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Fineness: .9999
Actual Gold Content: 1.60756 oz (50 grams)
Size:74.00 x 52.50 x 0.55mm
hickness: 0.8mm

Please note: We encourage you to compare our prices to those of firms with
high profile national media campaigns. Volume discounts available.

The 50 gram Valcambi CombiBar™ is the best known multifunctional bar in the world. It is technically designed to serve as an investment bar, though has been dubbed a "chocolate bar" because it can be divided by hand into one gram pieces and used as payment in emergency. This product is popular among investors seeking greater negotiability within their gold ownership. This product enjoys competitive bid/ask spreads far lower than other options in the small fractional product category, namely 1/10 oz. bullion coins and 1 gram gold bars.

Caution to our clients: This is an intriguing product, but we do see a few potential problems in owning it. First, when any 1 gram portion has been broken from the bar, you will no longer be able to sell the product as a complete unit. In other words, you will forever be relegated to liquidating individual gram pieces, which will take away the option of liquidating in the investment market and could dampen your resale value. Moreover, once the original protective seal that encases the product has been broken, you will encounter the same issues of liquidity common of any gold bar, where the authenticity/continuity of the product may come into question, requiring a process of verification/authentication to be completed prior to sale.


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