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Uruguay 5 Peso
Quantity Available
: 300 140 65 SOLD OUT

Mix Match $+: 353.75/coin
$10k+: 351.85/coin
$25k+: 349.97/coin
$50k+: 348.11/coin

Mexico 20 Peso
Quantity Available

Mix Match $+: 664.67/coin
$10k+: 641.75/coin
$25k+: 638.36/coin
$50k+: 643.46/coin

Mexico 50 Peso
Quantity Available
: 40 15 SOLD OUT

Mix Match $+: 1,608.58/coin
$10k+: 1,604.31/coin
$25k+: 1,595.84/coin
$50k+: 1,608.58/coin

Republic of Colombia
Simon Bolivar 5 Peso
Quantity Available:
1000 672 315 SOLD OUT

Mix Match +:323.12/coin
$10k+: 321.39/coin
$25k+: 319.67/coin
$50k+: 317.97/coin
$100k+: 316.28/coin

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January Special Offer

South of the Border

In the early 2000's, in the fledgling years of gold's bull market, one of the darlings of the historic bullion coin market was the Uruguay 5 Pesos. With only 100,000 pieces total minted for a single year, 1930, it was an undeniably rare and exotic coin, that almost unbelievably sold for comparable premiums to modern bullion fractional pieces. And after the Argentine Central Bank released a hoard of 80,000 coins in 1998, lots by the thousand would surface regularly. In a lot of ways, we took this reality for granted as for several years, the supply seemed endless – even though it was, by definition, limited. In fact, one of our most successful special offers ever took place in November 2006 when we sold a whopping 4000 Uruguay 5 Pesos in a single day. But alas, it proved to be one of those, “you don't know what you've got ’til its gone” scenarios as supply quickly dissipated shortly thereafter and we saw the last of our Uruguay 5 Pesos (a mere 260 coins) in late 2007.

We have begun to see a parallel narrative develop in numerous other historic bullion coins that have, at one point or another, seemed 'common'. Examples that jump to mind include German 20 Marks, Dutch Kings, Uncirculated Sovereign Queens and Denmark 20 Kroners – once available by the thousand, now rarely seen at all. Which brings us to our first special of 2016 - the first resurfacing of Uruguay 5 Pesos in nearly 10 years, offered in conjunction with a small group of the hefty Mexican 20 and 50 Pesos coins - that also appear well on their way to similar 'unavailable' status - and a 'newcomer' of sorts - the Colombian 5 Pesos, aka, the ‘Colombian Sovereign’. We've only seen the Colombian Sovereign a few times over the years, and the combination of a comparatively low total mintage, yet extremely attractive price, are reminiscent of the early availability of its 'South of the Border' brethren featured here.

Uruguay 5 Peso

Minted 1930
Fineness: .917
Actual Gold Content: .2501 troy ounce

Uruguay 5 Peso

Very little needs to be said about the Uruguay 5 Pesos. Only 100,000 total minted in just one single year of production, 1930. They are also unique amongst historic coins in that they weigh out nice and evenly at a full quarter ounce of gold a piece (.2501 oz agw). All coins are in uncirculated condition and only 300 coins available in this offer.


Mexico 50 and 20 Peso

Minted: 50 pesos 1921 to 1931;
20 pesos 1917 to 1921;
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: 50 pesos - 1.2057 troy ounce / 20 pesos - .4823 troy ounces

Mexico 50 and 20 Peso

Mexico 20 and 50 Pesos coins are enormously popular with our clientele for their hefty size (.4823 oz and 1.2057 oz respectively), their stunning artistic design, and the unique printing of their gold weight in grams right on the coin. Large pre-1933 gold coins are in and of themselves rare, owing to the fact that so few were minted at the time, as the size made little sense relative to goods and services in the historical era (picture a $600 and $1400 bill in today's money). Moreover, the total mintage of both coins makes them far rarer than both $10 and $20 gold pieces and French 50 and 100 Francs (the other two most common 'large' historic coin options). Only 80 20 Pesos and 40 50 Pesos are available in this offer, and all are in uncirculated condition.



Republic of Colombia
Simon Bolivar 5 Peso

Minted 1913 - 1930
Fineness: .917
Actual Gold Content: .2355 troy ounce

Republic of Colombia 
Simon Bolivar 5 Peso

The Colombian 5 Pesos, also known as the Colombian Sovereign, was minted from 1913-1930, during a time in which the Colombian monetary system was pegged to that of Britain. As such, each of these Colombian 5 Pesos contains the identical gold weight of the British Sovereign - .2355 oz agw. Comparative mintages though tell the whole story. Only 6 million Colombian 5 Pesos were minted total, as compared to over 30 million British Sovereigns each year of production during the same period. These stunning Brilliant Uncirculated examples are also selling a tidy 3% cheaper than a circulated Sovereign would, making them the lowest premium historic coins we have had the pleasure of offering in years. History, divisible liquidity, insulation from government intervention and rarity potential, all while acquiring the most possible gold for money in a fractional type coin – a special 'special' to be sure. 1000 total coins available, all BU condition.



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