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Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin Sales

Australian Nugget/Kangaroo Gold Coin Sales

Note about the charts: USAGOLD constructs these these charts from production figures supplied by the world's leading national mints. The chart on aggregate bullion coin sales (top) combines sales from the world's major mints, and, as far as we know, the only one of its kind.

We usually publish this report in late spring or early summer due to the reporting schedules of the various mints. Though the United States Mint publishes its mintage figures monthly at its website, others, like the Austrian and Royal Canadian mints, report annually and usually not until May or June of the following year. As a result, it is mid-year before we get the complete picture and are able to pass it along. After 2012, South Africa's Rand Refinery stopped publishing its sales data for both the gold and silver Krugerrand. We have made numerous requests at various South African agencies for updated data – all without success thus far.

We would like to thank our webmaster, Jen Dentry, for building these charts and coordinating data compilation with the various national mints. In turn, we would like to thank the national mints for working with us to make these charts possible.




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