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Mexico 50 Pesos
Quantity Available: 100
68 47 37 17 SOLD OUT
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1-4 Coins:
5+ Coins: $1,709.01/coin
10+ Coins: $1,700.00/coin

Mexico 20 Pesos
Quantity Available:
100 59 11 SOLD OUT
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1-9 Coins: $687.28/coin
10+ Coins: $683.63/coin
25+ Coins: $680.03/coin

US $20 Liberty MS62 (Pre-1900)
Quantity Available: 30 10 SOLD OUT
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Any quantity: $1,441.92/coin

Hungary 20 Kroner
Quantity Available: 100 SOLD OUT
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Any quantity: $285.80

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August Special

Mexico 50 & 20 Pesos, Pre-1900 Dated MS62 Liberties
and Hungary 20 Kroners


Mexico 50 & 20 Pesos
Brilliant Uncirculated

Mex 50 20

Mexico 50 Pesos
1.2057 troy oz.
Minted 1921-1931

Mexico 20 Pesos
.4823 troy oz.
Minted 1917-1921

Pre-1933 coins from Mexico occupy a unique and special place within the historic coin market - at a whopping 1.2057 ounces, the Mexico 50 Pesos holds rank as the largest historic coin ever minted. It's companion coin, the 20 Pesos, is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful coins ever produced. Featuring an intricate display of the Aztec Sun Stone on it's reverse, and a convenient size of just below one half ounce, 20 Pesos rarely surface and are highly subscribed when they do. Another benefit of these coins is that they both feature their pure gold content directly on the coins (37.5 grams and 15 grams respectively), a rarely seen quality that aids in both their recognition and future liquidity.

All coins offered here are in stunning Brilliant Uncirculated condition and are available as low as 9.75% over spot gold - the lowest acquisition premium we have ever seen for these coins.

Commentary on Rarity: Both Mexico 50 and 20 Pesos were officially 'restruck' by La Casa de Monedo de Mexico (the Mexican mint) many years after these initial mintages. As such, Mexico 50 Pesos dated from 1945-47 and 20 Pesos from 1959 are qutie common in the market, and carrry virtually no premium. The authentically 'historic' versions offered here are considerably more rare by comparison. In fact, when compared to US coins minted during the same era, the relative rarity is stunning.

Please see the mintage study below:

Year Total Yearly Mintage
Mexican 50 Pesos
Total Yearly Mintage
$20 St. Gaudens (all mint marks)
1921 180,000 528,500
1922 463,000 4,033,500
1923 432,000 2,268,250
1924 439,000 10,300,500
1925 716,000 9,546,750
1926 600,000 3,339,250
1927 606,000 6,233,750
1928 538,000 8,816,000
1929 458,000 1,799,750
1930 372,000 74,000
1931 137,000 3,044,750
Total Mintage 4,941,000 49,985,000

As displayed in the chart above, Mexico 50 Pesos were only minted for a single decade, from 1921-31. During that decade, less than 1/10 as many 50 Pesos were struck as $20 St. Gaudens. If you include the total mintage of $20 gold pieces across their 80 year production, the total population of Mexican 50 Pesos is a mere 3% of that of the $20 gold pieces. With premiums on high grade $20 gold pieces historically topping 50%, the opportunity for long-term premium growth in these BU Mexican 50 Pesos coins is compelling.

With regards to the Mexican 20 pesos, less than half as many were minted in their brief 5 year run (1917-21 - 6.1 Million) as their US contemporary, the $10 Indian (~14 Million). By including the Indian's predecessor, the $10 Liberty (minted from 1843-1907), the total mintage of $10 gold pieces increases to just over 56 million coins, putting the total population of 20 Pesos at roughly 1/10 that of US $10 gold pieces.


Pre-1900 $20 Liberty NGC/PCGS MS62

British Sov Sets

US $20 Liberty MS62 Pre-1900 Dates
(1904 pictured, but all coins are confirmed pre-1900)

Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .9675 troy ounce

Ten times the rarity with no added premium!

We also have a very small batch (30 coins) of pre-1900 dated US $20 Liberties, graded Mint State 62. When dealing with Liberties, by far and away the most common graded dates are 1900 and 1904. Pre-1900 dates are substantially rarer. Take for example the most common pre-1900 date - 1898-S: only 7500 have been graded in Mint State 62 by PCGS, versus over 60,000 1904's in the same grade. The market histocially adds a $50 premium, or more, per coin for any pre-1900 dated coins, but this small batch is being offered at the same rate as the post-1900 dated common coins, and just $95 more than a modern American Eagle!


Hungary 20 Kroner

British Sov Sets

Hungary 20 Kroner
.1960 troy oz.

And our final offer for August is another very limited batch (only 100 coins) of the elusive, yet highly coveted, Hungary 20 Kroner. Last seen in our offices in 2007, our clients who have followed us for years know just how special this small group is. Don't expect these to last!



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