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Italy 20 lira Vittorio Emanuele

Italy 20 lira
Vittorio Emanuele II

Minted 1861 - 1874
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

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Italian crestVictor Emanuele's place in history is inextricably connected to that ofGiuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian revolutionary leader with whom he collaborated to unite Italy under a single kingdom in the mid-19th century.

Prior to that, Italy was a loose confederation of states. Known amongthe Italian people as 'the honest king,' Victor Emmanuel became the symbol and central figure of the 'Risorgimento,' and spent the rest of his monarchy consolidating the new kingdom.

He was succeeded by his son, Umberto I, who was known for his inclination to constitutional government. Generally seen as good-humored, tender-hearted and generous, he was thought by his subjects as 'Umberto the Good.' The beloved leader fell to an assassin's bullets in 1900.

The Italian 20 Lira coinage under Emanuele and Umberto was relatively short-lived and the mintages small when compared to other items in its genre. These items are generally available in uncirculated condition and are essential to any collection of 19th and 20th century gold coins. Despite the small mintage, the pricing is favorable.

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