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Duch King Guilder

Minted 1875 - 1933
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1947 troy ounce



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Coins of the Netherlands
Pricing is as follows, based on gold at $1,251.10*:

Netherland 10 Guilder Queen Wilhelmina
‘Mature and Elder’ - Brilliant Uncirculated

Quantity Available
: 100 70 60 of each 'sorted'
500 400 325 SOLD OUT additional ‘unsorted'

Netherlands 10 Guilder King Willem - Uncirculated
Quantity Available:
350 250
Minted: 1876-1889

Netherlands 10 Guilder Queen Wilhelmina
‘Long Hair’ - Brilliant Uncirculated

Quantity Available: 200
70 27 10 SOLD OUT

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January Special Offer

Coins of the Netherlands


From the deeply discounted to the historically significant, our inaugural special for 2017 featuring all four Netherlands 10 Guilder coin types is sure to have something for everyone. The later issue 10 Guilders Queens (pictured above/right) are a perennial favorite among accumulation-minded gold owners seeking asset preservation. Through the discounts in our January offer, these Queens match our lowest premium ever for a Brilliant Uncirculated historic fractional option, affording owners the opportunity to secure the most gold for their money, while maintaining insulation against the risk of government intervention and capital controls in the gold market. We've paired these deeply discounted coins with the much harder to find, much older and much scarcer King Willem varieties, along with a very limited group of the one of the most coveted, rare and elusive European varieties in the market: The Queen Wilhelmina ‘Long Hair’. For the minimal difference per coin, even the accumulation-minded investor will find these rarer varieties an intriguing option.

Choose your favorite, or combine to make your own sets! Supplies at these special discounted prices are very limited. Orders filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional Details are as follows:

Netherlands 10 Guilder Queen Wilhelmina ‘Mature and Elder’ - Brilliant Uncirculated Quantity Available: 100 of each sorted, 500 additional ‘unsorted'
Offered at their lowest premium ever - a 1.5% discount to modern 1/10 ounce Gold Eagles
100 of each type 'sorted' and available for anyone interested in making 4-coin Guilder ‘sets’

Netherlands 10 Guilder King Willem - Uncirculated
Quantity Available:
Minted: 1876-1889

Only 3.2 Million total were minted (roughly 15% of the total mintage of the Queen varieties)
Offered at just $4 more than the much more common Queen varieties

Netherlands 10 Guilder Queen Wilhelmina ‘Long Hair’ - Brilliant Uncirculated
Quantity Available: 200

Primarily minted for just one single year, 1897
Total Mintage: 450,000 coins
NGC Coin catalog valued at $425-$475 (MS60/MS63)
Last offered in quantity at USAGOLD in 2002

Only $7 more per coin than the King varieties above, and still less per ounce than a common $20 gold piece



Holland is most famous in financial history for its Tulipmania in 1637 -- the prototype financial bubble against which all other bubbles will forever be measured. The price of one special, rare type of tulip bulb called Semper Augustus was 1000 guilders in 1623, 1200 guilders in 1624, 2000 guilders in 1625, and 5500 guilders in 1637. Shortly thereafter, the bottom fell out on the market and prices plummeted to 1/200 of their peak price.

bulbgoldThough tulip bulbs have spent the last 366 years in happy financial dormancy, the more contemporary mania involving stocks and irredeemable paper money continues to crop up around the globe with disturbing regularity. A Dutch newspaper reported in 2002 that there now exists a tulip appropriately named Dow Jones, and advised that stock market investors might consider cashing in their holdings and investing the proceeds in (you guessed it) . . . tulip bulbs. It seems they are once again on the upswing. History teaches us that gold coins, like the Dutch 10 Guilder, protect one's portfolio against such mania.

Dutch Kings, as they have come to be known, are more difficult to obtain than the better-known Queen Wilhelmina 10 Guilder gold coins shown on the next page, though high-end brilliant uncirculated specimens show up often. The obverse depicts King Willem III, a ruler known for his autocratic tendencies. England's Victoria referred to him as the 'uneducated farmer.' He died in 1890 leaving the throne to his precocious daughter, Wilhelmina.

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