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Belgian 20 Francs

Belgian 20 Franc

Minted 1867 - 1882
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

If one takes the time to contrast the computerized replication of modern currencies at little or no cost with the old world elegance, solidity and beauty of these Belgian gold coins, the argument for gold ownership makes itself. The "Leopold" invokes a simpler time when the long-term purchasing power of the national money was not an issue and the great nations of the world forthrightly made their money from gold. The saver knew that 20 francs deposited would translate to the same 20 francs in value when withdrawn.

LeapoLeopold II, whose portrait this coin bears, ruled Belgium from 1869 until his death in 1909. Leopold believed that establishing overseas colonies was the key to a country's success, and he worked tirelessly to acquire colonial territory on the behalf of Belgium. Receiving little support from the Belgian government or the Belgian people, Leopold formed a private holding company to pursue his colonial interests. In 1879, Leopold hired the famous explorer Henry Morton Stanley to establish a colony in the Congo region of Africa. At the Berlin Conference in 1885, representatives from the United States and European countries recognized Leopold as sovereign of the Congo Free State, an area roughly 75 times the size of Belgium. History does not look kindly on Leopold's actions from this point forward, as the King exploited horribly both the people and the land in the Congo region. Though he generated substantial personal wealth through the procurement of rubber and ivory, the Belgian parliament ultimately forced him to cede the land to his country in 1908.

The obverse shows Leopold II facing right. On the reverse is the Belgian coat of arms, and the inscription, "L' Union Fait La Force" or "The Union Makes Strength".

"Leopolds" are slightly more difficult to obtain than other twenty franc gold coins, and the average condition is slightly below that of the more readily available British Sovereign or Swiss Helvetia


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Gold dealers index of gold coin images - popular investments
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