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Shanghai settles 96% of gold trades in physical metal
Absorbs 90% of global gold mine production

ALSO. . .
What is China up to in the silver market?
Was Brexit the real black swan or is there something even more worrisome on the horizon?
What is Caesaropapism and what does it have to do with gold?
How is it that even the best of minds with the best of intentions can occasionally lead the populace over a cliff?
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News & Views - Forecasts, Commentary & Analysis on the Economy and Precious Metals is the contemporary, web-based version of our client letter which traces its beginnings to the early 1990s as a hard-copy newsletter mailed to our clientele. Its principal objectives have always been the same – to keep our clients informed on important developments in the gold market, condense the available gold-based news and opinion into a brief, readable digest, and to counter the traditional anti-gold bias in the mainstream media. That formula has won it a five-figure subscription base. In addition to our regular newsletters, we occasionally publish in-depth special reports that focus on events and developments of interest to gold owners. Valued for their insight, accuracy and reliability, our publications are linked and reprinted by a large number of websites both in the United States and around the globe.

Editor: Michael J. Kosares, founder of USAGOLD and author of The ABCs of Gold Investing - How to Protect and Build Your Wealth With Gold.



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