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September Special Offer

Swedish Kroner
French Ceres 20 franc

Our September special featuring scarce pre-1933 Scandinavian gold and complete mint-mark sets of British Sovereigns will surely find it’s way into our ‘Buyers’ Group’ Hall of Fame.  It is hands down one of the finest specials we’ve ever run, affording our clients the opportunity to secure some of the most sought after and treasured items in the historical genre, without paying the typically higher premiums one might expect for such unique and coveted items.

Scandinavian gold represents one of the most elusive (if not the most elusive) and rare sub-genres within the historic European coin market.  Mintages are fractions of other era similar coins, and holdings are generally thought to be sticky - meaning, once owned in private possession, they are rarely, if ever, sold.  But for the first time in nearly a decade, and only the third time in company history, we’ve secured two decently sized (for what they are), though in reality, very limited groups - only 320 Swedish 20 Kroners and 420 Denmark 20 Kroners.

Denmark 20 Kroner

Both groups of coins are in superb Brilliant Uncirculated condition, and represent some of the finest ‘heirloom’ type positions we’ve ever offered.  And to boot, as is our goal with these offers, to deliver high quality products at reasonable prices, both groups of 20 Kroners are trading within a mere 2% of the more common European issues like British Sovereigns and Swiss 20 Francs.  For further context, both are also selling for less premium than a common uncirculated U.S. $20 gold piece.  So while certainly rare, they are most certainly not ‘expensive’, and will be driven in value by the same fluctuations in spot gold as any other historical bullion instrument.  This is literally a once-in-a-decade type opportunity.

Our second grouping for our September offer wasn’t large enough to be the centerpiece of its own monthly special, hence its inclusion here.  Many a student of history has heard the saying, “The sun never set on the British Empire” - a reference to a time around the turn of the century when British influence stretched across the globe. It took painstakingly combing through thousands of coins over the course of several months, but we were finally able to compile just 30 complete sets (210 coins total), of ‘mint marked’ Sovereigns, representing the seven major mints where they were produced worldwide (pictured left to right below): Sydney (S), Melbourne (M), India (I), Perth (P), South Africa (SA), and Canada (C). Britain (no mint mark) is not pictured but included for complete set purposes.

British Sovereign Sets
British Sov Sets

Both the Canada mint (less than 500 thousand minted total) and the India mint (1.295 million minted in one year, 1918) Sovereigns are extraordinarily scarce to begin with, but ironically the Melbourne marks proved the most difficult to locate. But irrespective of the challenge, we elected to offer the sets at the same per coin rate as standard Uncirculated British Sovereigns (despite the obvious added rarity and difficulty in procuring these sets). All coins are in UNC/BU condition. 


Please call to confirm your order.
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