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Liberty Set


Offered at $49,700 or $1420 per coin.
Price updated 8/31
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Liberty Set

Liberty Set
(1872 -1907)

It took combing through over a thousand coins and nearly four months, but here it is: a complete 35 coin set of US $20 Liberty gold coins spanning the dates 1872-1907. The only ommission is the ultra-rare 1886 dated Liberty, which in and of itself, is a $100K+ coin. This set also contains the last five years of mintage for the the Type II Liberty (dates 1872-1876). While the obverse is basically the same, the reverse reads 'Tweny D.' rather than the fully spelled 'Tweny Dollars' seen in coins dated 1877 and earlier. The Type II coins are extremely hard to come by in AU+ grades, and are a sort of cherry on top of this already exceptional opportunity. With only one set available, this represents a truly unique chance for a single buyer to acquire an heirloom item - and to confirm a lesson in the value of saving in sound, 'unprintable' money in the process.

Offered at $1420/coin or $49,700 for the set - Mixed AU/BU grade
Photo of Actual Set Below

Libertly Set


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