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French 20 Franc "Lucky Angel" Gold Coins

Pricing is as follows, based on gold at $1,206.17*:
Quantities available updated 12/9 5PM

Brilliant Uncirculated
QTY Available: 500 432 98
10k +:45.45/coin
25k +:45.20/coin
50k +:44.96/coin

Extra Fine/Almost Uncirculated
QTY Available: 400 120 300 93 83
10k +: 252.18/coin
25k +:252.86/coin
50k +:251.51/coin

We had a client switch from XF/AU to BU coins, represented in the reversal of available quantity in the XF/AU varities

Quantity discounts apply to mix/match orders and are reflect aggregate investment total.

*Free shipping will be provided on all orders over $5,000 ($35 otherwise).

*Pricing above is for payment by personal check or bank wire.

Orders filled on first-come, first-served basis, strictly limited to available inventory.

Prices will adjust with the spot price of gold

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French "Lucky Angel" Pendants


Priced at $485/Pendant

Pendants can be ordered online with credit card!

Or call 1-800-869-5115 Ext. 106 and ask for Marie!

Free shipping.

Orders must be placed by December 20th to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Orders filled on first-come, first-served basis, strictly limited to available inventory.

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December Special Offer

French 20 Franc "Lucky Angel" Gold Coins



Minted: 1878-1913
Fineness: .900
Grade: XF/BU


We decided to close out 2015 by offering a perennial favorite amongst historical bullion coin owners - the elusive and highly coveted French 20 Franc “Lucky Angel” gold coin.  We have two groups of coins - the first, a 500 coin lot of Brilliant Uncirculated specimens and the second, a smaller group of 400 slightly circulated Extra Fine/Almost Uncirculated coins. French Angels typically 'sell themselves', but a couple of additional thoughts about this group in particular...

The BU coins are simply stunning - some of the best we have ever seen - and are a 'must have' for our clients interested in adding to their heirloom-type positions.  Available here at a competitive price to more common circulated European options like British Sovereigns, these BU French Angels offer all the added advantages of divisible liquidity and insulation against government intervention associated with fractional historic bullion coin ownership, and the opportunity to secure a marvelously preserved and significant piece of history in the process.  For the XF/AU coins, we opted to discount handsomely to the point where they are offered for less per ounce than 1/10 ounce modern bullion coins.  This part of our offer should therefore find itself squarely in the 'no brainer zone' for those who want the most gold for their money while securing smaller, more negotiable fractional gold coins.

It is also worth a quick note to point out that we have only 6 of our Fr. Angel Bezel necklaces remaining for sale for this holiday season.  This always popular gift is a sure fire hit and is nearly sold out for the season.

And last, don’t forget to read the history below.  The story of the French Angel is a truly remarkable one.

For the holidays this year give the gift of Gold!

Coin & Bezel Pendant
(includes 18 inch 14-karat gold chain)

Angel Pendant

Lucky Angel Pendant
To learn more or order online



Owning the famous French Angel gold coin has always been considered good luck. Legend has it that an earlier version accompanied Napoleon in his quest to conquer Europe. He carried it in the long march to Russia and back until he finally misplaced it -- the day before the Battle of Waterloo. When the coin's designer, Augustine Dupre, was sentenced to death, he held a gold Angel as he prayed for his life; it caught the eye of his guard, allowing him to 'negotiate' his escape from the guillotine.

hfgThere are literally thousands of stories about the powers of the 'French Angel.' There are stories of people who claim their lives were saved during some tragic event to those who extol its healing powers from terminal cancer and other diseases. I have even found websites where many have told their stories. Never have I seen so much mysticism surrounding a numismatic coin. This is a coin that any collector can enjoy for its beauty, but the stories behind this coin really make it a collectors' must have piece. -- Raymond Hanisco, Coin Collecting Editor, Bella Online.


The French Angel characterizes the ideals of the French Revolution. Symbolically, the angel depicted on the obverse represents the Spirit of France and he is shown on the coin writing the French Constitution. A rooster symbolizing vigilance appears next to the angel. Behind the angel stands the fasces or bundle of rods - a symbol of power previously carried by Roman magistrates. On top of the fasces is the Cap of Liberty, which also appears on U.S. coinage with the same meaning. The slogan Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite appears on the reverse along with the date.

French Angels used to be readily available, but supply has waned considerably in the last five years. Large lots rarely come available, and when they do, are typically quite expensive.

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