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(Gold $20 Liberty) (Gold $20 St. Gaudens) (Morgan Silver Dollar) (Peace Silver Dollar)

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Collector U.S. Gold Coins and Silver Dollars have become a very important portfolio inclusion for those seeking a higher risk-reward ratio within their gold holdings. These coins should not be viewed as a proxy for the portfolio insurance aspect found in bullion bars, bullion coins and the low-premium pre-1933 world gold coins. That having been established, the gold collector coin market offers a double-play profit potential. First, because of their high gold content, they react well to rising gold price. Secondly, premiums can escalate to multiples of the gold value due to the interplay of static supply and elastic demand. Collector U.S. Gold & Silver Dollars also offer privacy advantages, and have attracted heightened interest with investors in recent months. Our recommendations of grade quality for $20 Gold Pieces and Silver Dollars changes with market conditions. Call Centennial for full details and consultation on this matter.

Quantity discounts are available. Trades welcome. We offer a convenient program converting among bullion or pre-1933 world gold coins and the items recommended above.

We repurchase only coins originally sold by USAGOLD / Centennial Precious Metals.

All coins graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numimatic Guaranty Corp. (NGC)

Cautionary note: The rare coin market can be very volatile both on the upside and downside. We therefore recommend a holding period of at least three years.

"The provisions of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 and the Executive Orders and banking laws of 1933, which originally demonetized and confiscated all outstanding gold coin in the United States, prohibited the individual possession of gold bullion (or any other recognizable use of gold as a store of value). However, they ... permitted the retention of gold coins of "recognizable numismatic value." Failure of the original legislation to define adequately what constituted recognizable numismatic value caused considerable confusion for some years, but in general, the parts of the gold regulations concerning numismatics were not rigidly enforced - at least not to the point of harassing collectors of gold coins.

In 1954, the Treasury Department recognized at last that the time had come to legitimize the numismatic gold market. Consequently, an amendment was made to the Gold regulations, to the effect that all gold coins minted prior to 1933 would subsequently be presumed to be rare and of recognized special value to collectors, without the necessity of further specific determinations by the Treasury. Coins minted after 1933 were still subject to specific Treasury Department rulings, which were to be base on the advice of the Curator of Numismatics of the United States National Museum. All U.S. gold coins and the vast majority of foreign gold coins were thus freed from the overhanging threat of confiscation..."

--Commentary by Donald J. Hoppe, 1970

We refer our privacy-minded buyers to the important report:
You Can Survive a Potential Gold Confiscation

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