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Swiss 20 Franc
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March Special Offer

Swiss 20 Franc

French Ceres 20 franc

Minted: 1897-1930
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce


The Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia has always been a highly sought after cornerstone of any historic bullion coin position. It evokes the sound monetary and banking principles for which Switzerland is known, and has long been recognized as an international standard for portability and liquidity. As such, when demand for gold spiked in 2008/9, the Swiss Francs were heavily subscribed and supplies simply never recovered. We were occasionally offered smaller lots, but always at oppressively high premiums, to the point that, in many ways, we gave up on recommending Swiss 20 Francs for inclusion in safe-haven oriented gold positioning and pursuing them for our inventory. But that said, it would appear the stars have finally aligned, if only for this one moment. It took four sources and some stingy negotiations, but we are now prepared to make available the largest (and least expensive) lot of pre-1933 Brilliant Uncirculated Swiss 20 Franc’s since before the financial crisis.

  • 1200 coins available
  • Strictly limited to available inventory
  • First-come, first-served
  • All participants purchasing 10 coins or more will be entered into a raffle to win an ultra-rare Swiss Confederatio 20 Franc coin (minted 1883-1895 - total mintage 1.5 million - BU condition)

It is worth making a special note that Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia’s were also minted in 1935 and 1945-47. These ‘post-33’ Swiss Francs are often presented at competitor sites for comparatively lower costs of acquisition. Without a doubt, it makes a difference. Look no further than total mintages: less than half as many pre-1933 Swiss Francs were minted over 24 years of production (18.8 million) than post-33’s (40 million) in just three years! Moreover, the total comprehensive mintage of pre-1933 Swiss 20 Francs is roughly half of that of a single year mintage of a British Sovereign!


20 Lira Sardinian

Win an Switzerland 20 Franc (Confederatio Helvetica)

All participants purchasing ten coins or more will be entered into a raffle to win this Swiss Confederatio Helvetica (minted 1883-1895 - total mintage 1.5 million - BU condition).

Buy more and increase your odds of winning!

Raffle tickets will be distributed as follows:

10+ coins - 1 ticket
25+ coins - 2 tickets
50+ coins - 3 tickets
100+ coins - 4 tickets

With a maximum of four tickets in the raffle for any one client, everyone buying 10 or more coins has a real chance to win! After the offer is sold out, we will conduct the raffle and announce the winner at our “Live Newsletter” page as well as contact the winner directly. Good luck!


Please call to confirm your order.
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