

Gold in this dark vision has a bright visagea beacon of brilliance in a world of darkness.

Max Rabbitz (06/26/02; 11:37:11MT - usagold.com msg#: 79178)
*****Dark Vision*****
My entry is simple......Chaos.

Chaos is defined as the state of unpredictability. Very different from the present controlled environment of paper investments. I do not know what event will be the proximal cause. It is unpredictable. The illuminati, Council of Foreign Relations, or whatever will come up a bit short. Do not look for benevolent space aliens to intervene. The fault lies not with our politicians but with ourselves.

At this late hour it is still not possible to put a name on those who wish our utter destruction without being called hateful. July the 4th comes and we still search the shoe heals of little old ladies. Our pilots can not carry guns. Canadians do not want to discriminate on entry visas. Few do. Too many container ships to monitor. We now hear that warnings of a bombing in Oklahoma City came 3 weeks prior from Israel. They would use "Lily Whites" and strike at the heartland......tic.......tic......tic .......tic.....Paradise with rivers which flow underneath......rivers of fire.

It is a WAR. They want you dead. And your families. You think it is just the Jews? They are not that particular. Our very culture is the threat that must be destroyed. Freedom to choose is not part of their world.

But don't blame the Vandals for upsetting Rome. The rot was well gone for the hordes did appear. Our home now of paper is cheaper to build. Money of paper with promises to keep and accountants to count. They say debts are a problem and those who charge interest are mostly to blame. Not those who ask for what others have saved. Did not Greenspan himself first tighten the screws when few saw the need? Or was it too easy of credit?

Poor peasants just can not handle the sums. They must borrow....and borrow...and borrow again. How else to get what it is that they want? Do they really intend to pay it all back? Don't ask. They don't. And besides, the greedy lenders should shoulder the blame. It's their fault. Lead me not into temptation.....except for the beer and the wine and those dancers on tables.

The lenders. The interest they charge just does not seem real. It's only a part and a small one at that. Who knows what will happen when push comes to shove. Something turns up or at least always has. At worst we will all find ourselves in a pickle.

A pickle for you and a pickle for me. So while there's a chance and it's only a pickle why not go for the big one that puts all at risk. The boat we are in is for one and for all. Surely none will allow the sinking of such. When push comes to shove they will find a way out.

But they will not.

Out of Chaos will come a new world. Not a perfect world. A new era.

I do not wish it and I did not pursue it. I fought against it but it is coming. The unknown is always frightening. Prepare as best you can. History is not over. Mankind is about to get another lesson in honesty, truth, and the price of freedom.

Good Luck

Carl H (06/26/02; 13:52:46MT - usagold.com msg#: 79189)
**** Dark Visions ****
First, I apologize that I am not nearly as eloquent a writer as many here. But perhaps on this topic, eloquence is optional. Now to the meat

Perhaps the darkest part of my vision is that additional terrorist attacks will happen. Make no mistake -- we are at war. As Warren Buffet said, it is a virtual certainty that at some point we will see a US city get nuked. Sooner or later one will slip past our detection network. Other possibilities are a dirty bomb, detonation of an LNG tanker or shipload load of fertilizer in a harbor.

Now consider the dark side for the third world. The US has printed too many dollars and wants to make sure that, despite this, the dollar is still the "best option". In other words, the "Strong Dollar Policy" is still intact. So they will continue their attack on all viable options to the best of their abilities. This includes commodities that are currently known to be manipulated: gold, silver, natural gas, oil and various farm products. It also, unfortunately, includes continuing attacks on the currencies and economies of other countries, particularly third world countries. I do not believe that the Argentina Effect is "spreading" in South America, but rather that the various currency crises are being deliberately induced to make the dollar look like a better option. This means that in at attempt to maintain a strong dollar, more countries will go the route of Argentina. Thanks to Black Blade and others here, most of have a good idea of just how dark things have gotten in Argentina. Now imagine that misery covering most of South America and a good part of Central America ­ it is a dark vision indeed.

Despite the best efforts by the Masters of the Universe, the strong dollar policy will probably fail. This has many implications. At the very least, it means that we will no longer be able to indiscriminately print funny little green pieces of paper with dead people on them and exchange them with other countries for resources and finished goods. This means that the US will have to exchange resources, goods, and services for resources, goods and services. This has huge implications:

First, silver, gold and other natural resources will soar. Silver and Gold are the best way to protect your savings. (Plug: I suggest you get some now from our gracious host.)

Second, it means that our labor pool must compete with the labor pool from the rest of the world. Given how we have dumbed down our schools up through high school, I believe that those with recent high school diplomas are ill equipped to compete.

Third, the US has also shielded itself by putting a "brain drain" on the rest of the world. We import the best and brightest to our universities, particularly for graduate school, and we tend to keep them here because of the high standard of living here. If our standard of living starts to falter, this could not only stop, it could start to reverse.

Fourth, it means that we will to be able to consume as much energy per capita. High school students might have to come to terms with the fact that it is not their God given right to have a SUV.

Fifth, it means that baby boomers will probably not have the comfortable retirement that they had anticipated. Most will probably have to keep working longer, and will probably not have a very comfortable retirement.

Lastly, competition of labor pools will breed resentment, particularly towards illegals in this country. There will probably be flare ups of rioting.

In closing, there will be wars, wherever they are necessary to procure "vital" natural resources. Be it Caspian Sea Oil, Saudi Oil, or Iraqi Oil, we will wage war to get it.

Troy Boy (06/26/02; 14:45:29MT - usagold.com msg#: 79196)
*********DARK VISION********
And dark it is
No fairy tale or poem here.

It is 2002 the world is undergoing another revolution. Some parts of the world with weapons and some with education. Today man has the internet and computer to help in his quest to be free. Never has he had such a tool in his "known" history. Yet today we really do not know what our known history really is, as the world is now being shown that the elite in power for centuries have and will continue to lie and cover up everything. So I will attempt to lay out a short history of eras as this most recent period of time has brought man the most "known" freedom thus far.

From 1607 to 1775 the colonist era there was a revolution of education. To shed your nanny the king of England and take responsibility upon yourself to be free as only GOD can enable you. This revolution was between people ears.

Then throughout the late 1770's until the end of the revolution era, battles with weapons were the tool used in the quest for freedom through revolutions. The small groups of terrorists known to the King were about to undue hundreds of years of oppression and lay a groundwork that would be known to all men as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
Un used war methods brought down the greatest military power on earth at the time.

A huge flaw known and understood by some and misused by others would be born along with this greatest of freedoms' documents, this beast we call the federal government. Since the revolution era the US has been in the federalist era. Some two hundred plus years of new freedoms left to a non experienced citizenry leads to a wandering aimlessly society. Some however grab the opportunity and rise to the top of the industrialized world.

Throughout this time the European bankers kept a tight grip on the money and credit this new nation would need to succeed. Several times being so bold as to initiate a currency based on old world concepts. The first three times the free men were able to throw off the chains of the established bankers seeing through their veil of lies and deceipt.

Then came 1913 and the final bold move by the bankers. A move that has and will always work. Buy the ruling group, and begin the insidious process of enslaving the free thinking (so they thought) mass. For 89 years this "new" nation reveled in its success of freedom.

Then the corruption began to show its ugly head. Stock market manipulations, depressions, recessions, and inflation. Wars used to thwart peoples minds and for control. Loss of liberties became essential to install fear into the populace for tighter control. The federal government was turning into what the initial few forefathers knew it would. A tyrant set about for its own deeds. No longer do the citizens matter only the existence of the demon itself. Itself being enslaved by the bankers which will in fact lead to the federal governments own demise.

Things are spiraling a bit and in 1971 the gold standard is removed from the currency. We are now in a cycle of fiat. Nothing is real anymore, all manipulation.

History does not lie. The same game has been played out for thousands of years. Without gold, there is no power. Without power well

Now as the leviathan federal government begins to shake at the knees from its own greed within. The citizenry slowly begins to wake up. The manipulation is becoming more apparent. The internet is a growing concern to the PTB.

A disaster happens. Almost worse than anything Orwell could have predicted. The financial heart of the reigning economy is attacked to allow for a scapegoat of the impending financial chaos. The worlds largest power is again being tested by terrorists. Maybe terrorists are from the inside, as we are so unsure of anything that is told to us due to the centuries of lies and corruption. The insiders seem to be benefiting the most from the attacks.

One thing is for certain, the attacks were waged in a rare fashion against two entities that will be shown to have been the biggest perpetrators of the crimes against the world. Crimes of genocide and fraud. The internet is allowing smart citizens from around the world to research and draw their own unbiased conclusions

The citizenry are frightened as the savior has failed. They beg their nanny to take my liberties I do not want to be attacked. They buy flags to show their support to be enslaved. Liberties are stolen. Yet the internet is allowing the dissenters to research, study and bring truths out that are being suppressed. A huge fraud is uncovered. Income taxes are a fraud on people (www.taxableincome.net) the treasury has loaned all of the gold, (www.gata.org) the DOD and HUD have stolen 3.3 trillion dollars, (www.solari.com) social services are all corrupted, wars on crime, poverty, drugs and now terror are increased to allow liberties to be ceased from citizens. This once free nation has more prisoners than anywhere else on earth. The bulk of prisoners are in for crimes against the state. The constitution is now worthless as the Legislative branch is conquered by the Executive and Judicial branches.

Yet the deception is not over, there is a world to be won over for the NWO. Total global enslavement is the final frontier. G-8 summits are attacked but the media is biased and shows no dissenters.

Only the 2nd amendment is allowing a slim opportunity for escape. After the initial attacks by the PTB more liberties are stolen, financial attacks on the worlds keepers of money are common place. The overreaching arms of the PTB begin financial attacks on every other country in the world. Greed is a final standing point. Lines in the sand are being drawn from sea to shining sea. Many unlawful and immoral facets are becoming known to many more than is expected by the PTB. The internet is allowing gold to be transferred through its medium. People are not paying taxes dissent is growing. The manipulation is too great and the world is realizing it.

BOOM another internal catastrophie. A nuclear blast is needed to push the citizenry of the world down. A visouse cycle is playing out. The internet is threatened by censorship. The citizens begin to fire back, finally.

Small time bankers and investment brokers are shot by frauded, bankrupted people. Chaos begins to ensue as the fiat money begins a global collapse of wealth. Senators are shot, congressmen are kidnapped and tortured for ransom. Many are killed. The politicians begin to cowar and hide. The secret bankers watch as they allow their systems to collapse with no big loss to themselves as they are big on precous commodities like water and gold. World wars break out as a result of the fiat manipulation. The superpower begins to crumble. Homeland security limits travel and communication as the dissent grows so large.

The internet arises as a tool that continues to allow mass communication. Privateers develop secure means of transmitting information out of sight of the agencies who are watching.

The masses begin to win.

Precious metals rise as the money to be used physically and digitally. Private issuers are accepted by those paying attention. More fiat dollars are released by the bankers, people do not use it. Inflation of the worlds reserve asset the USD drops its value to nothing.

The nations capital is attacked by a nuclear blast that spreads destruction far and wide. 10 miles by 10 miles, gone.

The world shudders and shakes. Out of the ashes arises the newest savior. The Fifth horseman, Freedom. The process begins again into the new post federalist era.

The cement monument of all cement monuments is donated to the old entrance to the federal reserve, the lone standing monument to a barren wasteland it reads "GOLD RULES".

Voyager (06/26/02; 14:45:44MT - usagold.com msg#: 79197)
*** Dark Vision ***
Everything in all the posts comes true and GOLD is still $320.00 oz.

gilded lily (06/26/02; 15:03:08MT - usagold.com msg#: 79200)
*****DARK VISION*****
"Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?"
A lighter shade of darkness.... Press releases from the future...

WASHINGTON, July 12 (Rueters)- The Treasury Department issued a new commemorative "Bush" dollar bill today. The bill is available in 3 flavors: mesquite, hickory, and barbeque. Counterfits will be easily detected, Treasury spokesmen said, "They will burn more slowly, lacking both the insta-light strip and the slogan visible in UV light which says"What, me worry?" in latin.

KANSAS CITY, July 13 (AP)- A rash of neighborhood potlucks took place in communities across the country this week as sporadic power outages melted the contents of home freezers and spurred impromtu feasts. A "hurricane party" mentality prevailed as people shared the last of their beer and and waited for life to return to normal.

CHICAGO, August 4 (Rueters)- Large groups of bewildered yuppies in soiled and tattered power suits, clutching dead palm pilots and suffering from extreme caffeine withdrawal, shuffled along the city's financial district today, carrying signs which read "Will Consult for Latte".

ROME, August 12 (UPI)- In a unanimous decision yesterday, the House of Cardinals voted to divide the Vatican's gold reserves equally among themselves and to reconvene on an island in the South Seas referred to only as Island #321. The Pope was unavailable for comment.

NEW YORK, August 29 (Rueters)- Hords of post menopausal women rioted today, weilding bricks and boards. They were last seen looting already empty drug stores in search of estrogen. "We have gold and we want hormones" their spokesperson proclaimed. Film at 11:00.

Guided (06/26/02; 15:30:04MT - usagold.com msg#: 79201)
***** Dark Vision *****
The United States of America is a great nation. The men who founded this nation were led by a vision. A bright vision for our future. A vision of freedom and independence. By the grace of God it was fulfilled. It came at a high price. And it's only kept by sacrifice.

Our generation is not making some of the sacrifices we should be and freedom will suffer if we do not wake from this sleepwalk down debt road. To avoid the dark vision I see in our future, we must get wisdom and understanding and then do what it takes to keep our priceless freedom. The kind of things those before us did and sacrificed so much for. Like my father who sacrificed financially so his children would not inherit the bondage of debt or my uncle who gave his life protecting our freedom in WWII in Europe. We must teach wisdom and understanding to our children. The wisdom they see in our lives that they will live out in theirs. The wisdom and understanding that clears our minds to always remember that sacrifice today means freedom tomorrow.

A dark vision I now see for this American generation is a wide sweeping claw reaching out across our great nation with a tight fisted grip of debt. The kind of debt that makes a borrower servant to a lender. The legacy we are about to pass down to our children is one of bondage. We are dangerously close to selling more of our families and nations freedom wholesale into a tight fisted grip of debt with fists full of claws that dig in and hold named Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and the smaller claws with other names. On one arm is this crippling grip of high interest credit card debt that steals your families savings and joy by barely keeping up with the interest. All so we could have the things now that our forefathers did without. The very freedom to purchase NOW that we sought has become the chains that enslave. Had our parents had the easy credit, they may have fallen prey too. On the other recklessly swinging arm is the mis-managed pair of congressionally chartered organizations Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac grabbing up our home mortgages as fast as we can execute them. Buying them and packaging them with many others like them and selling the promised cashflows all over the globe with guarantees from default. Guarantees that I suppose ultimately would be shouldered by the taxpayer in one form or another if it came down to that. In one form more taxes or in another form even worse than a crippling tax. It may turn out in the event of large scale default of payment down this road we have been lead that American home and credit card debt will be used in a way we never imagined. All of course in the name of your families safety, comfort and welfare. What would you trade to keep your family from begging on the street. How far would we allow the long arm of the beast to reach into our blood and sacrifice freedom account. Be sure, they will demand much in return for the debt should we be unable to pay. Then, I saw a set of balances and the lender saying come and even the balances. The borrower placed the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and other pieces of paper on the balance. The balance did not move. The lender did not hold to that creed. Then I saw those borrowers with gold and silver place it in the balance and the lender's balance was lifted. He understood that creed.

Remember American, these debts are no longer owed to your neighbor, the friendly branch bank manager. Who is it we owe and what is his recourse if we cannot pay. Whoever it is, they have made it so easy for our generation to borrow too much. And, whoever it is, hates the idea of you saving gold and silver. It is independence and freedom for you, your children's children and America. Get wisdom, get understanding and get gold.

Downsize if you have to and get rid of the credit card debt. Go to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac websites and research what is happening. Make sure your mortgage is a reasonable one and start planning to pay it off rather than increasing the balance. Start reading the book of Proverbs to your family. Deal fairly and deal wisely. Our nations strength and your children's future is in the balance.

The following excerpts are taken from the Freddie Mac website:

Freddie Mac has financed homeownership for more than 30 million families since 1970.Freddie Mac purchased one mortgage every 11 seconds in 2001 - doubling the previous year's rate.

Gold PC is the trademark name for Freddie Mac mortgage-backed securities. Freddie Mac created the conventional mortgage-backed security in 1971. The Gold PC was created in 1990. At the end of 2001, $948 Billion of Gold PCs were outstanding. Gold PCs have been sold to investors on six continents.

CM (06/26/02; 15:34:30MT - usagold.com msg#: 79203)
Dark Vision posting
Greetings to all USA Gold posters who make this site such a wonderful place to visit.

***** Dark Vision *****

War breaks out between Israel and the Palestine forces, leading to the involvement of Syria and Iraq. President Bush orders US armed forces to intervene on the side of Israel. The war quickly escalates to the use of nuclear and biological weapons. There are massive casualties to civilians on both sides.

Extremist Moslem factions overthrow the Saudi royal family. The new rulers threaten to embargo oil sales unless the US withdraws from the war. After the US forces leave, all remaining Moslem nations join in the war and defeat Israel. The death toll is in the millions.

As the war in the Middle East draws to a close, the US dollar and stock markets are in steep decline. The US is no longer looked upon as a "superpower." The dollar starts to lose its role as a reserve currency and is no longer accepted in international trade. Oil exporters now demand payment in gold or Euros.

The US is forced to raise interest rates in a vain attempt to defend the dollar. This results in massive defaults on corporate and private debt. The US is unable to pay for oil imports. Prices of gasoline and heating/fuel oil skyrocket. The US economy begins a descent into total collapse. "Pump priming" to restore the US economy leads only to hyperinflation. Paper money and paper wealth become worthless.

All large US cities experience violent riots and extensive looting and burning. With the collapse of the transportation system, mass starvation quickly follows. The police and armed forces try to restore order, but face massive desertions and internal bickering. As federal, state and local governments increasingly are unable to pay their bills and enforce their orders, they cease to exist.

After the Great Die-Off, the remnants of the US revert to an agricultural economy. The financial system reverts to gold and silver coins and/or a barter system.

The country is now ready to begin anew, perhaps a little wiser, and certainly a lot stronger.

Chrusos (06/26/02; 16:21:34MT - usagold.com msg#: 79211)
******Dark Vision****
America the superpower is going to collapse - the picture is the world trade twin towers

The enormous littering towering power of the US symbolized by the towers is going to take 2 fatal hits

Is the one tower the stock market and the other the bond market or dollar?

FOA laid it out for us so long ago - a currency at the end of its timeline - in one final hyperinflating holocaust destroying all wealth

It will start slowly and shockingly - a tower on fire from an accident? One of your own mighty jumbo jets (loaded with high-octane derivative fuel) smashes into you the stock or bond market. No problem send out the PPT run your Cray computers scenarios you have already worked out, send in the cavalry like the brave New York firefighters.

Hey wait a second mighty hit! This is unbelievable. This must be war. Then before the whole world with horrifying transfixing power one mighty tower starts to collapse. Millions of tone rubble crush technology, networks, and ordinary people. Paper floats down in millions of sheets, swaps, hedges, contracts of every nature flutter while all flesh is completely obliterated. Works of art corporate largesse is no more. All smashed and contracted in seven underground floors.

Hey the second tower is falling. Same horrifying scene repeated - total collapse. There are pics on the internet of well dressed finance company executives and staff clustering out of windows like ants running out of a burning nest - the expect rescue - but their fate is sealed.

The American dream, which wandered way off its initial course under God, becomes the American nightmare. Death mayhem, decay and financial incineration in the collapse the whole US financial system. There is not even any money left to pay the lawyers to fight the class actions and no funds to pay the action winners anyway.

Th bad news just doesn't cease. Your IRA is wiped out, your company is wiped out. Your bank is bankrupt. Your government and your state are bankrupt. Social security will never be collected. Days of ease and luxury are gone forever.

With no money to pay for their mighty defense force and no nation that wants dollars, the US forces limp home to base and become a shell of what they were. This is symbolized by the direct hit on the Pentagon the seat of US power and prestige. The only thing that survives is politics (the White House escapes) - the self-serving wake up and witch hunt - way after the event - following the total lack or foresight and leadership is nauseating and tormenting. This despite mountains of evidence on gold, contrarian and other intent sites known to anyone who spends any time thinking and put under the noses of the senate and the congress by GATA.

The world watches in hypnotic horror as these events unfold. The book of Revelation gives a picture of how we feel for the US fate (REV 18:19) the merchants "cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying Alas, Alas for that great city"

The dust of the word trade center represents the collapse of the US housing market - multi million dollar homes left everywhere derelict.

The funerals and death dirges are never ending. The wreckage impossible to contemplate - this is not localized but has shredded everything.

Wait what's happening a special swat team is arriving, black vans with military backing - deep under the WTC is a mighty gold vault hewn in the granite bedrock. They are removing the gold bullion - the only thing to survive the total annihilation.

FOA's prophecy in 1998/99 I think in correspondence with chairman Michael Kosares "you are absolutely correct in that the USA will see a hyperinflation of its currency and a gold price in dollars that reflects it. Unfortunately for most investors the gold price rise will be sudden and also hyper fast as it will occur just after a rapid plunge in dollar based assets including, stocks debt and the entire banking system.. The Euro will not replace gold; it will evolve into a gold transactional currency. It will also price Euro gold very high; perhaps $6,000 in current dollar terms buying power. However in actual terms of the dollar future, $30,000 US will reflect the American debt as the negative reserve asset it truly is."

The USS Titanic slips beneath the waves with all its pomp and glory - the only light at the end of this tunnel is the brave and resourceful captain of the Carpathia who speeds to the scene and rescues some survivors

I had lunch 6 weeks ago with the senior VP of one of the largest asset managers in the US (I was previously CEO of one of the largest pension funds in South Africa). My advice to him Liquidate your US stock and bond portfolio - put one third into gold coins and a third into unhedged gold funds and a third into cash - not dollars. Sell your house in the US and invest part of it in a palatial property in South Africa, which you can do at today's exchange rate. This is the antidote to the dark vision which is rapidly unfolding as we rush to the end game.

Best wishes to all at USA Gold

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