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March 2006 Buyers' Group
$5 US Libery gold coins
$5 U.S. Liberty
Minted 1866 - 1908
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .2419 troy ounce
Grade XF -- Extra Fine


For the first time in company history we have secured a large horde of United States $5 Liberty gold pieces in Extra Fine condition. Each coin contains just under one-quarter ounce of gold, with an actual gold content weighing in at 0.2419 oz. In weight and size, these coins compare closely with the always-popular European and South American issues that frequent our monthly Buyers' Groups. General availability, however, is another story. Under normal circumstances, if someone wanted to secure a large number of British sovereigns, Dutch guilders, or Swiss 20 francs, their order could be filled with ease. A reasonably large order of US $5 Liberties, on the other hand, could take months to fill. But now, because of this recent acquisition (950 coins!), we can offer this item to our clientele in quantities that would have been impossible to fill in the past. Additionally, the overall scarcity in the $5 Liberties typically results in significantly higher premiums than more common foreign coin equivalents. However, by securing the entirety of this horde, we can discount these coins to a very reasonable price range, thus making our March Buyers' Group one of the best to date!

Historical Commentary:
Referred to as the Liberty Half Eagle, the US $5 gold piece holds the distinction of being the only coin of any denomination or strike to be minted at all seven of the national US Mints. Minted from 1866 to 1908, the $5 Liberty depicts the crowned image of Lady Liberty on the obverse, surrounded by 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies. On the reverse is the traditional bald eagle image, with a shield on its breast, clasping three arrows in its left talon (sinister) and an olive branch in its right (dexter), symbolizing the power of Congress to bring both war and peace, respectively. The eagle's head is turned to the right, signaling its preference for peace. On an interesting side note, the seal for the President of the United States was virtually the same, except the eagle faced the talon holding the arrows. In 1945, Harry S Truman changed it so that the seals were the same. Christian Gobrecht, most famous for the "seated liberty" design seen on dimes, quarters, and half dollars during this era, designed the Liberty series presented here.

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