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Pricing is as follows, based on gold at $1,206.47*:
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Italian 20 Lira
(Umberto I) - BU
Quantity Available
: 850 620 435 80 26
25k +:260.25/coin
50k +:258.87/coin

Italian 20 Lira
(Victor Emanuele II) - XF/AU/UNC
Quantity Available
: 120 35 18
Max (30) per household
25k +:260.25/coin
50k +:258.87/coin

Italian 20 Lira
(Kingdom of Sardinia) - XF/AU
Quantity Available:
20 4
Max (2) per household when purchased with 10 or more of either Umberto or Vittorio

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*Pricing above is for payment by personal check or bank wire.

Orders filled on first-come, first-served basis, strictly limited to available inventory.

Prices will adjust with the spot price of gold

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November Special Offer

Italian 20 Lira
Umberto I
Minted: 1880 - 1897
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

French Ceres 20 franc


For our November special, we went big on a group of Italian 20 Lira out of Europe, and we were rewarded. We purchased 1000 coins total, 850 of which are some of the most visually impressive Umberto I (minted 1880-97) gold coins we’ve ever seen. All are uncirculated, with a good portion still displaying their original unaltered proof-like mint luster. These are, without exaggeration, some of the most striking pre-1900 dated coins we’ve ever seen.

Additionally, in sorting the coins, we were elated to find 120 of the older and much rarer version of the 20 Lira, the Vittorio Emmanuel (minted 1861-74). These coins are in more of an Almost Uncirculated/low grade Uncirculated condition, but what is lost in condition is gained in the age and rarity of these exceptional coins.

Italian 20 Lira
Victor Emanuele II
Minted: 1861 - 1874
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

10 francs

That would have certainly been enough, but we soon realized the gold gods were really smiling on us, as mixed into one of the tubes, we found a small stack of 20 of the Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira coins. All predating 1860, these coins are exceedingly scarce, and are the first of their kind we have ever had the pleasure of holding. Due to the strong interest we expect in this small group, we are limiting the coins to 2 max per household, and they can only be purchased after buying 10 or more total of the other two coins offered. Mixed Charles Felix, Charles Albert, with the majority Vottorio Emmanuel (1850-60).

What about the price you say? Well, given our willingness to purchase the entire deal outright, we received a nice quantity discount, making these Italian Lira the cheapest we’ve ever offered in terms of premium to gold! - A steal by all accounts, magnified by the already attractive price of gold itself. Moreover, all three coin types will be priced identically! Our good fortune is your good fortune!

And last but certainly not least, to sweeten this whole deal, we are making the oldest and rarest Sardinian coin - a nearly uncirculated 1827 Charles Felix (image of actual coin pictured at offer page) available via raffle to one lucky winner. NGC Price Guide places a retail value on an uncirculated version of this coin at a whopping $1850! Please see details below.


20 Lira Sardinian

Win an 1827 Sardinian Gold 20 Lira!

For every set of ten coins purchased, each customer will receive a raffle entry for a chance to win this 1827 Charles Felix Italian 20 Lira from the Kingdom of Sardinia. Year specific mintage was only 150,000 total pieces. This example has great luster, and strong original detail - worth noting in a coin nearly 200 years old!

Buy more and increase your odds of winning!

For every 10 coins purchased, clients will receive a raffle ticket. The more you buy, the better your chances to win, although the last time we did this, the winner had only one ticket in play. After the offer is sold out, we will conduct the raffle and announce the winner at our new “Live Newsletter” page.

As always, first-come, first-served. Quantity discounts available.


Please call to confirm your order.
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