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Gifting Pre-1933 Gold Coins
Gold and so much more

Help your family by gifting what just might be the best opportunity in the gold market today. The longer-term holding period for most gifts complements the timeline for awakening the sleeping opportunity in pre-1933 gold coins.

pre-1933 gold coins

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Did you know that you can gift gold to your children or grandchildren?

Confronting an uncertain future, gold coins and bullion may prove better than cash as a vehicle to outpace inflation -- even the aggressive gait of the two leading objectives of most donors: residential real estate and college tuition. [See stats.] A gift of gold, offering a solid alternative to the vulnerability of paper-based savings, could become a substantial part of the answer you're looking for in these trying economic times to help turn your family's dreams into reality.

At present, gifts are non-taxable up to $13,000 per recipient per year, can be given to any number of people, and thereby provide a convenient and legal avenue to bypass the otherwise inevitable inheritance and/or estate taxes on the gifted portion of your wealth. Gift-splitting provides even more power to transfer wealth. If you are married, you and your spouse can seperately give tax-free gifts up to $13,000 each to the same recipents, equating to a total annual non-taxable transfer of $26,000 per recipient. And again, you can provide these seperate gifts to as many recipients as you wish. Furthermore, gifting through the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) may provide additional tax benefits while allowing you (or another responsible adult) to serve in a custodial capacity for the benefit of a minor recipient. As always on matters of taxation and tax planning, including various gifting strategies, we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

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