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Argentina 5 peso

QTY Available: 300 132 XF/AU/UNC
<$10K: 323.24/coin

Mexican 50 peso

QTY Available: 25 14 Brilliant Uncirculated
<$10K: 1,648.50/coin

Mexican 20 peso

QTY Available: 110 61 Brilliant Uncirculated
<$10K: 659.43/coin

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*Free Shipping/Handling/Insurance on orders over $5K

*First-come, first-served, quantity available strictly limited

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Bonus April Special Offer

"South of the Border"

Argentina 5 Peso (Argentino) &
Mexico 20 & 50 Pesos



Argentina 5 peso

Minted 1881 - 1896
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .2334 troy ounce

For the first time in nearly a decade, we stumbled upon a small cache of Argentina 5 Pesos "Argentino" gold coins - a perennial favorite of the old guard - and couldn't resist snapping it up. Back in the mid 1990's a large hoard of Argentinos was released by Central Bank of Uruguay, and it quickly became one of the most popular portfolio inclusions for the privacy and accumulation-minded gold investor in early stages of the bull market. We literally placed thousands upon thousands of these coins over a six to seven year period, but by 2006, the last of the large Argentino caches disappeared. Any coins that have come on to the market in the years that followed were typically sold out of private positions, and only incrementally - twenty here, fifty there - making sizable offers an impossibility. So while a 300 coin offer hardly qualifies as 'large' by comparison to other offers you've seen here in the past, it is truly remarkable for these Argentinos. What's more, despite their undeniable scarcity, we are offering them at a discounted rate that makes them our least expensive pre-1933 option, and also prices them competitively with 1/4 ounce modern bullion coin issues.

It seems we've come full circle - if only for a moment - where clients can once again look to the Argentino to fulfill their goal of accumulating the most gold for their money, while maintaining the protective qualities associated with pre-1933 gold coin ownership.

The Argentino features a liberty figure on its obverse, reminscent of the exceedingly rare US $4 Stella coin from the 1870's. On the reverse is the Argentinian coat of arms. To learn more, click here to access a history/specs page for the Argentino.

Quantity offered: 300 - unsorted XF/AU/Unc - an extremely nice group of coins dominated by AU+ and Uncirculated examples, but unsorted, so as to maintain low pricing for the offer as a whole.



Mexico 50 and 20 pesos

Minted: 50 pesos 1921 to 1931; 1944 to 1947
20 pesos 1917 to 1921; 1959
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: 50 pesos - 1.2057 troy ounce / 20 pesos - .4823 troy ounces


We are also excited to pair these Argentinos with a couple more 'South of the Border' favorites, the Mexico 20 and 50 Pesos gold coins. Investors have always adored these coins both for their beauty (the 20 Pesos may actually be the most striking design of any historic gold coin), and for their larger size. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, when most countries were on gold standards, one ounce coins were the rough equivalent of thousand dollar bills in today's money. As such, larger pre-1933 coins were the exception, rather than the norm, and very few were typically minted, due simply to their impracticality within the monetary system. In fact, despite all the different coins from all the different countries from the gold standard era, there are only three common historic coin types that are a half ounce or greater in size - US $10 and $20 gold pieces, French 50 and 100 Francs, and the Mexico 20 and 50 Pesos. As you can imagine, due to their inherent rarity, larger pre-1933 gold coins typically carry much higher premiums than the smaller, more common varieties - the lone exceptions being these two coins from Mexico. Also handsomely discounted, we don't expect this even smaller group (compared to the Argentinos) to last long.

To learn more, click on the image of the coin above to access a history/specs page for these coins.

Quantities offered: 110 Mexico 20 Pesos, 25 Mexico 50 Pesos - All Brilliant Uncirculated



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