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Denmark 10 Kroner - Mermaid

Denmark 10 kroner
(Christian IX, "Mermaid" )

Minted 1873 - 1900
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1296 troy ounce

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Dates Total Mintage
1873/4 369,000
1877 98,000
1890 151,000
1898 100,000
Total: 922,000
The "Mermaid" 10 kronor has a total mintage of only 1.5 million, as compared to the nearly 110 million mintage of its period cousin, the Queen Victoria sovereigns. It gets its name because the dolphin near the bottom of the coin seems to merge at Lady Liberty's feet. Christian IX, pictured on the obverse of the coin, was known as the 'father-in-law' of Europe because two of his daughters and one son married into the royal lines of England, Russia and Greece respectively. His grandson became the king of Norway. This coin is exceedingly popular not only with the people of Denmark, for whom the mermaid is the national symbol of their country, but with collectors/investors the world over


Coins & bullion since 1973

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