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Client note: If you are interested in bulk purchases of contemporary gold bullion coins or gold-related pre-1933 coins, please call our offices for current quotes and recommendations.


Bulk United States Gold Coins*

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Volume discounts available.
Click on coin images for specifications and history.

$20 Liberty
Brilliant Uncirculated

$20 Liberty gold coin

$20 St. Gaudens
Brilliant Uncirculated

$20 St. Gaudens gold coin

$10 Liberty
Brilliant Uncirculated

$10 Liberty gold coin

$10 Indian
Brilliant Uncirculated

$10 Indian gold coin

$5 Liberty
Brilliant Uncirculated

$5 Liberty
$5 Indian
Brilliant Uncirculated

$5 Indian gold coin


Graded United States Gold Coins**
Volume discounts available. Please call.
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USAGOLD Index of Graded $20 Gold Pieces
Updated price and premium research

$20 Liberty


$20 Liberty

graded gold coin
$20 Liberty

Liberty MS 64

$20 St. Gaudens

graded gold coin


$20 St. Gaudens

St. Gauden MS64


$20 St. Gaudens

St. Gauden ms65



Order your five piece 'index unit' set of graded United States $20 gold pieces


Includes one each of the five grades listed in the study linked below -- a solid introduction
to diversifying your gold portfolio that tracks the USAGOLD Index of Graded $20 Gold Pieces.

Set priced at a $100 discount to individual coin prices.

Extension #110
Jonathan Kosares

USAGOLD Index of Graded $20 Gold Pieces
Updated price and premium resarch

* These items generally trade in bulk quantities and trend loosely with the gold price over time, but do not directly track it. Premiums, the value of the coin above and beyond its melt value, can fluctuate up or down based on overall supply and demand. Please bookmark this page to check current prices

** All items offered by USAGOLD have been graded by either the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) -- the two most widely-accepted independent coin grading services. These items do not necessarily track the gold price. Instead, they trade at levels dictated by the ebb and flow of collector/investor and dealer purchases and liquidations. We generally recommend this area of the market to those who already own bullion or gold-based pre-1933 gold coins and who wish to include a higher element of risk/reward in their portfolios.We recommend a three to five year minimum holding period for these items. Please bookmark this page to check current prices.

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For the purposes of address verification and customer authentication, a credit card can only be used for the USAGOLD's Collectible Gold Coins Online after a customer has fully completed an initial order with payment by personal check or bank wire and has a confirmed delivery of goods ordered. The delivery address for credit card orders must match the billing address for the credit card and be the customer's address of record at USAGOLD. New customers can place an order in our online shopping cart to hold a price, but will be contacted by phone to complete payment for the order via bank wire or personal check. Any change of address for existing clients must also repeat the verification process just described before credit card payments can once again be accepted. Only United States orders accepted.The maximum accepted amount that may be paid by credit card is $20,000.

Availability strictly limited to existing inventory. We will contact you if your order exceeds existing inventory for a particular item.


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