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Canada Polar Bear 1.5 oz
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Special Offer
1 1/2 oz Fine Silver Coin - Polar Bear (2013)

Polar Bear (2013)

Fineness: .9999
Limited Minttage 17,500


Late last week we made a purchase from an Estate of 6300 Silver 1.5 ounce limited-production, first year of issue (2013) Canadian Polar Bear coins. We are offering these coins at approximately $31 a piece, which equates to spot +~$2.75/ounce. That's LESS per ounce than either a modern Silver Canadian Maple Leaf or Silver U.S. Eagle!

*All coins dated 2013, which is the first year these were produced. Only 17,500 total coins were minted in 2013, which means the grouping offered here is roughly 1/3 of all the coins made during that inaugural run.

*Other dealers are charging $35-$36 per coin at best (and in some cases substantially more), making this offer the absolute lowest price for this product in the market right now by a wide margin.

*Known as “Thick Coins”, these coins have the same diameter as a standard issue bullion coin, but are deeper set. *Coins come in mint boxes of 300 units (450 ounces).

*Silver has come down nicely in recent weeks from its high of $18.55, and is currently trading at roughly $17.90, which equates to a price ratio of 71:1 to gold (an attractive entry point for silver relative to gold).


A symbol of the power and vastness of Canada's northern landscape, the Polar Bear is an iconic animal for Canadians. In a nation dominated by weather extremes, the Polar Bear's ability to survive and thrive in the harshest climate reflects Canadians' stalwart pragmatism and spirit of adventure. Struck to a limited mintage of 17,500 silver coins.


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