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US $20 St Gauden MS66

St Gauden ms66

Minted: 1850-1907
Gross Weight: 33.346 grams
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .9675 troy ounce

Our April special featuring the Gem Grade MS66 $20 St. Gaudens may not be for everyone, but for those that it does make sense, it may represent one of the best, if not the best, opportunities for long-term growth in the gold market today.  In our opinion, this product is the ideal portfolio inclusion for the individual who already has a strong position in precious metals and can appreciate both the speculative potential as well as the heirloom-type value of setting aside something like this for the long-term.  Put simply, you would be hard-pressed to find a more undervalued, yet deeply liquid, space in the entire gold market.  

How undervalued?  Take a quick look at the attached graph.  You will notice that not only are these coins available at the same price range in which they traded in 2005 - when gold was $500 - they are currently trading just above their lowest price EVER!  Moreover, only five years ago (2010), you would have had to pay upwards of $4000 per coin at roughly the same price of gold.  

MS66 Graph

If our efforts in regards to this special are any indication, we believe this market may be nearing an inflection point.  We literally purchased every coin we could find in the entire market - and only managed forty coins.  Forty!  And it was conveyed to us that such an inventory took several months to build in and of itself.  All told, once investors purchase these coins, they rarely see the light of day.  They tend to go into safe-deposit boxes and stay there.  Put another way, as one of our suppliers succinctly put it,  "If an investor wanted to buy 100 MS66 $20 St. Gaudens tomorrow, it couldn't be done."

And perhaps best of all, through our bulk purchase of these coins, we are able to offer them at a discounted rate of $2650 per coin -  a full $250 lower than current suggested retail at PCGS.com.  


Payment by personal check or bank wire

Graded/Encapsulated MS66 NGC or PCGS

No Minimum.  Maximum of 20. (given the extremely limited quantity and to allow for broader participation amongst our clients)

All orders will be shipped for free, insurance included

First-come, first-served, quantity available strictly limited to the 40 coins offered

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