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U.S. $10 Liberty
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U.S. Liberty $10 Gold Piece

Uruguay 5 Peso

Minted 1866 - 1907
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .48375 troy ounce

When buying gold, most know the fractional rule of thumb:   Anything smaller is almost always more expensive that its larger alternative.  Take any grouping of modern bullion coins as an example.  With historic U.S. coinage, its no different - perhaps exaggerated even.  This is due in part to a lower total original mintage for the smaller units - in late 1800’s and early 1900’s about half as many $10 Liberties were produced as $20 Liberties - though the more significant contributing factor was the impact the 1933 recall had on the population of these more negotiable coins.  The greater role of $2.5’s, $5’s and $10’s in active circulation at the time left them more readily exposed to the melting pot in 1933 than $20’s.  This resulted in an environment today where surviving populations are comparatively even lower than original mintage figures might suggest.  

So by and large, $10 Liberties trade at fairly significant premiums to their $20 counterparts month over month, and year over year.  This time last year, for example, two $10’s were about $100 more than a single $20 gold piece.  It is worth noting as well, that for the first time of tracking this anomaly, it coincides with an environment where the average premiums on historic US coins are simultaneously hovering near multi-year lows.  To give you an idea, if you had purchased one of these coins the first time gold approached $1200/oz - in May of 2010 - you would have paid about $785/coin, a whopping $180/ounce or 15% more than you’d pay for the same coins today!  Gold may have risen fairly quickly over the past few weeks, but in many ways, this is an opportunity that lets you turn back the clock.

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History: Referred to as the Liberty Eagle, the US $10 gold piece depicts the crowned image of Lady Liberty on the obverse, surrounded by 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies. On the reverse is the traditional bald eagle image, with a shield on its breast, clasping three arrows in its left talon (sinister) and an olive branch in its right (dexter), symbolizing the power of Congress to bring both war and peace, respectively. The eagle's head is turned to the right, signaling its preference for peace. On an interesting side note, the seal for the President of the United States was virtually the same, except the eagle faced the talon holding the arrows. In 1945, Harry S Truman changed it so that the seals were the same. Christian Gobrecht, most famous for the "seated liberty" design seen on dimes, quarters, and half dollars during this era, designed the Liberty series presented here.


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