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Pricing is as follows, based on gold at $1,206.18*:
Quantities available updated 2 PM MST 9/38

French 40 Franc
Quantity Available: 44
Nap I - 37 24 6 4
Loius XVIII - 2 1
Louis Phillipe - 5 4

Mix Match +: 540.65/coin
10k +: 537.67/coin
25k +:534.71/coin
50k +:531.79/coin

French 10 Franc
Quantity Available
:400 239 22

Mix match: 129.68/coin
10k +: 128.99/coin
25k +: 128.30/coin
50k +: 127.61/coin

French 20 Franc (Ceres)
Quantity Available:
600 534 412 228 178 158

Mix match: 259.55/coin
10k +:258.15/coin
25k +:255.39/coin
50k +:254.03/coin

French 50 Franc
Quantity Available
: 50 8 4 2

Mix Match +: 651.46/coin
10k +: 647.96/coin
25k +:644.50/coin
50k +:641.07/coin

Mixed French 20 Franc
Louis XVIII Quantity Available:
205 74 33
Louis Phillipe Quantity Available: 145 19 8

Mix Match +: 263.02/coin
10k +: 261.61/coin
25k +:260.21/coin
50k +:258.82/coin

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*Pricing above is for payment by personal check or bank wire.

Orders filled on first-come, first-served basis, strictly limited to available inventory.

Prices will adjust with the spot price of gold

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September Special Offer


For our September special, we've compiled the most diverse group of historic French coins we've ever seen here at USAGOLD. This list has something for everybody, from the inexpensive bullion substitutes to the historically significant heirloom items. So without further ado we bring you our 'Historic Coins of France' Special!

Group #1
French 40 Franc
Actual Gold Content: .3734 troy ounce
QTY Available: 44 Coins Total
37 Napoleon I, 5 Louis Phillipe, 2 Louis XVIII
This group has a strict 5 coin maximum per household.
Actual coin size roughly 2x as big as pictured
French Ceres 20 franc


Rationale: The French 40 Francs were minted for about 30 years from 1802 until 1839. Survival rates are very low and mintages for each coin are well under one million pieces. Moreover, it goes without saying, Napoleon I gold coins represent some of the most sought after historic coins in the market, and for premiums to spot lower than historic US coins, and lower even the modern Silver Eagles, the value is undeniable. We sense these will be the most popular heirloom-type pieces offered in this month's special, and have, as such, elected to maintain a 5 coin maximum per household.


Group #2
French 10 Franc VF/XF
Actual Gold Content: .09335 troy ounce
QTY Available
: 400 Mixed Ceres/Napoleon III

10 francs

Rationale: Many of our clients prefer smaller, more negotiable gold coins for an economic and/or high gold price environment where increased divisibility, and the option to 'not sell more gold than you have to' may prove an advantage. In this offer, we are making these 10 Franc gold coins that come in just below 1/10 of an ounce (.09335 oz) available for less premium than the same sized modern bullion coin (i.e. 1/10 oz US Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf). Yes, you read that correctly.


Group #3
French 20 Franc CeresXF/AU
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce
QTY Available: 600

French Ceres 20 franc

Rationale: There's two things to like about this group. The first is price, and the second...PRICE. Simply put, we got a great deal on these coins and are happy to pass on the savings to our clients. Even in an environment where gold and silver shortages are cropping up all over the place, these will represent the least expensive pre-1933 gold coins we have offered this year. And they have a good story too. Minted for only three years from 1849-1851, they were the coin of the Second Republic of France, a government who's elected president was Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew, Napoleon III. When Napoleon III learned he'd not be allowed a run at re-election in 1852, he quickly abolished the democratic government and inserted himself as Emperor, thereby ending the production of the Fr. Ceres 20 Franc coins, and the Second Republic of France.


Group #4
French 50 Franc Napoleon
Actual Gold Content: .46675 troy ounce
QTY Available: 50

French Ceres 20 franc

Rationale:  In the historical era, larger gold coins - those nearing 1/2 ounce or greater - were very uncommon. Think of it like a $500 bill.  They did not make a lot of sense relative to goods and services, and were therefore minted in vastly lower numbers than their smaller brethren.  In fact, the Fr. 50 Franc, US $10 gold piece, and Mexico 20 Pesos are the only affordable historic coins in the half ounce size.  The French 50 Franc is both the oldest (minted from 1855-1868) and the scarcest with only roughly 600,000 pieces minted in total.  This is also the nicest group of 50 Francs we have ever seen here, with most of the coins a nice Almost Uncirculated grade and even some Uncirculated (like pictured here) coins mixed in.  


Group #5
Mixed French 20 Franc - Louis XVIII & Louis Phillipe - XF/AU

Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce
QTY Available - 205 Louis XVIII & 145 Louis Phillipe

French Ceres 20 franc

Rationale: For the first time in company history, and for just two percent more than the heavily discounted Ceres coins, you can own coins that are truly from another era. Minted from 1814-1846, these coins are anywhere from 170 to 200 years old, and represent a time of great change in France, marked by conflict between royalists who wished to maintain the old ways of abosolute monarchy and revolutionists who longed for constituional rule. Louis XVIII's rule immediately followed that of Napoleon, with the coins bearing his visage minted for just eleven years from 1814-1824. The Louis Phillipe 20 Francs were minted from 1830-1846.  Both coins make great companions to the French Ceres 20 Francs, and represent the lowest premium coins minted prior to 1850 we have ever had the privilege of offering at USAGOLD!


Please call to confirm your order.
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