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3:46 am Tue. October 17, 2017




$20 St. Gaudens MS64

Quantity Available: 350 250 70 SOLD OUT


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April Special Offer

MS64 $20 St. Gaudens


Dare we say a once if a lifetime opportunity has surfaced in the $20 gold piece market?

U.S. $20 St. Gaudens in grade Mint State 64 have fallen to their lowest premiums ever, and are now trading at exactly 20% over spot gold. By contrast, as recently as October of last year, premiums were over 40% over gold, and in 2008 at their recent peak, they traded at over double the price of gold! (See graph below). For added context consider this: In April of last year gold prices were actually remarkably similar to where they are today (roughly $1220/oz), but at that time, a raw uncirculated $20 St. Gaudens (un-encapsulated equivalent of MS60) traded for the exact same price as the certified Mint State 64 coins offered here today (roughly $1460/coin).

Those of you who have closely followed our special offers and market notifications over the years know that we keep close tabs on the pre-1933 United States $20 gold piece market. This sector now represents a unique 'double barrel' opportunity within physical gold ownership – first, to potentially profit from an advancing gold price, and second, on the expansion of the coin premium over spot. Our goal on the buy side is to pinpoint moments when premiums reach cycle lows, such that the risk of premium loss is mitigated while the opportunity for premium gain maximized. This is the exact environment that has developed in the MS64 $20 St. Gaudens.

Given the strength of this opportunity, we went into the market and secured as many coins as we could possible find, and located 350 pieces total. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

As an aside, if you are an owner of one ounce bullion coins at a higher price of gold, you may want to discuss a possible ‘tax loss realization’ trade out of bullion and into these coins with your broker. In so doing, you’ll be able to take the investment loss against your taxes, while positioning yourself to participate in the opportunity for gains presented here, all without ever leaving the gold market. The real kicker comes in the event that premiums expand as they have several times in the past. Were such conditions to develop, taking this position would allow you to potentially break even sooner and/or be farther ahead if/when gold returns to your cost basis, all while securing a tax advantage in the short term.





Please call to confirm your order.
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