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$20 Liberty Coin Sets

(27 Coin Set: 1877-1907)
No 1881, 1885, 1886, 1889
This Set is SOLD

2nd MOST COMPLET DATE SET 1,452.51/coin
(26 Coin Set: 1877-1907)
No 1881, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1889
$37,510.90/ This Set is SOLD


Quantity Available: (2) (1) (SOLD OUT) 12-coin sets

(Last 10 years of mintage)
Quantity Available: (2) (1) (SOLD OUT) 10-coin sets

(Full set 1890's)
Quantity Available: (3) (2) (1) (SOLD OUT) 10-coin sets

Quantity Available: (1) (SOLD OUT) 10-coin set

Quantity Available: (1) (SOLD OUT) 8-coin sets

Quantity Available: (3) (2) (1) (SOLD OUT) 7-coin sets

Five Different Dates (non-contiguous)
Quantity Available: (15) (9) (SOLD OUT) 5-coin sets

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June Special Offer

$20 Liberty Contiguous Date Sets


$20 gold pieces remain one of, if not the most, undervalued areas of the gold market. During the financial crisis, premiums on raw Almost Uncirculated/Uncirculated $20’s exceeded 60% over spot. During Y2K, they traded at double the price of gold. By contrast, the current premium of just 16.5% over gold sits a mere 2% above the all-time low, and well below the 10 year average of roughly 25%. For those who are purchasing gold as an insulation/insurance play against financial disruptions and/or a currency/banking crisis, $20 gold pieces at current levels are an especially intriguing choice.

Why you ask?

Safety-minded buyers stand the best chance to supplement their participation in a potentially advancing gold price with that of an advancing premium, as the situations for which such a client purchases gold are the very ones where such an expansion is most likely to occur. Think of it as investment both in the gold market itself, as well as the demand for physical gold. The inherently finite number of these coins in the market makes them more positively responsive to demand increases. Demand is most likely to increase dramatically during times of economic uncertainty (look no further than the ’08/’09 period).

All that said though, the true beauty of these coins at these levels, is that given how low premiums currently are, they will, at a minimum, track the gold price moving forward. So ownership of these coins won’t vacate the most basic goal of the safety-minded gold owner - which is to own gold. It will only potentially enhance it.

What makes our June offer special is that not only are we focused in on the least expensive entry point into the historic US coin market (the AU/Unc. $20 Liberty), we had such a large group of coins (350 total), that we were able to comb through and arrange them into a variety of contiguous date runs. All told, this is very much a ‘sweet deal made even sweeter’, as clients have the opportunity to not only purchase these coins at cycle lows, but to enhance their holdings with unique date varieties that are historically intriguing, and remarkably difficult to compile. There are numerous date sets available ranging in size depending on your investment interest. Sets are strictly limited to the availability listed and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please call to confirm your order.
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