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8:36 pm Tue. December 18, 2018



See Pricing for Credit Card and Wire/CheckBritish Sov Sets
Credit card payments will be accepted for established repeat clients only.  For verification purposes, all first-time orders must be paid for by check or wire.

Pricing is as follows, based on gold at $1,250.99*:

Russian 5 and 10 Roubles

Russian 10 Roubles XF/AU
Quantity Available
:70 15 10 5
Check or Wire $381.40/coin

Credit Card $392.84 /coin

Russian 5 Roubles BU
Quantity Available:
90 21 5

Check or Wire $233.61/coin
Credit Card $240.61/coin

British Sovereign
Canada 'C' Mint BU

Quantity Available:
100 55 22 8
Check or Wire$351.88/coin
Credit Card $362.44/coin

French Napoleon I XF/AU
Quantity Available:
Check or Wire$296.60/coin
Credit Card $305.50/coin

American Gold Eagles
Quantity Available:
150 120 95
Check or Wire Only $1,303.32/coin

*Free shipping will be provided on orders over $5,000 *Shipping on gold Eagles free over 20 oz. ($35 otherwise).

*Pricing above is for payment by personal check or bank wire.

Orders filled on first-come, first-served basis, strictly limited to available inventory.

Prices will adjust with the spot price of gold

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Announcing a new approach to our popular monthly special offers

With each passing month, it seems to only get more difficult to consistently accumulate large groups of unique and interesting products to offer through our monthly specials program. As such, we have been forced to modify our approach, and to redefine expectations for this popular program moving forward. Instead of the large multi-thousand coin tranches you’re likely used to seeing, we will be offering much smaller batches (typically 100 coins or less), of historically significant and rarely seen items, that are, most importantly, still priced well below our nearest competitor. We will then pair these items of interest with a larger bulk group of discounted ‘bullion-type' coins for our accumulation-minded buyers.

February Special Offer
A czar, a king, an emperor, an eagle. . . .and a raffle

So without further adieu, and for the first iteration of our new specials program, we are pleased to present our February offer. This month’s offer is highlighted by small batches of Russia 5 and 10 Roubles, British Sovereigns Canadan ‘C’ Mint and French Napoleon I 20 Franc gold coins. For our ‘bullion-type’ inclusion, we are pairing these items of interest with a larger tranche (150 coins) of nicely discounted one ounce modern American Eagles.

RAFFLE: We have decided to make the popular raffle featured in the past a monthly mainstay. Each month, buyers investing $2500 or more in that month’s special will be entered into that month’s raffle, to be held at the end of each month, or when a particular offer has sold out. Each month will feature a different incentive, or ‘prize’, with this month's lucky winner taking home an exquisite Russia 5 Rouble graded Mint State 66 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Approximate value: $350.

Additional raffle tickets will be awarded for investments in excess of $25,000 and $50,000, but no entry will have more than three tickets in play, giving everyone who participates a reasonable chance to win, yet offering some added incentive to those who may find a particular offer especially enticing.

Russian 5 and 10 Roubles
Duch King Guilder

Minted 1898 - 1911
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .2489 troy ounce

Some of the rarest and most sought after historic gold coins in existence, Russian Roubles are virtually never seen in the market, especially in any kind of quantity. Competing dealers have 10 Roubles priced north of $450, and 5 Roubles at roughly $300 a piece, which also reflects NGC’s suggested retail pricing (see NCG price on 10 Roubles and 5 Roubles). Our price of roughly $375 on the 10 Roubles (XF/AU - slightly circulated condition), and $250 on the 5 Roubles (BU-Uncirculated Condition) is an absolute steal compared to other similar offers.

British Sovereign (Canadian Mint)

British Sov Sets

The rarest of the mint-marked Sovereigns, coins minted in Ottawa bearing the ‘C’ mint mark and George V’s visage catalogue with a total mintage of just 570,000 pieces from 1911 to 1919. NGC suggests a retail price of approximately $450 for coins in similar Brilliant Uncirculated condition as those offered here making our price of roughly $350/coin a tremendous value. It should be noted as well that we are offering these coins for a mere $10 more per coin than a common Uncirculated British Sovereign.

Napoleon I 20 franc

British Sov Sets

Featuring the visage of perhaps the most historically significant monarch of 19th Century Europe, Napoleon I 20 Francs are a must have for both history buffs and historic gold coin owners alike. Accordingly, groups surface very rarely and are often prohibitively expensive. NGC suggests a retail value in heavily circulated VF condition at an impressive $345/coin. Step up a grade to that of those offered here (XF/AU) and the suggested retail is a whopping $475 per coin, which equates to double the underlying gold value! Moreover, our nearest competition is pricing similar coins at $350 a piece. Such comparisons make our price of roughly $295/coin a truly great deal.

American Gold Eagles

British Sov Sets

For our modern bullion buyers, we picked up a small group of one troy ounce gold eagles (150 pieces) at a nice little discount (discounts are quite hard to come by with this kind of stuff). Our price on this batch of 4.25% over spot gold is sure to beat any other national dealer. Shipping/handling and insurance will be handled differently here than on the other items listed, with free delivery occurring for orders of 20 ounces or more. Smaller orders will be charged a $35 flat shipping fee.


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