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Sweden 20 Kronor Oscar II

Sweden 20 kronor
Oscar II

Minted 1873 - 1902
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .2593 troy ounce

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Over our many years of handling pre-1933 European gold coins, we have offered the Oscar II from Sweden as a special just twice, though we consistently get availability inquiries. The reason? Swedish 20 Kroner gold coins are difficult to find. The mintages are low to begin with, and the availability of large hoards is hit and miss. The mintages on the entire issue of the 20 Kroner are less than 12 million pieces -- very small when compared to the British Sovereigns and Netherlands Guilders, by way of example, which were minted in the multi-millions.

Oscar IIThese hefty specimens are eye-catchers and the state of preservation usually high. There are two mintage types: The first minted from 1877 to 1899 depicts a young Oscar II while the second minted from 1900 to 1902 (not shown) portrays a mature Oscar II. The heraldic side of the coin is particularly striking.

Oscar II was a man of culture and learning -- an able musician and writer. His reign was noted for Sweden's industrialization. This was also the period when approximately 1.5 million Swedes emigrated to the United States and settled largely in the upper American midwest. This coin is an excellent companion piece for the Denmark 20 Kronor.

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