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MK (09/18/02; 22:11:09MT - usagold.com msg#: 85483)
. . . .What to do?. . . .What to do?. . . . .
Here's the dilemma: Is now the time for a contest? With so much extraordinary energy already emanating from in and around this sturdy table? What more can be said about it that hasn't already been said. How will a contest now make a difference? Yet. . . .wait a minute. . ."The Contest" has played an important role in attracting many of the very people who have made such an important and on-going contribution to this table that they have put the concept of a posting contest on the second shelf. Do I dare intrude? I visit here time and again, day after day, week after week, month after month. . . . .Oh my. . . .Well, you get the idea my fellow knights and ladies. . . . .There is a reason for all this. There is a reason why we are all here. Isn't there?

So the Call to Contest goes out: Yes!! ---Hear ye! Hear ye! Be it known that we will have a contest calling upon your most erudite and well-honed skills. And here's the Contest Question to be answered: ----Why do I return to this exalted place? Why do I keep coming back here? Hey, I watch CNBC. I read the Wall Street Journal. Barrons'. Forbes magazine. A half-down or so newsletters. But for some reason I keep coming back here. Why? ----

In your own words, and in as many as it takes: Why is that I find this Mightly Oaken Table of Yore so important? Why do I keep coming back??

Each post must have as the SUBJECT and be headed with:
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

ALSO -- each poster may wish to gain EXTRA POINTS and add "An ADDENDUM" !!! START it with:
$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$
Extra bonus points will be awarded to those who post an addendum to their "Happy Birthday" entry which answers this question: "We are now at the beginning stages of the BIG BREAKOUT in gold. . .True or False." The bonus entries do not have to be long, but they have to make a solid point.

The contest begins now, (Wednesday evening, 9/18/02) goes through our OFFICIAL Birthdate (September 21st), and ends Wednesday September 25th at 12 noon Mountain time (HIGH NOON in Denver).
Gandalf, the great wizard at this Table Round, will serve as contest master, arbiter and "answerer" of all contest related questions.

The WINNING prize will be a one ounce PURE GOLD Austrian Philharmonic. The runners-up (two will be chosen) will receive a Queen Victoria British GOLDEN sovereign (which carries some scarcity value) -- a representative of the old world when gold was the primary form of international settlement. As always the prizes will go to those who best weave gold into their narrative. That is essential. (Perhaps even Slingshot can weave the Table into his final installment of the "Siege" epic!! We will count it as an entry, if he does. Ha Ha, Slingshot a challenge to your very credible story-telling skills.)

Good luck to all and may the best poster win!!
Let the Contest begin. . . . . .

Happy Birthday, my fellow Goldmeisters and Table members.
Thanks, all.


And now, in no particular order (except for the three gold prize winners) are the entries we received...

One ounce Austrian Philharmonic Winner:

Sundeck (9/25/02; 01:27:43MT - usagold.com msg#: 85897)
****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore****

So...why do I keep returning to this exalted place? Why do I return - to lurk in the background and watch and listen as the knights and ladies discuss the woes of the world...and long for the day when gold shall again be king?

Mine is an abiding presence - although few who sit so confidently around the oak, and who talk with knowledge and wit while drumming their fingers upon the weathered grain, would recognise my countenance and voice among the assembled guests.

But I have learned much by my presence.

First the table receives the offerings from many willing and thorough hands. They bring news freely from the four corners of the world, heralding the sorry state of the economies and finances of many countries and of the ill-fortunes of great and once great merchants operating therein. Alas! There are woeful tales of greed among the barons of industry that has oft lead to their undoing and, sadly, to the misery of their loyal mignions. So badly are they treated, that the serfs are beginning to cry out for "Gold!", so that some of the wrongs brought upon them may be righted, and justice will prevail upon the land. So...tales diligently collected by travelling knights and ladies from many sources is the first great boon to guests such as myself.

Next, there is the hearty discussion and the clash of intellectual rivals. Many times have I flinched as gauntlets were flung so heavily upon the table as to shake the silverware, and I felt within me that a considered response from the company was unlikely. But where the subject of gold is concerned the forum is replete with knowledge and wise counsel. No small matter in itself when one considers the complex role of gold and how it touches all things. So...interpretation and explanation of current and past events, and their bearing on gold, is another reason for my attendance.

Finally, I hope that my family and I might become more secure - nay, even profit - from the understanding brought to me by The Table and its varied host. In an insure world, where the financial landscape is pitted, and thieves reside in the shadows behind fiscal and monetary facades, the Oaken Table stands firm.



We are now at the beginning stages of the big breakout in gold. The balance between Supply and Demand is dynamic. It shifts to and fro in response to a miriad of factors too difficult to model or to accurately predict. But Demand contains the key to gold's breakout.

The supply side is clearest: newly mined gold, reclaimed and disinvested gold and national gold reserves. How quickly might these sources change? Newly mined supply is most static, requiring years to alter substantially. Reclaimed and disinvested gold may vary rapidly, but unpredictably. If the price increases, it may enter the market in a minor flurry, BUT if the price looks like greatly increasing it may dry up instead as the holders await higher prices. Sales of national gold reserves are potentially the most fluid, but with a shaky dollar and the mood shifting against the US, its economy and its financial system any increase in sales by the US are likely to be offset by acquisitions elsewhere.

The demand side is much more varied and dynamic. The mood is increasingly bullish and it will take a lot to turn that mood around. In this climate, peoples' awareness of gold is awakening again. The leaders so far have been large and small investors in many countries who are seeing the value of their fiat currencies decline and have either bought dollars or gold. This has started the rise in the price of gold and has also held up the dollar. Simultaneously there has been a demand for gold in Asia and the Middle East fueled by the threat of regional conflict, financial dominance and manipulation by the western powers, the uncertain US response to terrorism, and increasing mistrust of the dollar as a reserve. Much of this demand may be hidden. Next came the producers who, seeing gold rising, are closing out their forward sales and other hedges.

The bullish mood is building a strong floor under the rising price. Attempts to depress the price are met with increasing resistance from an increasingly assured herd of bulls. The large shorts are getting concerned. Not only are they seeing their company's capitalisation diminish, but they see their exposure increasing. When do they close out and how do they do it without spooking the bulls upward? This is potential demand-impulse number 1.

Impulse number 2 will come from foreign investors pulling their money from US assets and placing it elsewhere when they see that there is nothing more to hold up the dollar. At the moment, I suspect that there is foreign take-up of cheap US assets (energy, communication) from firesales, and the sell-off of the Brazilian real and other shaky currencies, leading to residual demand for the dollar and helping in its support. But this cannot last. There will be a growing exodus that will feed upon itself as money exits stocks and bonds and seeks higher, non-negative returnes outside the US. Some of this will become demand for gold.

These two impulses will fuel the price of gold. When this happens, bears may become bulls in great profusion and with a great mania. Jack and Jill Ordinary will see the glitter and want some for themselves. The means to enter the action will proliferate as some brokerages scramble to save themselves from the bear pits elsewhere. There will be a waking-up of gold where once there was somnolence. The mania will run its unpredictable course...

May you all have your time under the Sun.



Queen Victoria British GOLDEN sovereign Winner:

Boilermaker (09/24/02; 06:47:40MT - usagold.com msg#: 85818)
***** Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore *****

This is the site that I visit each morning at 5:30 and several times a day. I attend the Oaken Table at the Castle every day because my future and the future of my family depends on it. The many excellent minds that post here give me news and insights into gold and other investments. The larger picture of clashing cultures and international financial intrigue is woven through the messages. The archive of Another's and FOA's thoughts is a valuable interpretation of the global dance that connects fiat money, oil and gold. The forum's storytellers and poets add some enjoyable reading and I even enjoy the little squabbles that erupt when someone's ego, religion, politics or point of view is challenged. Our host, Sir Michael and his faithful Wizard Gandalf along with Sirs Randy and George keep us on "The Trail" and create and maintain the atmosphere of learning that I have become dependent upon. We are a sometimes humble and sometimes arrogant "remnant" that sees the folly around us.

At first my interest in the forum was strictly economic, to find rational information about investing in gold. As I learned more about the US and world banking system and investment firms it began to make me aware of the incredible arrogance of the banking fraternity and how it has manipulated money, people and governments. The bankers have become the hidden kings of our modern world. They have used their fiat money systems to create huge Ponzi schemes that can make or break nations. Each new financial instrument that is concocted goes further into the abyss of make-believe. Little in the banking sector is real. There are no "real" assets, only promises on paper. The "strong dollar" policy of the US has concealed the thievery that this nation is perpetrating on the world. The corruption of the bankers has filtered into the corporate sector. Corporate executives sense the new morality and are taking it to new lows.

Today, for me, this forum is about freedom. We have a lethal combination of power concentrated with powerful unelected bankers and a population that does not see the dangers. Nearly everyone at the "Table" sees the fog of corruption that has engulfed the US economy and threatens its very roots of freedom. The warnings of Thomas Jefferson are now becoming reality. "That we are overdone with banking institutions which have banished the precious metals and substituted a more fluctuating and unsafe medium, that these have withdrawn capital from useful improvements and employments to nourish idleness, that the wars of the world have swollen our commerce beyond the wholesome limits of exchanging our own productions for our own wants, and that, for the emolument of a small proportion of our society who prefer these demoralizing pursuits to labors useful to the whole, the peace of the whole is endangered and all our present difficulties produced, are evils more easily to be deplored than remedied." --Thomas Jefferson to Abbe Salimankis, 1810. ME 12:379. Now think; when was the last time words like these were spoken by a prominent American?

Whenever I try to measure something's value I instinctively consider what it would mean to have it or, if I already have it, what it would mean to lose it. Freedom is at the top of my list of what's important. Freedom for Americans was won by many who sacrificed much if not all in the pursuit of freedom for themselves, their families, their countrymen and their allies. The freedom that we enjoy was won by the original fathers of the USA who sensed the oppressive inclinations of their European homelands and decided to clean the slate with a new Republic organized and founded on a new Constitution. This was clearly not "government as usual" in the 18th Century sense. The idea of freedom and democracy was a bold experiment undertaken by bold men and women in a land that was still under construction. It was not looked upon favorably by the then dominant power and it was forcefully challenged by that power. A document written in June and July of 1776 changed the course of human events, much for the better in my opinion.

Now that freedom won more than 200 years ago is increasingly at risk from a monetary system that fosters corruption. My German ancestors who arrived in the US in the 1850's came with little but the guts to make something from nothing in a land that allowed them to succeed on their own merits or fail due to lack of same. How many Americans today would pack a few worldly possessions and set off on a perilous one way journey to a new homeland? We who enjoy the fruits of the labors and sacrifices of these immigrants should appreciate the positive and negative motivators which compelled our ancestors to take this gigantic step. The absence of freedom and the possibility to gain it is a powerful motivator. The possession of freedom and the possibility to lose it should be an equally strong motivator.

The forum has taught me that gold is an honest form of money to protect wealth. Our nation's financial ship is sinking. For the time being it remains afloat on a sea of debt. The debt will penetrate the hull of our ship and become the stuff that sinks it. Each of us must build a lifeboat provisioned with gold and supplies. It must be ready to launch at a moments notice. We do not know if the response to the coming storm will reverse the trend of the 20th century and restore the gold based system or if it will accelerate new measures to support the fiat system. The former will regain our original freedoms, the latter will further corrupt and deny them.

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$

True. We are quite close to a big breakout in my opinion. It will likely start if and when the war in Iraq is commenced. Bush knows he can't keep a lid on gold or a floor under the stock and bond markets for very much longer. A war with Iraq will give him a reason to take Draconian measures. The US government will install controls on all "unstable" markets as part of their war powers. With respect to gold as soon as it "breaks out" I see the likelihood that all gold derivative products will be suspended and closed out at an arbitrary "official" price. Physical gold may be recalled at this same price. I can envision the following question on my 2002 IRS Tax Form 1040, "Do you have in your possession any gold bullion, or items made of gold including jewelry? If yes, please list the description and quantity of each gold item in your possession."


Queen Victoria British GOLDEN sovereign Winner:

Waverider (9/24/02; 00:37:14MT - usagold.com msg#: 85799)
***** Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore *****

One special evening about a year ago,
I discovered O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore
Which dwells in the CPM Castle of Gold,
And whose essence and secrets must now be extolled

I was welcomed here with both Kindness and Grace
Peoples' words I would read, ne'er seeing a face,
Words of education, knowledge, and wisdom so dear
A special intellectual tapestry, it soon became clear.

A Table where the King, Sir Michael K
Is the Perfect Host in every way,
His knowledge, commitment, and generosity too
Provides the foundation for all that we Goldbugs do.

A Table where guidance on the Trail each day,
Comes from those experienced who've traveled this way,
From the archives of FOA and Another are words
Of prescient thoughts very rarely heard.

A Table where quietly behind the scene
TownCrier works hard and is often seen
Addressing the headlines and announcing the news,
Inviting our thoughts, our debates, and our views.

A Table where Gold rightly Reigns Supreme
As the economy collapses and comes apart at the seams,
Where media lies are analyzed and exposed,
As Truth is unveiled and clearly disclosed.

A Table where intensive Gold study is done,
Economics and geo-politics for everyone,
The only institution on earth with the unique degree -
A Master's in International Gold Studies.

A Table where integrity and noble character abound
In Knights and Ladies who frequent the Round,
You provide strength and sustenance to follow my beliefs
And a place to escape from the world, for relief.

A Table where contests are both fun and fair,
Where Gandalf the White seems always is there,
To sound the "TATA" and announce the event
For prizes so Precious they'll never be spent.

A Table where writing is creative and bold
Siege Engine may become a series I'm told,
Poetry, essays, and writings, all kinds
Weave a mosaic fabric from the many great minds.

A fabric so beautiful you get caught in the thread
Very curious to see where it next will be led,
For we find at the O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore
The birth of ideas not read elsewhere before.

A Table where Black Blade seems never to rest,
Generously sharing his knowledge and doing his best
To keep us All informed with the DMR,
Reaching Goldbugs everywhere, both near and far.

The FINAL REASON for returning to this TABLE of YORE,
For it's HERE we've become GOLD SISTERS and BROTHERS!



I believe that we are on the cliffs edge of the Big Breakout for a number of reasons, all of which have been discussed here. The most pressing is the situation in the Middle East - it appears war is inevitable in Iraq and I think that there will be repercussions throughout the ME. The ME situation may even explode before an attack on Iraq given what's happening currently with Arafat. I also foresee the use of biological/nuclear warfare in the ME, and more terrorist attacks on the US. Then there's the economy and the loss of confidence in the stock markets and business ethics, which will take at least a generation to repair. Let's not forget about the US current account deficitokay, so maybe I should have mentioned the Japanese banking situation first as it appears even more serious in terms of initiating an international economic meltdown. Ahthink I forgot about Argentina and Brazil - not a chanceand yes, hyperinflation also lurks in the not too distant future. Sooo many economic and political catastrophes on the horizonso few ounces of Gold to be had as more and more people awaken, soon to be startled awake or awoken in a panic, and turning to Gold to find economic security and insurance in a very insecure world, both politically and economically.


JMD (9/25/02; 06:56:22MT - usagold.com msg#: 85911)
***** Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore *****

I was actually just referred here a few weeks ago by a fellow employee who was helping me decide where to invest, so
I am new to this forum. However, in those few weeks, I have read some of the best articles ever, far exceeding those found in various investment papers. The scandals continue, yet every issue they say that recovery is just around the bend. After nearly two years of this talk, I am sick of it. It is time to move on and precious metals looks like the place to go to. And this will be the focal point of my new outlook on investing and securing my financial future.


I know this is a way to remain unbiased, but I truly don't know how this will fall. While the fundamentals are there for a huge breakout, it is amazing how a hollow speech from an important figurehead can change the opinion of the masses. There is a ton of paper holding everything in check, and although that pile is tipping, I'm not sure if it is ready to fall. The price of oil and the (possible) war in Iraq I believe will be the factors that tip the pile over, cause all the paper checks to crash and for a huge breakout to happen. If not, we may be stuck in this limbo for some time.

Thanks for letting my take the time to vent,


Profit Next Quarter (09/24/02; 21:38:53MT - usagold.com msg#: 85880)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

I keep coming back to this forum because of the variety of alternative views and knowlegeable sources. You have the keen insight and expert opinions of Black Blade and the journalistic Daily Updates and commentary of Misentech to name just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of knowledge here. The world's economic and political news is sifted through the net of opinionated posters bringing the viewer both relevant updates and thought provoking commentary.

At this Oaken Table of Yore, the de facto censorship and sales banter of CNBC is dissected leaving one with the bare facts needed to draw investment conclusions. I remember reading about the Enron debacle here and its impending demise. On CNBC the headlines were, "Enron, a Company on the Mend." A few days later, Enron filed for bankrupcy. That made me a true believer of the Mighty Old Table of Yore. Many times after reading this forum I search other web sites and to my disappointment, only find topics thoroughly discussed at the oaken table beforehand.

This oaken table is a veritable barometer of daily news and views and provides the backdrop with which to gauge a precious metals investment. That is why I keep coming back. This table is solid oak for those who gather here and the legs of the table are the posters who share their time and insights. A table is only as good as its legs. May the posters here continue to provide us with the golden knowledge and precious views they possess.

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$


The United States has not had this unprecedented level of military, social, and economic insecurity. While most still cannot shake the post cold war economic boom mindset, only a few have hearkened to the bitter reality which confronts this nation and by extension the world. Our military must gear up for a possible world conflict to meet a shadowy enemy who in an instant can vaporize an American city or cause a plague which might afflict millions. Society's needs will be neglected as more of our rights are impinged upon in the name of protecting a concept of freedom which no longer exists. Social programs will also go by the wayside as economic and military priorities devalue the concept of a just and compassionate social construct. Economic upheaval will further destabilize the country and world as the corruption and shameless greed of decades comes crashing down, afflicting many levels of society and further obstructing attempts at successful military and social challenges. As we all are forced to realize the depths of the despair that faces us, particularly the instability of unquestioned government, business, and military institutions, there will be only one place where one can be sure of stability and security, gold. I believe the move will be sooner than later as this country is still in denial of the challenges that confront us, and as such will not prepare to fully meet those challenges until they are at our doorstep. Good reason to get gold.


Buongiorno! (09/25/02; 10:12:54MT - usagold.com msg#: 85920)
*****Happy Birthday, O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore!*****

I return to this table because I thirst for the knowledge that is found here. Like a sweet spring in the desert, opinions and thoughts of our "knights and ladies" provide cool and satisfying refreshment for one who must wander the parched wasteland of ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Can you remember an especially poignant scene from the movie, "El Cid"? Charlton Heston played the great Spanish knight and Sophia Loren, his beautiful lady. They had stopped by a well near a crossroads, watered their mounts, and drank from the cool waters. A half-blind leper approached, pleading, "I thirst, great knight, I thirst!" Without hesitation, the knight said, "You may drink from my cup," for a leper may not touch any part of the water system. The old man squinted in the hot sun and said with quivering voice, "I can not see you clearly, but you must be El Cid, for no other would give of his cup to a leper." (A great moment in film.)

Only those who have been truly deprived can know the overpowering need for water. Remember, " All day I face, the barren waste, without a taste, of water Cool, clear, water." One may be driven to hallucinate: "Keep a-moving Dan, don-cha listen to him Dan, he's a devil not a man, and he spreads the burning sand with water---cool, clear, water." (This is true of our local newspapers.)

So, like that half-blind leper, I return often to this sweet wellspring of knowledge, nearby the crossroads of history because I thirst. Imagine my pleasure at seeing not one, but a whole company of magnificent knights and ladies, each offering me their cup of pure wisdom and insight. I am overwhelmed, and shall return because, though I have every comfort in life, still"I thirst, great knights. I thirst!"


$$$$$BIG BREAKOUT--TRUE OR FALSE?$$$$$ $$$$$TRUE$$$$

But not just yet. This week, perhaps, certainly this year. The banker-boys may have their way with us a bit longer, because they must.it IS about their financial life, you know. However, we cannot ignore the power of those great ascending bottoms on the gold chart! The trolls are coming in to buy a bit earlier on each downward reaction. I hope it means that they are sweating cannonballs-as I would be if short large positions in gold. It would appear that $334 is about where the cheese sorta falls off the cracker.for them.heh, heh, heh!


timbervision (09/24/02; 23:50:32MT - usagold.com msg#: 85887)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

This mighty oaken table around which we gather is so important because it is first and foremost real. Its wood is hard and textured. It feels good to the touch. It has tensile strength. It withstands the dents and blows of time and its lustre and colour deepen and intensify with age. From this table generations will feast. In contrast to this table are the cheap imitations. They are made of particle board with a thin wood veneer or fake wood laminate. They only look good from a distance. They do not last. They add nothing to ones well-being, and you never pass them along. At best they are decorative and at worst pieces of junk. Yet, it is from these tables that the majority of people are served. Corporate profits are made to look real but are really "little nothings." Earning season is "lying season." The Federal Reserve is a private, for theft, corporation masquerading as an enabling and monetary stabilizing social institution. The mass media is a big informercial for Wall Street which lies and is always proclaiming "this is the bottom!" And sadly, democracy may be the thinnest veneer of all.

It is at this table that we are exposed to something real. I keep coming back because there is no other place on the net where physical gold is treated as a different investment from gold mining shares and other paper gold. I wait patiently in anticipation for the return of FOA and Another. I wish I knew about the mighty table when they visited frequently. I wish they would come back now and share with us their thoughts. Have any of the changes in the world in the past 10 months made an impact in their basic propositions?

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$
I don't know whether we are on the edge of a big breakout. I hear that the insurance companies may be the trigger for the stock market collapse, having to sell equity holdings in order to maintain certain reserve requirements. Will a stock market collapse trigger gold's climb to the "breakout" trigger? Can gold only have a "big breakout?" Is $400 or $500 per ounce gold, say, actually not a possibility because the gold dynamic mandates that gold will be going vertical at some level above $360? Is this when gold mining companies decouple from bullion?


Nibelung (9/23/02; 09:34:11MT - usagold.com msg#: 85750)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

This Mighty Oaken Table of Yore is important because it is a place where truth-seekers, attempting to avoid poor ideas and worthless "products," can join together in keen and forthright inquiry to sharpen the skills required to navigate the treacherous waters of economic effort.

I keep coming back to this Mighty Oaken Table of Yore because of the optimistic, yet realistic outlook so often shown by those who sit here. One finds here not only the crucial willingness to consider events in a long-run historical perspective, but also a deep desire to see through the many-layered veil of illusion thrown up by the currency-conjurors. In short, I return to this Mighty Oaken Table time and again because here one gains understanding of the world in which we live.

$$$BIG BREAKOUT ­ "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$

$$$FALSE$$$: There is still a little more time remaining for the wise to accumulate gold. The central banks are currently in the process of trying to determine another course of action to accomplish the end they are now achieving through "leasing" and related activities. For a while longer, they will part with gold to buy time whilst they scan the landscape for a new angle to play. But the central banks have realized that they cannot continue indefinitely to supply markets with gold, for they know the benefits of diversification. More importantly, they also know the difficulties involved in swimming against the strong tide of history and laws of the market.

Their skills and commitment, however, are deep, and they are not without resources. Therefore they will continue the game a little while longer. But they grow weary, and their range of options grows smaller. The "risk-management" industry creaks under heavy strain. The house of paper shudders against a cold economic wind, and it knows it will need most of the remaining gold for when it is time once again for a big currency overhaul.

Sometime next year when the stock indices will have completed their major downward leg and bond defaults are increasingly common, the time will be drawing near. The opening of the Shanghai gold exchange in mid-October, 2002, with a VAT exemption, will signify growing pressure on the price of gold. In time, broader segments of the population will understand the realities surrounding paper investments. The failure of the Japanese government's last bond auction is a guide to the future. In the coming year, many more paper options will be exhausted, the central banks will be increasingly edgy about bleeding gold, and the big breakout will then be at hand.

Gary Seven (09/24/02; 18:51:06MT - usagold.com msg#: 85863)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

First of all, greetings from a long-time lurker and student of this great forum. I have learned so much simply by reading the postings of Another, FOA, and all the inquisitive minds seated at this mighty oaken table. And that, in a nutshell, is why I keep coming back here. It is like a free, except for the time, graduate course in what makes things "tick", with real-time case studies!

Like a few others who have eyes to see and ears to hear I can sense that there has been a profound change in the "ticking", if you will, and I have sought a source of wisdom to help me understand what is happening and, perhaps, why it is happening. This forum has been the primary source I have focused on for the last twenty-seven months. And yes, you have convinced me to buy gold, as much as my meager wages have permitted over the last 2 years.

I return to this place in the ether to learn from an enlightened, gracious, and generous gathering of true ladies and gentlemen. People who are genuinely interested in trying to understand what is happening in our increasingly bizarre world. People who are genuinely interested in trying to inform all those who venture here that possessing gold has been and remains the pre-eminent way to store accumulated wealth so it will be safe from the whims of both nature and the political class.

The economic (re-)education I have received is almost like being born again. I can now see what only perplexes or completely evades the majority of people, and I look forward to each day's insights into current events from all the regulars and the newbies as well.

Heck, I guess I keep coming back because I'm afraid I'll miss something!


If I recite the litany of woes affecting the world's over-stressed financial systems, it is difficult to imagine that the lid can be kept on the dollar gold price much longer. But we have all thought that many times before, and still the paper price has remained subdued. But recent action seems to indicate that the lid on the pot is banging up and down from the pressure below and the boil-over could happen at any time. If there is not a sufficient exogenous shock before-hand to turn up the heat even higher, then the seemingly inevitable attack by the US on Iraq should do it.

Gary 7


J-Bullion (09/24/02; 15:27:14MT - usagold.com msg#: 85853)
"Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore"

From a long-time lurker...the reason I keep coming back to this site is to keep my sanity. Sometimes I feel that I am in the movie the Matrix and am the only one that swallowed the "Gold" pill and awaken to see the truth. Everyone else around has gone back to sleep and is happy, ignorant and bliss. It is comforting to know that there are other people around who understand and can see the truth. Too often when people ask my opinion of the economic state of the country, I receive blank stares, looks of utter disbelief and a lot of times people laughing and sputtering back to me the drivel that is fed to them from all the financial shows on t.v. I often hear that the U.S. monetary policies are sound, the Fed is looked at as all knowing, Brazil is just another South American country that always is in turmoil and won't affect us, Japan's banking mess is their own problem, and JP/Chase is too big to fail and the large derivative position..well it's just the notional it doesn't mean anything, the real estate market will never go down, etc.... And the best part about it all is that I work in Finance in NYC where supposedly the so-called experts all know better, yet I find that 99.9% of these so-called experts merely want to collect their paychecks and go home and wait for the good time to roll again once the Fed gets the economy moving. So I have a choice...listen to the drivel and plow all my assets back into stocks and hold lots of paper currencies and commit financial suicide, or come here daily to make sure that there are other people who see and understand what I am seeing. So Thank you to everyone here!

$$$Big Breakout - True or False$$$

False - The big players with lots to lose are not just going to roll over and play dead while they have some life left in them.


Lothar of the Hill People (9/20/02; 13:03:52MT - usagold.com msg#: 85614)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

I first became interested in PMs a few years ago when God blessed me with enough disposable income to begin a program of investment above and beyond my retirement plan, IRAs (before gold was a option), and 401Ks.

All the conventional wisdom said that I should diversify my investments, including 10-20% in PMs. All of my investments were in stocks, bonds, and real estate so it seemed that I need diverify into PMs. I knew nothing about PMs, but discoved our host on the net. As it turned out, I had decided to move to Colorado, not to far from Denver. When I did, I begin modest investments in physical gold through our host.

While investigating our host's web site, I discovered this group, and begin following the discussions sporatically.

I found the information being posted and the commentary interesting and stimulating. I was even driven to begin doing some research of my own in response to some of the discussions. Now, I lurk every day.

An engineer by trade, I have never been that interested in finance and economics--always just left it to investment advisors and brokers to have the knowledge and just tell me where to stick the cash, and I left it to God to give the increase.

Just a few days ago, I finally applied and received my password to join in. This contest gave me the incentive to actually post for the first time. I still don't have anything much to contribute, but maybe some day I will.

In summary, this group got me interested in learning more. That's why I keep coming back.

Kagamusha (09/24/02; 21:05:30MT - usagold.com msg#: 85877)
Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore

Ah, the question of questions: Why do I keep coming back? After many hundreds of hours reading opinions, commentary, editorials, and internet sites of the bizarre variety concerning gold, I last arrived at the Gold Trail. Now all that information absorption had had its effect, something was up, but what? The gold trail, voluminous as it is, is a gold mine itself for the way its twists and turns inform, tease, and tantalize the reader into a final conviction as to what is and what isn't. The long and the short of it is the Gold Trail connected the dots in a fashion that the whole finally made sense. Not that I have all the answers or that everything in the gold trail is certifiably true. But, it has a structure that hangs together and is consistent with what has been seen and continues to unfold on a daily basis. If you understand the premises and the structure, the events begin to make sense. I continue to come back several times a day to flesh out, not what has/is happening, but the whys of what's happening. Uncovering those nuggets of truth sets one's own trail on the certain path of safety and prosperity.

Truly, thanks for a great site and a great thread.


ha_tey_o (9/25/02; 01:03:56MT - usagold.com msg#: 85894)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

slingshot asked, "Where are all the lurkers?" So with that taunt I will step out from my dark corner and add my humble remarks.

The Mighty Oaken Table of Yore is important to me for:
1) the history that it provides through the archives

The musings of ANOTHER and the history of this long and arduous trail documented in the archives are a source of reference material that I have found useful.

2) for the sense of community I feel (even if I only hang out in the shadows!)

The camaraderie of the participants is very evident. And it is enlightening to see that although we are all drawn here by our interest in gold, there is much diversity in the group. Among my friends and neighbors, my discussions of gold and the state of the economy are viewed as quite odd. The Table is a comfortable place to come visit and not feel so alone. And as a displaced geologist, I enjoy finding another geo (Black Blade) here at the forum.
And besides, where else could I enjoy the entertaining saga of the "Siege Engine?"

3) for the timely dissemination of news that is posted

Although I find related news in my own searches, I find that I can come to the Table and find a wealth of information. This has saved me much time in trying to glean the news that isn't provided by the standard American news outlets.

4) for the moderation and courtesy of the forum

It has been a pleasure to see a forum where the participants are polite and considerate, even when there is disagreement. Such quality is not often seen on message boards. The Mighty Oaken Table is as rare and precious as its topic of discussion -- gold.


$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$

True. I believe we are at the beginning of the big breakout. The strain in the current world and U.S. economies has reached dangerous levels. Past crises such as the 1987 U.S. stock market crash and the Asian currency collapse were handled by simply papering over the problems with the addition of more and more paper derivatives. But this house of paper has no support. The tremors in this house of cards can be seen in the ongoing collapse of South American economies and currencies, in the daily addition of yet another U.S. corporation filing for bankruptcy, and in the fraud and greed on Wall St. making the front page news of the standard American media. Can the Fed or BIS create another layer of paper to support this shaky structure? I suppose it is possible, but the fact that Bush keeps rattling his saber indicates to me that the game is nearly up and "the powers that be" are looking for a war on which to assign the blame.


Max Rabbitz (09/21/02; 20:42:57MT - usagold.com msg#: 85672)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

Twelve reasons I visit this oaken table of yore:

1) Besides the Olympics, where else do they give away gold as a prize?
2) A wizard and oaken round table that magically expands to welcome new Ladies and Knights.
3) Informed adult posters from around the world, and Canada too.
4) Maria Bartiromo, Kudlow, and Cramer do not post their market analyses.
5) Well lighted and policed streets safe from muggings. Thank you Randy.
6) News .. current and relevant, not celebrity scandals or tear jerker stories.
7) Education access to erudite articles, archives and posters with a world view and economic insight.
8) Mystery..of the gold market and those behind the machinations.
9) Storiesboth real life and allegorical (Seige Engine & Trail Guide).
10) Hope.. for the return of Trail Guide and hikes in the golden mountains.
11) Fear..I'll be sheared like a sheep if I wander too far.
12) A good and safe place to buy golden insurance to ballast my ship for the coming storm.


$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" $$$$

I gave the crystal ball back to Gandalf last week and am going to have to wing it this time. My technical analysis side gives a big thumbs up as prices have been in an uptrend for over a year now. The summer correction was expected and less than many had thought or hoped for. But things seem a little foggy. Professor von Braun is skeptical. He doubts that the gold bear is over because so many do (I'm not so sure about this) and central banks say they have lots and lots and besides, haven't they largely controlled it for more than 200 years. I wish he would be more specific on the central banks but I understand. Transparency is not their thing. They won't even tell how much gold they have lent. However, the central banks blew up the system 70 years ago and this time looks much worse. I am not looking forward to a BIG BREAKOUT in gold because it will be accompanied by much pain and suffering. The innocents will not be spared.

This brings me to our Trail Guide who also speaks of a lower paper gold price..but also a higher price for the physical. A divergence of markets. When last we hiked, our Guide spoke of the near future as we gazed over a valley of burning paper to the world on other side. The term "Gold Bull Market" is ambiguous. Which market? The paper one? The term "market" implies open and free trading with real money for transactions, but all I see is manipulation, illusion, and a desperate struggle to maintain fiat credibility. We live in a land of fog and deception where things are seldom as they seem. Thugs lie in wait around the bend of that foggy paper trail. To get a clearer perspective on the gold "market" question it might be better to look at the other side of the coin, so to speak. Because gold is valued inversely to the credibility of fiat, the question is not only whether gold appears to be in a bull market but whether fiat is in a bear market. What currency is in a bull market? It's all a race to the bottom as far as I can see. This is a no brainer. Prepare thyself. The GOLD BULL cometh. Thank you and Happy Birthday Centennial.

Wky_Woodsman (09/25/02; 11:50:13MT - usagold.com msg#: 85927)
*****Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

It was long in coming to the realization that it was not my business to evangelize about gold. I would imagine that as few as one in a thousand Americans own physical gold other than a token gift or an heirloom. Although I enjoy giving a
gift of a gold coin to relatives or a friend, the frustration attempting a dialogue with them about the importance of gold is not worth the aggrevation. I find it similar to talking about a drinking problem with a person who has no idea of any other lifestyle. One of the concessions that folks make is that they just don't know after all of the carnage in their equity portfolios. However they just don't see physical gold as an option (I see it as a redemption, not an option!). "Gold is risky","Gold is a commodity", "Gold is not relevant in a modern economy", "Cash is safe". You've heard it all! So the 999 out of 1,000 out there in the cities and in the countryside will or will not come to the realization of the infidelity of the dollar on their own and in their own time.
So, while searching for the truth in the woods, I find solace that I can go to the castle and listen at the mighty oak table. It is my "camelot" where I find points of view in which I share a common conviction: physical gold ( and some old silver)held close at hand. No indexes, no equities, no paper at all and where gold is the plan of the day and not politics.

$$$BIG BREAKOUT - - "TRUE or FALSE" $$$$

Someday TRUE, but actually:
If you truly believe that physical gold is the end of investment, then the issue of imminent breakout matters not.
Gold just is. Your wealth is safe in the harbor. I'll continue todays traditon of paraphrasing:

GOLD is patient and kind.
It is not jealous or boastful;
it is not arrogant or rude.

GOLD does not insist on its own way;
It is not irritable or resentful; it does
not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

GOLD bears alls things, believes all things,
hopes all things.

GOLD never ends.

One of the things that the woodsman has learned is that


steady (09/24/02; 18:57:45MT - usagold.com msg#: 85864)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

Why is that I find this Mightly Oaken Table of Yore so important?
sitting at my computer and virtually transfering myself in my mind to this oaken table with many nobel knights, faire maidens,& wizzards is so important to me because it validates what im doing.It validates that the time spent reading and researching gold has not been wasted. Arriving here and not sitting at the table at first but standing within earshot and hearing what was said planted golden seeds in my mind. These seeds came from economic data that was yet to be corrupted by federal officials. the seeds also came from the discussions regarding the effects of a 31 year experiment with fiat monetary system backed by nothing but the faith and full credit of the american government. This oaken table of Yore has become even more so important due to the fact that i can now actually in my limited way keep up with the economic jargon tossed around it on an ongoing basis by members of the world community. a community that i can identfy with for they too know: whether it be instintivly, or thru a purifying fire, that gold is money, honest money that can not and will not be corrupted by those who would love to be able to do that to further there aims. this table is important to me because i have an equal voice at it. once the thought is out it can be validated or discared thru interpretation and rebuttal. this oaken table has a unique quality as it sees no color(not even gold or silver) no race, no age, no its all about thoughts and ideas, these ideas and thoughts can be proven correct over time and as im finding out many of these thoughts presented at this table bear fruit and become reality for that is how reality is created thru the transmission of thoughts like those that occur at this table. the other unique quality of this table is its ability to expand and contract to hold as many individuals wanting to take a seat at it.

Why do I keep coming back??
i keep coming back for the hope one day that black blade will have slain the beast and stocked the freezer. the seige engine series gold over 300 had me spell binded so i could not not return here for fear of missing an episode. Now as events unfold and there is a creative pause ill wait for the next installment. returning here every few hours keeps me uptodate with the most accurate most important information regarding the investment world/the political atmosphere world wide/ and most importantly what the heck is going on with gold. I return here to see what the daily specials will be from our gracious hosts. most importantly i return here because i desire knowldedge and education regarding gold and all things related to it.this place provides that with no peer on the internet!

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$
with the completion of the gold conference in ny. the physcology of gold busting out and becoming an investment is just starting imagine the excitement that ran thru that hall today as gold came close to 330. with many investment gurus and there subordinates dispatched there to find out whats going on in the gold market many a positive tale will be told in offices back home thursday and friday. more importantly gold is begining its transference back to money from a commodity. it is here in this real that gold will continue to rise in value.
With news breaking daily regarding credit risks, and the derivative fiasco, not just jpms derivative position but the total 72,000,000,000,000 derivative mess out there,that buffet correctly called garbage, the time to flee to safety is upon us. with ep energy threatening to blow up and give jpm another body blow and brazils looming default about to deliver the knockout punch to jpm gold has no where to go up. The charades in the market are over, the credit downgrades make it difficult for jpm to deal with central banks.
Overseas in china easing the vat tax when it opens the shanghi exchange makes gold available to everyone. the asian banks will be converting a portion of there dollars if not the sum toatl to other assests euros/gold even more gold for a short period of time for the know about the short squeeze and want to profit from it as well. in fact maybe they want to be the ones to force the covering.

the list of reasons for golds big break out goes on and on but it can best be summed up as there isnt enough gold available for this worldwide rush to the money of kings period. Gold get you some while its still heavy for the price. remeber Gold is honest money for honest people!


Voyager (09/25/02; 10:59:04MT - usagold.com msg#: 85922)
****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore****

Truth and Honest Money must prevail. Otherwise, our Constitution and Freedom are doomed. It is here at USAGOLD these ideals are discussed openly and freely. This is an incredible accomplishment.

Thank you Michael for everything.

Strad Master (09/25/02; 10:06:59MT - usagold.com msg#: 85918)
****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore****


I maintain this page as my home page for one reason: quite simply,it is the BEST! The Knights and Ladies who grace this Mighty Table
are often in the vanguard of economic truth - truth which can be
gotten nowhere else in such a concise yet entertaining form. While
the wellspring of truth from most sources seems to have been
constricted to a mere trickle of late, I must say that when I find it,
truth affords me an almost erotic pleasure.

Bonus Question: TRUE! Because falsehood cannot continue forever.

(I tried posting this last night but my password failed. Thanks, Randy, for the new - more easily remembered - password!)


MoonHowler (9/25/02; 06:44:15MT - usagold.com msg#: 85910)
***** Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore *****

I return to this exalted place nearly four times daily, making sure I never miss a single post, especially from the wise Gandalf or the very knowledgeable Black Blade. Originally, I had looked at different sources of continuous information, but one by one, I dropped them, finding that the USAGOLD forums are unbeatable for accurate, up-to-date information. The caliber of people that post here is amazing and is something that I would typically expect to pay for. I have to admit that I used by a pessimist, especially about free information on the internet. "Nothing in life, especially on the internet, is free!!", would be my phrase and it served me well. But now I am corrected. USAGOLD has proven my wrong, providing me more that I could have ever expected, and demanding nothing in return other than *IF* I invest in Gold, that I go to them. (Note: It is a when statement now, not an IF). I am new to the PM game and although some might say that I'm trying to get in too late, from what I read on this great site, I think that in fact, I'm getting in at a nearly perfect time. Which leads me to my next point.


With all investments on the verge of a major crash, already monstrous debts getting larger daily and the lack of trust at the corporate level, the world must be prepared to fall back on the only 'universal' currency. GOLD!!



motown_gold (9/25/02; 06:28:01MT - usagold.com msg#: 85908)
*****Happy Birthday O? Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

I come for a re-affirming of my own ideas ,and to explore and incorporate other people's fine ideas that can be
found here. A precious metal investor is a rare thing these days, like a forgotten relic of a foregone age, so my
search led me here. It has become to me a place that daily I must come and read each and every post and this is
one of a very few places where this topic is discussed with a high degree of intelligence. Although our
ideas at present may be a thing of rarity, just like the objects are our focus, this will all soon change as the
popping of bubbles of the present will lead many down to 'The Trail'. For the lucky few of us that are already quite
a ways down the path, what a great source this 'Table of Yore' has been, and will continue to be.....

Gold and silver physical, stocks, and futures all present and accounted for!



tempo al andante
with a little humor ;)

when the bull
in dow was born
you could throw a dart
most every morn
and pick a stock
that would head forth
never going down
just headin north

dow will crash like a
diving submarine
diving submarine
diving submarine

dow will crash like a
diving submarine
diving submarine
diving submarine

in the end
when all will fail
only gold will stand
and not turn tail
buy it now
while it is cheap
for your peace of mind
and wealth to keep

dow will crash like a
diving submarine
diving submarine
diving submarine

dow will crash like a
diving submarine
diving submarine
diving submarine

when they bought
spewing talkin heads
on your tv
lying that
this sea of green
would never turn to red
and submarine!



TEX (9/25/02; 01:40:01MT - usagold.com msg#: 85899)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

I lurked........
I bought the yellow metal (from MK)........
I took my place at the table.........
It was a rather rough spot........
I got a few splinters.........
I suffered ridicule........
I had my doubts........
I learned........
I endured.........
I now understand what "last laugh" means..........
Another round for everyone at the table!

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$

Because I'm due..........

Nuff sed

Nite all and good luck.

mudr (09/24/02; 23:43:31MT - usagold.com msg#: 85886)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

(With thanks to Robert Service)

There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold;
Gold fever did bite us, yes even me,
We'ed dig for more and more and more
And pause only on our knee
Saying Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore
The night we cremated Sam McGee.

Now Sam McGee was from the bullion banks
Where they print even after the bell.
He was always cold, but the land of gold
All he could do was sell.
Though I told him to join us
And all would be well,
He'd often say in his bankerly way
that he'd "sooner live in Hell."

Near the Mighty Oaken Table of Yore
As we lay packed tight
in our robes beneath the snowy core,
I clutched my bag of GOLD with all my might
Oh how I wanted more.
The dogs were fed, and the stars o'erhead
were dancing heel and toe,
He turned to me, and "Mudr," says he,
"I'll cash in this trip, I guess;
And if I do, I'm asking that you
won't refuse my lsat request."

Well he seemed so broke that I couldn't say no;
then he says with a sort of moan,
"It's the cursed cold, and I've got no more GOLD
I'm chilled clean through to the bone.
Yet 'taint being dead - it's the awful dread
of the icy grave, and that NASDAQ stain;
So I want you to swear that, above $330 it's said,
you'll cremate my last remains."

A pal's last need is a thing to heed.
so I swore I would not fail;
And we started on at the GOLDEN streak of dawn;
but God! he looked gastly pale.
He sold all the GOLD he could but to no avail
A rising chart was all he could see;
And before nightfall a corpse was all
that was left of bullion banker Sam McGee.

Now a promise made is a debt unpaid,
But on the trail I did my part,
In the days to come, GOLD was my "plum",
It shot right off the chart.
In the long, long night, by the lone firelight,
while the huskies, round in a ring,
Howled out their woes to the homeless snows -
Oh God, how I could sing!

Till I came to the marge of Lake Lebarge,
To an old wooden boat crushed like an "M";
It was jammed in the ice, but I saw in a trice
it was called the Jay-Pe-'em.
So I looked at it, and I thought a bit,
and I looked at my frozen chum;
Then "Here", said I, with a sudden cry,
"is my cre-ma-tor-eum"!

Some planks I tore from the cabin floor
and I lit the boiler fire;
Some GOLD I found that was lying around,
As the price was going higher.
The flames just soared, and the furnace roared
such a GOLDEN blaze you seldom see,
And I burrowed a hole in the molten GOLD,
and I stuffed in Sam McGee.

Then I made a hike, for I didn't like
to hear him sizzle so;
Ole' dead Sam McGee, from the bullion banks
He just ran out of dough.
I was sick with dread, but I bravely said,
"I'll just take a peep inside.
I guess he's cooked, and it's time I looked".
Then the door I opened wide.

And there sat Sam, looking cool and calm,
in the heart of the furnace roar;
And he wore a GOLDEN smile you could see a mile,
and he said, "Please close that door.
It's fine in here, but I greatly fear
you'll let in the cold and storm -
Since I left my GOLDEN office suite, my dear,
it's the first time I've been warm".

There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold;
The NASDAQ's down and the DOW is too
And where ya gonna' be?
'sept holdin GOLD
That's what I'm told,
Thousand an ounce is what we'll see.
That's why I return to the Mighty Oaken Table of Yore
Now that Jay-Pe's ship is burnt -
And GOLD I'll buy more,
It's sure to soar,
I saw it was the place to be
That night on the marge of Lake Lebarge
Where I cremated Sam McGee.

$$$ BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$

Then Sam McGee told me secretly
Just to hold and never sell.
If you fear GOLD'S near it's top
He said from Hell,
That's when it's gonna POP !!!!


Speedy (09/24/02; 20:26:03MT - usagold.com msg#: 85875)
Happy Birthday O Mighty Oaken Table of Yore

I partake of this forum "Because it's the best place for economical and social awareness. "Besides, I'm a true blue gold bug through and through.

Break out: True

What is taking place with the world economy is nothing new, the monopoly men have planned this for decades! It all boils down to having rich and poor, no more in between. Go Gold.


Cometose (09/24/02; 19:18:59MT - usagold.com msg#: 85867)

I come here because it feels like a family around here.
I keep coming here for the education.
Inadvertantly I ,also , recieve the greatest synthesis of domestic and international news here....without having to go elseswhere.

Break out : True

I believe the boys and girls at the Fed are in Check mate and have too many fires going that they have to prioritize and that they have had to leave gold (control) now at the bottom of their Cauldron of WOE. Their recipe for the future has run afoul and they now reap the whirlwind of their errors. THis may all well be a wellstaged play for their benefit and our deception to bring the seat of the NWO to its proper level of eminence as the new center of the world stage as BiBLE prophecy might have it.
Also , there was a postor on the Kitco site that quite plainly said this was to come about quite easily (over the weekend Postor) I have a feeling about this Mahendra may perhaps be an inside and informed buyer for "a giant" .


Rock (9/23/02; 10:23:05MT - usagold.com msg#: 85756)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

Hello all my friends and happy birthday to USA Gold. Why do I continue to come back to the castle? That's easy for one such as myself to answer. I have learned so much about the true state of affairs in this global economy and have gained confidence in my own gold investments with all the support from others who have also invested in precious metals.
USA Gold is my most visted website and has been for the past few years.

I don't believe I have ever seen such a website with so many brilliant thinkers all in the same place. Its awesome! Although I don't contribute much to this forum I feel privledged to have a seat at the mighty oaken table of yore.

$$$$$$$$$BIG BREAKOUT - TRUE OR FALSE $$$$$$$$$$$

TRUE. The time is right now! I see the shift in sentiment and the momentum building for Gold. I see the market still spiraling down and down with no light at the end of the tunnel. I see individuals and financial analysts now promoting gold who once was against it. Yes now is the time because no one knows what news could change the landscaping in this volatile market. I watched gold go to a whopping $800.00 an ounce in 1980 so whats stopping it from doing it again? Only this time when gold spikes up it will go way beyond $800.00 an ounce.

Be wise and buy gold. Those with the vision will prosper those on the side line will be left holding the bag.

Cheers to all,



18K (9/23/02; 08:46:12MT - usagold.com msg#: 85747)

Why do I return?

Is it Black Blade's news
or Belgian's "vieuws"
Or Slingshot's tales of Glory?
Talk of technical charts
or Greenspan's change of heart
that I see in the archives?

YES! And more -

It's the golden thoughts
like Another taught
(that I am still re-reading.)
It's the give and take
o'er confetti flakes
seen daily in the forum.

Thank you O Mighty Oaken Table of Yore -

For now I find
I have peace of mind
while watching markets plummet.
And that is why
"Gimme Gold!" I cry,
and you're default on my browser.


Christian (09/22/02; 20:56:27MT - usagold.com msg#: 85717)
**** Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken of Yore ****

Why do I keep coming back? I do it to gain new insight. It is a combination of people with different thoughts that create this site. $$$ Big Breakout - "True" or "False" $$$ False, altough it appears to do that from time to time. For every $1.00 deposited, $7.00 is lent at interest through the frauduland fractional reserve system. The lent $7.00 is never put into circulation, but are credits created out of nothing backed by borrowers collateral. There is less then $300 billion in circulation and from that circulation there is $6 trillion of on book debt and $78 trillion off book debt. This is the very reason why working liquidity is declining for both idividuals and corporations. Corporations are now forced to issue new shares straight from the treasury in an off balance sheet transaction so there is no impact on reportable retained earnings. Consumers are forced to extract purchasing power from their inflated home equity to keep paying the bills. The dollar will gain in value as peopletry to pay down debt with dollars that do not exist.


slingshot (09/22/02; 19:39:02MT - usagold.com msg#: 85710)
Siege Engine
"The Final Battle- Gold above $300.00"

Along the march to the King with No Names castle, Gandalf the White felt uneasiness about himself. The sense of urgency would not pass and said to Bonfir walking beside him. Bonfir, I feel a disturbance in my soul. Can your men quicken the step, for if they can not, I fear we will not arrive in time?
As you wish and worry not Good Wizard, for they will be able to fight when we get there.
Bonfir in a commanding voice cried out, Double Time and the men and horses sped up to the step of Bonfirs walk.
Sir Howe, accompanied by Sirs Murphy and Powell had moved the army close to the Kings castle and placed a small contingent closer to the gate they heard the music end and waited for the gates to open. Then they listened to the excitement of the audience and the echo of loud voices.
Still the gates were closed. Were they discovered? Ladies Leigh and Siochaina had indeed been successful and were so clever in mixing the Hemlock just before handing the goblets of the poison to the guards to drink. They drank Deep.
In a short time the guards became sleepy and Leigh and Siochaina eased them to the Ground. Seeing this the Jesters, Jugglars and other performers rushed to the gate and gave help to the two women in opening the gate. Partially concealed by the stage and unnoticed by their dull senses the gates opened wide. Those close outside blew their trumpets and the main army now waiting advanced upon the castle. Inside the castle those who entertained, now become warriors. Removing their weapons concealed in the wagons and carts.
Fight they did, with the courage of Lions and screamed like banshees for they knew that they may be consumed in the battle, but the gate must remain open till the main body of the army entered.
The King with No Name was stunned by this intrusion and vanished from the balcony into the castle .
Gandalf , Bonfir and crew have just crested the last hill and could see the castle. The Goldbug Army was on the move, advancing on the castle. Bonfir, cried out, The battle has already begun. They raced to bring the cannon within range. Doing so they quickly prepared to fire. Bring down the Towers! Gandalf yelled. A few moments later. BOOM! BOOM! Draco and Smaug again roared to life and fire comes forth. A Golden muzzle flash brightened the countryside. They watch as the projectiles whistled in the night's air. A second set of flashes and report was heard . The target crumbled in the moonlight. Those in the courtyard looked up to see the explosions blow the tower in half and its spire fell on the main part of the castle. Now a second report in seconds ,another tower was fatally injured. In the bright moonlight aided by the torches, Goldbugs would have images of the battle , burned into memory as they fought valiantly.
Gandalf watched as the army entered the castle and Draco and Smaug were silenced for now. Gandalf said to Bonfir, If I do not return by morning, demolish the castle completely. Bonfir unwillingly accepted the request. After mounting Shadowfax, Gandalf snapped the reigns softly and he rode to the castle.
The Goldbug Army had subdued the enemy by the time Gandalf arrived. A search in earnest was conducted for the King with No Name. He could not be found. The search would continue till morning light. Gandalf riding through the gate. Heard no sounds of battle. They have captured the castle. He sent word to Bonfir to come and join him. It was not until early mornings light , they would realize who was the King with No Name.
Sir Howe and Sir MK walked to the center of the courtyard. Moving among the dead of battle. Looking up to a border that skirted the entire courtyard above the pillars which supported the walkways. In the center below the balcony a large pyramid with an eye for is capstone. On its sides were the emblems of the FIAT WORLD. Italy, Russia, Mexico, Argentina , Turkey and Thailand, carved in stone as to be trophies to be displayed. A messenger came to inform them the vaults were found and awaited their presence before opening them. He followed the messenger and then requested the vaults be opened. Many stood behind him to catch a sight of the Gold they had come to SET FREE. When the doors were opened wide for all to see, THERE WAS NONE! How could this be? Where did it go?


All the living left the castle. The main gate was sealed firmly. Sir Howe exclaimed, Let this be a monument to the folly of the FIAT WORLD, and a reminder to future generations. The army of goldbugs gathered their equipment and began the march back to the Lords castle. Gandalf and Bonfir would keep their secret of the Valley of Clouds.

That night after the Goldbugs left, a single figure roamed the castle walls. His golden face reflected by the light of the silvery moon.

When they reached the Lords castle a council was convened. They seated themselves at a Mighty Oaken Table of Yore. Sir MK addressed the Knights. Fellow Knights why do we return to this table. We have come so far and have overcome many difficulties. The hardships and disappointments we have endured many could and would not if they knew them. Tell me Sir Knights, Why Is it so Important that we return to this table.
Sir Slingshot , stood and faced Sir MK. It is who we are. This Mighty Oaken Table of Yore has brought us together. Some by chance, others by searching.. It is important that across this even surface all opinions on how to SET GOLD FREE, were given equal consideration. Questions asked to prove truth of each opinion, uniting us into a single quest. From this table we have reached out to those who would listen and they were welcomed into our hall. We are lucky that the craftsman of this table has done his work well. It will stand the test of time. Why the long faces? Is it that we do not have the jubilation we expect. Should we judge our quests success on empty vaults? I say no. We have already set gold free. Free in our procession because of the Oaken Table and those who sit around it. We are free thinking Knights and have realized the danger and called to others to warn them. Are we not our brother's keepers? I am a new Knight with much to learn. I have found no better place to do so.

The Knights sitting across from each other paused and smiles were again on their faces. It was then that Stephen the Great entered the hall. Gandalf and Bonfir were glad to see him. Stephen the Great addressed the Table Round.

Sir KNIGHTS you have fought well in your effort to FREE GOLD. Yet in you encampment ,I hear words spoken of a shallow victory. Fear not for I come to lift your spirits and assure you victory was not shallow. For driving out the King with No Name you have freed my people and in return I will share the Gold from our mountain and we will establish trade among us. Gold will be our currency! How say you Gandalf and Bonfir?

The days ahead turned brighter. Trade was established and Gold was the Currency between them.
Goldbugs would never forget that they would be responsible for their actions and be ever vigilant of those who would steal their security in life.


slingshot (09/23/02; 17:30:01MT - usagold.com msg#: 85774)
*****Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table Of Yore******

HYPERLINK "Addendum"Addendum
$$$$$$BIG BREAKOUT-- "TRUE-- OR FALSE"$$$$$$$$$$$

TRUE. At this point in time some would argue which will come first. The bottom in the Stock Market or the Breakout of Gold. The news affects both and its not looking good for stocks. Unemployment,mortage defaults,credit card debt,low family savings, Enrons galore and bankruptcies. All these are parts of the puzzle. The invester in the stock market is in for the long haul and refuses to finish the puzzle and see the clear picture. How close are we to the breakout? Closer than some people think. Listen to the news and Bush is saying, The USA will go it alone. When his puzzle is complete, Gold will breakout.


Hipplebeck (09/22/02; 18:49:13MT - usagold.com msg#: 85707)
***** Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore *****

Why do I keep coming back here?
That is easy.
It is the people who post here.
They can see right to the heart of things.
They can see the forest through the trees.
They are smart and curious and more honest.
This site is the singularity of the gold world.
I feel honored just to be a part of this neighborhood.
Thanks to all of you who seek truth, justice, and the American way.

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$

True, although like all global economic phenomenon it will appear to be in slow motion.

The dollar-Ponzi scheme has just about run it's course.
People are just beginning to realize that the virtual world is not the real world.
You can't borrow yourself rich.
The dollar's death will come to us as inflation, and in those last days defining gold in terms of dollars will be quite laughable.

Topaz (09/21/02; 20:31:20MT - usagold.com msg#: 85671)
+++++Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore+++++

Has it ONLY been four years? ...WoW!...it seems like m u c h longer, yes?.
I first stumbled onto this Site as a Gold Advocate "all dressed up and nowhere to go"...pockets full of Bullion and precious little else in the way of knowledge to justify my "investment" of choice.
Thanks to the never-ending parade of Intellects far greater than mine that pass through these Walls and the selfless sharing of wisdom eminating therefrom, I now not only have added to my holdings in Bullion but also learned to steel my thought processes to expect price movements in ANY direction as the quest to Freegold unfolds.
My hard-drive was recently mercilessly attacked and all bookmarks were lost (there WERE many)- since rebooting I now content myself with three..and USAGold IS one of them.
Fond regards MK, Randy, and all at CPM who work so tirelessly to keep this site (and Gold) at the forefront.

###Big Breakout### (imho)
Ya know, the quirkiest twist of logic I've noticed in the Gold Market over the last 4odd Yr's has been the "rebadging" of Commodity Gold Trading to Gold Currency Trading. The much maligned GS, JPM, Citi, Central Banks, Anglo/Barrick etc. can take full credit for this transformation and Mining Co's, their shareholders, and Gold "investors" alike should applaud rather than berate them. As, had Commodity Gold held sway in the Marketplace today, the PoG may well be sub$200.(with attendant Mine closures, bankruptcies etc)
Had this been the case ie: starting off sub$200, we may well expect to see a "breakout" but alas the present pricing arena precludes it.
I think one more "irrationally exuberant" run at $330, then sub$300 here we come.
The aforementioned know it, I know it, now you do too.

Physical Gold in Hand, the only "TICKET" to ride out this ongoing financial crisis.


R Powell (09/21/02; 19:13:08MT - usagold.com msg#: 85666)
******* Happy Birthday O'Mighty Oaken Table of Yore *******

My own economic curiousity was sparked some years ago after receiving a mail advertisement promising outrageous monetary returns. Once awakened, my curiousity quickly scoured libraries, bookstores and the internet seeking answers to questions both known and forthcoming. I decided that, if only hard work was required, then I would succeed in trading commodities.

In my neverending search for information, knowledge, facts and opinions necessary to formulate at least well-thoughtout and researched investment decisions, I discovered a group or fellowship of similar searchers here at Usagold. The hard facts or known data of any specific area of interest can be obtained through various books, newspapers, the internet and other publications. This knowledge or learning, tempered with trading experience, forms the basis of my investment decisions. However, it has limitations in that nowhere in this ongoing process is there any interaction with others also seeking to refine knowledge into wisdom. Adding forum participation to my learning process has provided that needed interaction. The thoughts of others serve to enhance my understanding of the world economic game that dazzles, excites and enthralls me so.

The forum format introduces current news events relevant to the precious metals markets that we find so intriquing and then provides the interactive process of exchanging views and opinions of how these developments might effect the market situation. I very quickly learned that the study of commodities, precious metals or economics is inherently intwined and immersed in politics- both domestic and worldwide. The study of gold, in particular, constantly reverts to worldwide currency affairs almost as if, in spite of some claims to the contrary, gold is money.

The object of my study is to acquire knowledge and experience which gives me great satisfaction and may, hopefully, yield some fat fiat profits. Simplified, I wish to learn, have fun and perhaps profit. I don't believe searching for these goals makes me at all unique among those of us here. Indeed, I'd venture to guess that that is exactly what draws us together and, like salmon to their birthplace, impells us to return. Unfortunately, this may be what differentiates us from the vast majority who prefer to remain oblivious to events beyond their immediate environment and needs. Perhaps ignorance or indifference insulates them from concern. I don't believe it will empower them to prosper or better survive whatever the Fates hold for us. Let us seek and face reality.

Cheers to us all! Kudos to all past, present and future who join us in our search. To learn, have fun and perhaps profit- I have certainly not been disappointed. For that, I salute you all!!

Are we at the beginning of the Big Breakout in gold? Most assuredly! My opinion encompasses all the old classic reasons so often put forth as positive to higher gold prices. I would also add that the opinions of gold enthusiasts have been based in past years on many events which have now become history. That is, exactly that which was deemed necessary to promote higher prices, though perhaps not always desired, has transpired. Apparently the basis of past opinions has proved accurate. Past opinions of higher gold prices have not changed and the POG is indeed starting to react as predicted. How high and how fast remains to be seen. My opinion of large financial operators is that many will move, at some future provocation, causing a near panic buying mania in gold. The market cap of gold is nowhere near large enough to accommodate all who will seek ownership. Interestingly, most of these market movers will not have even a basic understanding of gold. Gold.com

I also believe, contrary to many, that silver retains a monetary value which will carry the POG higher when the POS rises if indeed it does so before gold. I hold this opinion as I view the supply/demand situation in silver to be such that much higher prices will occur even if those forces currently pushing the POG higher abate for a time. Silver may explode in price before gold. If she does, gold will also increase in price if only because those afore mentioned big money fund managers will buy both.
Presented as always as only one man's opinion. Return thoughts are always welcome!

Elwood (09/21/02; 18:25:52MT - usagold.com msg#: 85665)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

Why is it that I find this Mighty Oaken Table of Yore so important? Why do I keep coming back??

Here are my Top Ten reasons:

10. It's my homepage, and I'm too lazy to change it.

9. It's worlds above that which passes for television these days.

8. It's easier to win an argument with Randy than it is to win an argument with my wife.

7. It just feels right to be able to figuratively "shoot the birdie" to inflationists of all stripes.

6. "Signal to noise" ratio here is much higher than other forums.

5. MK hasn't had me expelled yet.

4. Black Blade's updates.

3. Because "there is no spoon", and around here everyone knows it.

2. Every so often they give away free gold.

And the number one reason I read the USAG Forum:

1. It has provided more economic education than the years I spent "earning" a mainstream economics degree.



We are at or near the beginning stages of the BIG BREAKOUT in gold. The reasons for this can be found in the archives of the USAGOLD Discussion Forum.

Read this exchange between FOA and ORO of Jan 2000:

FOA (1/15/00; 11:00:06MDT - Msg ID:22951)
Some discussion for ORO beginning with:

ORO (1/12/00; 10:01:35MDT - Msg ID:22773)
FOA - some comments - Part I

You [Oro] write:------------------------I am trying to put the two issues in perspective, (1) the break in the gold backing and (2) the need to price oil at a higher dollar price for the dual purposes of (2a)"strategic", locally controlled oil, and for the simple (2b) prosperity of the American oil patch and its highly connected people.

foa: ORO, the oil patch was hated in New York and Washington. Two different cultures, you know. The Government just wanted them to produce oil and shut up. If they needed to make money in the process, so be it. The "oil windfall profits tax" later proved the point that oil was more seen as a "public utility" for "monetary policy". Not something that was privately owned.

Your [Oro's] words:-----------------------
Which do you see as having been more significant? Or was it a monetary decision based on a new concept in commodity money? Or, what I consider more probable, that it killed so many birds in one stone that it was just too attractive to let go without one good try? The additional seignorage from this concept would also have made it attractive.

Besides, considering that the US was then so far outsude of any possible internal remedy to its gold receipt (dollar) printing problem, it was just a matter of a few months till it would all have broken apart in 1968 - the Fed and the government then facing the hard choice between having a banking system or a currency. I can see that the system was saved in 69, when the London gold market moved to gold pricing in dollars and the OPEC countries stopped taking currencies other than dollars. The US managed to even stretch that arrangement past the breaking point. -----------------------------

foa: ORO, my friend, they were not using this concept as a real "commodity money play" in the "gold standard perception". At that time we were buying local oil with "fiat dollars" (made so by the 1933 internal gold confiscation) and foreign oil with "gold dollars". But, as you pointed out, dollar production was so far past it's "gold backing" that it was obvious they (USA) were pegging dollar printing to oil prosperity. Still, with London gold and oil mostly settled in dollars, the foreign dollar oil deals fully well expected to cash in unneeded dollars for gold. As we can see, reality and present day events of that time were as "mismatched" as today! All of the dollars success was ultimately made possible because oil could (and was) priced so far below it's "economic worth" to the world. At that time, even our Middle East friends had no idea just how useful oil would (and had) become to maintaining the world economic base. As we will see in a minute.

Your Thoughts: as I break them apart and comment

[Oro]: Yes, among the true drivers of the US economic boom was the cheap domestic oil it enjoyed till the mid 60s. Economic freedom in the US was limited since Roosevelt took away our few remaining economic freedoms and the cash. The timing of the break in US oil production belies the truth of your analysis of the thinking behind this ingenious way of solving a stupid and costly problem. The steep drop of US oil production, as if off a cliff was impressive. But there were many alternatives to the solution chosen; oil could be imported and stored, and that would have set the price for internal production.-----------------------

foa: No, they were already shipping so many dollars out and any more would further aggravate the "possible gold drain perception". This was everyone's problem then as the industrialized world wanted to still get gold if needed, but they also liked the "non inflationary" (relative to that time) expansion of the dollar base as it expressed the new oil economy and it's real goods produced wealth. The US wanted new oil reserves to be "Local" (the Americas), because it could be paid in "fiat 33" cash, not the more golden "foreign cash". Both our neighbours to the north and south ever asked for much gold. In this light they acted like the local oil companies that received post 1933 dollars for oil (as mentioned above). Yet, to get these new reserves for fiat 33, they had to prevent the very cheap Middle East oil from supplying it all (if dollar prices were higher).


Elwood: So, we see now that ANOTHER's hope for a peaceful transition from Dollar-based oil settlement to Euro-based will not come to pass. It's becoming more and more obvious the Bush administration's warmongering is not about Saddam, not about terrorism, and not about NBC weapons. It's about oil. It's all about doing whatever it takes to make sure those Iraqi reserves (second only to Arabian) are exchanged using the "fiat 33" dollar. From an American perspective, oil at $60 per barrel is far cheaper than oil at ¤15 per barrel even if there is no gold backing the Euro. The American administration must have finally come to the realization that Arab oil really does intend to abandon the dollar.

As this struggle progresses gold is sure to rise in all currencies merely because of the uncertainty. Further it should become more and more clear to the common men of the world that the dollar exchange system is not (and was never) needed to ensure peaceful world trade. With this realization their need to hold Dollars as a reserve will fall away ­ as will the dollar's exchange value. Given this and given governmental affinity to seize private property, the next logical step (after the breakout of hostilities) will be for gold-producing countries to begin nationalizing their gold industries. How could it be possible that physical gold prices can go anywhere but up?


a nation of one (9/19/02; 21:43:44MT - usagold.com msg#: 85560)
*****Happy Birthday O' Mighty Oaken Table of Yore*****

Why do I keep coming back here? I can't help it. I don't
know the reason. It's just a need I have to gratify. It may
not be possible for a human being to understand it. It's
harder to quit than gambling, or alcohol, or smoking, or
women (listed in increasing order of their difficulty to
stop). Nature abhors a vacuum (And a vacuum probably abhors
nature). There's all that space begging to be filled, so
many thoughts and words around here that I need to get rid
of. Maybe they will be useful to somebody. Maybe a heart
will be touched. Maybe a mind will be moved. Maybe another
dollar will be deflected from its wicked course and put into
gold. Then gold will go up. Why not? It's possible. Stranger
things have happened. Then too, I might learn something.
It's happened before. At least once. When I was ten. One afternoon on an old wood bridge, off in the middle of an ancient forest somewhere, a man and a woman met. One said something to the other. The sky was gray. The moment tender. The clouds gray. The river was troubled and moving slowly. Gold was down. But the woman smiled. Then suddenly a lost word was seen moving over the water. It was about gold and going upstream to find its place in the gold forum. I have seen this many times in dreams. Only a visit to the goldforum will satisfy it. It has gigantic teeth, this word I speak of. Big, long ribs along its side, and many tails, some of them purple and green. Yet it knows full well that once it reaches its destination, someone will make sense of it. Someone will tell others. Another child will be made happy. The world will go on turning. The sun will shine. And the moon will keep being the moon forever. Or nearly so. The man and the woman can be seen no longer. For they have walked off together arm-in-arm. And the word has gone home. The bridge is still there, under the rain-pregnant sky. But look! The mists part, the blue sky appears, the multi-tailed word has risen! Hallalueliahay! Yippy Yippy Kiyoo! And a rootin' tootin' salutin' quickly follows. That's why I come here. There ain't no place but. What a question!

Oh, right. The bonus part:

$$$BIG BREAKOUT -- "TRUE" or "FALSE" $$$$

"We are now at the beginning stages of the BIG BREAKOUT in
gold. . .True or False."

True. There can be no doubt about this. The recent move to
just below 300, without going farther, and without
repeating, and without being able to stay there but instead
having to move up, very confidently and strongly, can only
mean that sellers to the 300 level have been very adequately de-motivated. Gold's quick return to the 320 level and above establishes without question the validity of this renewed, and firm, area as the now proximate low, perhaps to be tested sometime after gold has moved up to 350. How do I know this? Why it's all over the goldforum, in posts and links. And that's another reason I go there. But now just you watch. Buyers have been acquiring at every point. Medium selling doesn't move the price down very much. And there is not a whole lot of major selling now. Purchase activity is increasing. Selling activity is getting more puny. Chartwise, gold has been trading in a triangle since shortly after the middle of July. The triangle has a slightly declined top and a steep upward bottom side, with a slight flash out the top on the right-hand side, and this is consistent with the likelihood of a very strong upward jolt soon to come, followed by a perhaps slower but still sturdy move to a higher price. Furthermore, things are getting mushy in the economy, which is a main reason to buy gold (it is something you can stand on), and more people are realizing this and taking action on the perception. It all adds up to one thing. The clouds are going to part. The sun will shine. The day will be blue again. The lost word will resurrect. Men and women will walk away together arm-in-arm. And everyone who bought gold is going to be very glad that they own some.

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