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Current Gold Spot Prices:
11:27 am Sat. October 21, 2017



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Pricing is as follows, based on gold at $1,280.85*:

German 20 Mark Wilhelm I XF/AU+
QTY Available: 500
1-49: $337.95/coin
50+: $336.14/coin

100+: $334.35/coin

German 20 Mark Wilhelm II Uncirculated
QTY Available: 400
Check or Wire
1-49: $337.95/coin
50+: $336.14/coin

100+: $334.35/coin

Rare Mixed German 20 Mark AU/UNC
Availability: 47 Total Coins, Divided as Follows:
Military Bust - 30
Frederich III - 5
Hamburg - 10
Mixed Non-Prussian - 2


*Free shipping will be provided on orders over $5,000 ($35 otherwise).

Orders filled on first-come, first-served basis, strictly limited to available inventory.

Prices will adjust with the spot price of gold

Please call to confirm your order

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October Special

German 20 Mark Hoard

Pictured Left: Wilhelm I - Minted 1871-1888
Pictured Right: Wilhelm II - Minted 1889 - 1911
Fineness: .917 / Actual Gold Content: .2304 troy ounce

For our October special, we are pleased to offer what is, hands down, the single greatest hoard of German 20 Mark gold coins we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to market in 40+ years of business.  A tantalizing blend of Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II varieties, paired with a small batch of some of the most highly sought after and elusive German rarities known.  

German 20 Marks as a whole are substantially scarcer than other European contemporaries like British Sovereigns or Dutch Guilders.  A vast number were lost to pay post-WWI war reparations, and many more again through the course of WWII.  The Nightmare German Inflation in the early 1920’s resulted in heavy circulation and degradation of great many more. Surviving populations, especially in high states of preservation, are extremely small. All told, the sheer size of the pre-1900 XF/AU+ Wilhelm I position, paired with the conditional significance of the Wilhelm II lot - all coins are uncirculated - makes for an unprecedented offer.

And if that weren’t enough, to make a sweet deal even sweeter, this hoard includes a combination of true German rarities (as pictured above left to right, Wilhelm II "Military Bust" Frederich III, "Long Beard", and "Hamburg"), as well as a handful of non-Prussian mint coins. Given how severely limited our offering of these rarer items is (only 47 total coins), we are forced to limit purchases to one single coin (of your choice/availability) per any combination of 10 of the Wilhelm I & II’s purchased.  For example, a purchase of any combination of 100 of the Wilhelm I/II’s will allow a purchase of up to 10 of these ultra-rare German 20 Marks.  

At roughly a quarter of an ounce, these coins are offered well below suggested market value and are priced competitively with equivalent sized modern bullion.  Pull it all together, and you have the finest German 20 Mark special we’ve ever offered!


Please call to confirm your order.
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Saturday October 21
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