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Start the New Year with something a bit different from the ordinary end of year musings. . . .

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

spotnewyearsmJust released. . . 

The Gold Owner’s Guide to 2015
by Michael J. Kosares

“At the start of 2015, armchair economist-gold owners like Mr. Spot — pictured left in his study — remain content, confident and assured this New Year’s Eve. He does not own gold simply to make profit. He owns it to protect the wealth he has already garnered. . .”

An in-depth look at the upcoming year with a little philosophy included AND a couple new Ed Stein cartoons for good effect. . . . . . . . . .


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Gold Capitulation? Not Likely

Clients and Friends,

We hope you enjoy our latest special report entitled:

Gold Capitulation? Not Likely
If you’re waiting for capitulation in the gold market, don’t hold your breath – An argument for why the bottom in gold will come with a whimper, not a bang and why the mainstream media might be looking for capitulation in the wrong place.

Click here to read on.

by Jonathan Kosares
Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing – USAGOLD

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The Reinvention of Alan Greenspan

Newly released! 
USAGOLD’s Review & Outlook

Special Report
The Reinvention of Alan Greenspan
Former chairman calls Fed balance sheet a tinder box, endorses private gold ownership

by Michael J. Kosares


Greenspan Says Spending Less Effective Than Expected“[Greenspan] tells us unambiguously that the Fed’s power is limited; that its policies by and large are dictated by forces outside its control (as mentioned earlier, he exclaimed at one point that he ‘never said the Fed was independent’); and that the Fed’s options are restricted by the overwhelming needs of a government fiscally out of control. What’s more he recommends gold to the citizenry as a financial defense. Tellingly, the man who was once called ‘maestro’ for his apparent mastery of economic orchestration appears to have been humbled by his experience. His born again embrace of gold, and as one of the Fed’s most vocal critics, should be viewed as one of the more important curtain calls of the modern era. I am surprised that more has not been made of it.”

Please visit this link for the complete article.  It also includes a new Ed Stein cartoon on gold.


We invite you to sign-up to receive an e-mail alert the next time we publish an issue of Review & Outlook.  We won’t deluge you with e-mails and you can opt out at any time.

Special welcome note………………….We note a large spike in new visitors to the USAGOLD website due, no doubt, to the latest price correction.  We welcome all the new visitors and invite you to make USAGOLD your destination website for gold-based information.

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Why China thinks gold is the buy of the century (. . . In one easy lesson)


We’ve just released the October issue of USAGOLD’s Review & Outlook.  This Special Report reviews China’s strong interest in gold in light of its massive $4 trillion in foreign exchange reserves.  China is not just a buyer of gold, it is a willing buyer with massive pent-up purchasing power.

To read the details, we invite you to visit this month’s issue.


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Client-Only Offer Sold Out in Ten Minutes!

Many thanks to our clients who participated in our client only offer today on the Belgian 20 Franc Military Albert I gold coins. Our 100 coin grouping sold out in just 10 minutes, making it one of the most successful flash specials to date.


If you are a client and would like to participate in special offers like these but didn’t receive today’s mailer, please contact Jen at and make sure you’re information is up to date on our list.

Jonathan Kosares
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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What you can do if you paid very high premium prices for independently graded proof silver American Eagles within your IRA

IRA Investor Alert

Are you worried that you may have overpaid for Proof Silver Eagles in your IRA?

We have been contacted recently by a growing number of individuals who have dealt with firms, many of whom are no longer in business, that encouraged them to purchase Proof Silver Eagles within their IRA or other retirement plan. The consistent story we hear is that they paid one price for the coins from their broker, only to receive their statement from the IRA company showing a value substantially lower than what they paid. A call to their broker would result in a response along the lines of, “The IRA company isn’t valuing the product correctly, as they aren’t including the rarity premium. These are a great investment, and they are only going to get rarer!”

Sound familiar?

The bad news is that your IRA custodian is likely closer to being correct. The only Proof Silver Eagles that carry meaningful premiums were produced in the 1990’s, when mintages were much lower, before interest in silver took off after Y2K. As it stands now, all coins dated 2001 or later are considered common, and are unlikely to see growth in rarity or premium value anytime soon. Even today, a 2001 Proof Silver Eagle is valued identically to a 2012 dated coin.

In fact, when studying price performance over the past decade, the unfortunate reality is that, generally speaking, premiums on proof silver eagles actually tend to decline as the price rises. For example, one could liquidate a Proof Silver Eagle at roughly $30 in premium to spot silver right now, but as recently as 2012, when silver traded at $35 per ounce, Proof Silver Eagles fetched only $55 (a $20 premium). Even when silver exploded to just shy of $50 per ounce in 2011, they were only valued at $65 and at only a $15 premium!

Note: For what it’s worth, USAGOLD has never once placed a single proof Gold or Silver American Eagle in a client IRA.

The bottom line, depending on what you paid, you may be waiting a long time just to break even. And even if you’re already at or near break even, you may be similarly limiting your future profit potential.

But there is some good news in all of this.

At USAGOLD, we have developed a workable, straightforward strategy that could shorten your recovery time and reduce the amount silver would need to rise in order for you to break even and maximize your profit potential moving forward. To review whether or not this strategy can work in your particular situation, we invite you to contact us. Time is of the essence. For those that act now, break even could be as close as $35 silver depending on your original entry cost. But ironically, for those who wait for $35 silver to employ this strategy, break even could be pushed out to $55 silver or higher.

Recent Testimonial

“The broker for my IRA recently folded their tent and departed. Alarmed, I contacted USAGOLD with whom I had found great satisfaction over the past several decades in various metal sales and purchases. Their staff assumed the brokerage for the IRA account, made sound suggestions for restructuring its investments and have given me great peace of mind.” — H. E. A, M.D. /  Meridian, Idaho


Please contact us for further information.

Extension #100
6 am to 6 pm daily


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The interest rate trap. . . .

. . . . and what it means to the gold market

by Michael J. Kosares

The September edition of Review & Outlook explores the impact of rising interest rates on the government’s fiscal position with some surprising, perhaps shocking, conclusions.

Review & Outlook, September 2014

“The continuing inability of the U.S. federal government to come to grips with its fiscal problems largely explains the enduring, some would say stubborn, presence of gold coins and bullion in millions of investment portfolios around the world – including those of central banks, hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds. Until such time as fiscal rectitude takes hold in the halls of Congress — an unlikely proposition any time soon – current gold owners are likely to hold tight and new gold owners are likely to continue joining their ranks.  In the end, contemporary gold owners by and large do not own gold to become wealthy, but to protect the wealth they already have.”


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Don’t fool Mother Nature


Just a short note to say that the first afternoon of the July special went very well.  Almost one-third of the offer is already spoken-for.  Ceres, whose portrait graces the obverse of the coin, is Ancient Rome’s version of Mother Nature.  This is the first time we have ever had a tranche of this item in a largish quantity…..Usually we can find a few coins here and there but we have never had a thousand coins to offer before.

A good opportunity to pick up an item with long-term premium potential at a great price (gold coins from the 1850s)

Offer and rationale


1-800-869-5115, Extension #100

First-come, first-served (only about 700 left)

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The only “Why Gold” infographic you will ever need

NEW PAGE!  USAGOLD Reference Library


by Jeff Desjardins/The Visual Capitalist

This five part infographic on gold will educate and delight prospective and experienced gold owners alike. Not the stuff of dry economics, it reveals in roughly 15-minutes viewing time how gold came to be mankind’s most revered form of money and safe haven asset, and why it is likely to remain so for a long time to come.

Reprinted with the kind permission of Jeff Desjardins and the Visual Capitalist.  We recommend your visit to the site.

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New USAGOLD Video RoundTable

Just released!

USAGOLD Roundtable featuring Pete Grant, Jonathan Kosares and George Cooper explores the meaning of the 2014 Central Bank Gold Agreement, peak gold and the prospect of lower than low interest rates for a long time to come:

What might be the impact on the gold market going forward?

We think you will enjoy and learn from this latest addition to our videos file. . . . . . . . .


“The point of owning gold is NOT to get rich but to stay rich, and sometimes, simply by staying rich, you can become very wealthy indeed.” – Grant Williams writing for Mauldin Economics
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New gold and silver price history pages

We have upgraded our gold history page and added a silver history page, due to the large number of visitors — old and new — now interested in silver ownership.  The hub page includes a live monthly chart wherein you can toggle between gold and silver with ease (go to “Instruments” button). We have kept the old url for this page so you do not need to re-bookmark.

The individual gold and silver history pages contain the daily prices for each from 1996 to present. Our gold and silver prices freeze each day at 3 pm Mountain Time, but the USAGOLD pricing day begins 3 pm the previous day.

Our pricing system draws from the FOREX gold and silver spot prices, represented by the symbols XAUUSD and XAGUSD respectively — the composite prices arrived at by various trading banks and brokerages in the over-the-counter gold and silver markets. Forex prices are the most widely used and quoted by the precious metals industry.

Here’s what our chart looks like (crafted/programmed by USAGOLD webmaster Jen Hyde).  Note the crosshairs device to isolate date, price, open, high, low, close:




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May Special: What an extra $25/oz will buy you…

Clients and Friends,

We launched our May special yesterday to strong demand. Many of the products are already nearly sold out, but small quantities do still remain. Here is a link to the offer in case you missed it:


Featuring: German 20 Mark BU, Belgian 20 Franc BU, Italy 20 Lira BU, French 10 Francs, British 1/2 Sovereigns, and Hungary 20 Kroner BU

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Gold chartology update

Please note:

Posted here is a dedicated webpage featuring our latest gold chartology [reformat of the Review & Outlook article] titled Gold Charts  – The case for gold right now 

Both pages are now updated with two new charts that will be of interest:

1. Real Rate of Return on Dollar (One-Year U.S. Treasury Yield)
Shows predominant trend of low to negative returns on dollar savings versus Consumer Price Index

2. Real Rate of Return on Gold
Shows predominant trend of positive returns on gold as savings vehicle versus Consumer Price Index

USAGOLD chartology makes use of the St. Louis Fed’s versatile FRED charting program.  Our charts update automatically and give us the capability of making both one and two-dimensional presentations highlighting the case for gold right now.  The goal with these pages is to present and maintain a no-nonsense easily accessed and assimilated rationale for gold ownership. The Review & Outlook version represents something of a breakthrough from our perspective — an investment newsletter that automatically updates over time.  These charts also format on tablets and smartphones making them bookmark candidates for portable and conversational reference.

Example –

London Gold Price 1968 to present (Log Scale)
Shows gold’s current secular bull market in relative scale to the 1970s bull market

USAGOLD note:  This chart drawn on the log scale argues effectively that gold’s bull market has not run its course, as some of its critics have claimed.  The price appreciation thus far compares favorably with the first leg of the 1971-1974 run-up, not the 1979-1980 peak, and argues graphically that gold’s best days might still lie ahead.

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USAGOLD Review and Outlook – March 2014

The Case for Gold Right Now

This month’s edition of Review and Outlook is for those who do not like a lot of verbiage to justify an investment decision — just the facts.

A collection of charts courtesy of the St. Louis Fed that is sure to pique your interest:


We invite you to bookmark this page as these charts will update automatically as new data is released.

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March Special – Roughly 30 coins remain

Demand for our special on the MS63 $20 Liberties remained strong Friday, leaving only about 30 of the 200 coins left for sale today. Here again is the link to our March special. Available only as long as these supplies last.

63 Liberty

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Limited special offer


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New Gilded Opinion Library entry. . .

sc flag

Appetite for Distraction by Grant Williams, Mauldin Economics

Editor’s Note: In Appetite for Distraction Mauldin Economics’ Grant Williams offers a timely and entertaining rendering on gold as a means to long-term wealth preservation. As most of you already know, we at USAGOLD also see gold’s principle role as portfolio insurance. Mr. Williams very effectively makes the point at our Gilded Opinion Library (where we archive items of enduring value to gold owners.) We invite your frequent visit to the GOL — a page that has been a feature at this website for a good many years. MK


Image above = South Carolina state flag. (You will need to read the article to know why we posted it.)

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February Special Now Officially SOLD OUT

Our February special on oversized pre-1933 gold coins is now officially SOLD OUT. Many thanks to all who participated in this month’s offer.

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USAGOLD – lightening fast upgrade all yours

Don’t know if you might have noticed. . .but we just completed a server upgrade that makes us faster than the speed of sound  or light or your mouse – whichever comes first. . . .

Proud of the work of our own staff led by Jen H. (whose name you might recognize) and E-Street — who we have been with since the dawn of the internet age. Puts a smile on our faces and a glow in our (sometimes geeky) hearts ………….

Lightning fast and state of the art. . .Gotta love it.

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Automatically updated economic charts, live-real-time

Care to know the current federal debt held by foreign & international investors?  How the dollar has fared against a basket of major currencies?  Or even the current average 30-year mortgage rate or a chart on the Dow Jones Industrial Average?  The accumulated national debt [groan]? You can find that and more at a page that is kind of hidden at the USAGOLD website, but one that is very valuable to the astute money manager nevertheless…………..

Monetary data charts offered here in conjunction with the St. Louis Federal Reserve

Also accessible through the Charts, Stats and Essays button on our main links menu.

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February Special: LARGE pre-1933 gold coins

Transport yourself back to the late-1800’s and imagine what it might have felt like to carry a coin weighing in at just below a full ounce of gold. Only a fortunate few would have had such an opportunity, as coins of such size and value were akin to carrying around $1500 dollar bills in today’s money, a notion as unusual then as it would be today. Given their limited practical application, only a handful of countries produced ‘large’ gold coins in the historical era, making any surviving options rare and often prohibitively expensive.

The most commonly traded and the so called ‘benchmarks’ for the small subsection of the historic coin market referred to as ‘large pre-1933 gold coins’, are the United States $10 and $20 gold pieces. Alternative options are few and far between, and when they do surface, their price usually reflects their rarity. Frankly, we don’t usually offer them, as they typically sell for intimidating premiums when compared to the more common US coin options. So when the items offered in our February Special turned up at rock bottom prices, we couldn’t refuse:

What: Select groups of the hefty France 50 and 100 Francs and Mexico 20 and 50 Pesos.

Pricing/Details/Availability: Click Here.

Or give us a call: 1-800-869-5115 x 100

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Black Swans – A chronology of panics, mania, crashes and collapses from 400 BC to present


by Michael Kosares

With the news of the latest currency crisis in Argentina and a global contagion effect surfacing in Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, India and Russia, and other venues yet to be determined, perhaps the publication of this new page is timely.

From the Introduction. . .

“You say: ‘I did not think it would happen.’ do you think there is anything that will not happen, when you know that it is possible to happen, when you see that it has already happened?” – Seneca, 62AD at the time of Emperor Nero’s debasement of Roman coinage

This chronology was compiled as an accompaniment to my short study on the four most commonly predicted worst-case economic scenarios – Black Swans, Yellow Gold: How gold performs during periods of deflation, chronic disinflation, runaway stagflation and hyperinflation. My original intent was to make a short list that would illustrate the frequency with which periods of economic breakdown made their appearance in the historical record. Little did I know how extensive a project it would become. So much so, that it became worthy, as you can see, of its own web page.

Panics, mania, crashes and collapses, as it turns out, are as common to financial history as thunderstorms to placid summer afternoons. They tend to show up suddenly, wreak more than their fair share of havoc and recede into the history books only after endless discussion on their causes and cures. Whether brought on by popular delusion, unscrupulous market operators, misguided governments and/or central banks or some random, unforeseen shock, black swan events are part and parcel of the human experience and just as permanent a fixture in our collective history as wars and natural disasters.

Those who think it can’t happen here, or that this time around it’s different, should take note of the number of black swan events in American history alone. The record is formidable. Gold ownership is traditionally a form of battening down the hatches against these recurring storms, and for the minority who adhere to it, an effective and ever-ready defense. Nialls Ferguson, the economic philosopher, summed up what a good many were thinking in the wake of the 2008 meltdown when he said, “Those few goldbugs who always doubted the soundness of fiat money — paper currency without a metal anchor — have in large measure been vindicated. But why were the rest of us so blinded by money illusion?” Why indeed. . .

The full chronology is posted HERE – part of USAGOLD’s extensive and useful Reference Library.

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Dutch Kings Special Offer

With thanks to all who participated.


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“I happily recommend USAGOLD to others.”

TESTIMONIAL LETTER from new client. . .


As a new investor in precious metals, my first priority in searching for a dealer was to find one I could trust. USAGOLD’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and its long-term zero complaint record were significant in this regard. I needed a dealer who would work with me to meet my particular investment objectives, and who would help me gain the understanding I needed to make sound choices and to move forward with confidence.

At USAGOLD I found people who are willing to listen and who, from my initial contact, have taken the time to help me gain the understanding I need. Their website is informative, but I have had lots of questions that I wanted to talk through: terminology, what to buy, pricing, payment, shipment, insurance, storage, buy-back, and the option of establishing a precious-metal IRA.

I started with a small investment and was pleased to see the process USAGOLD follows to ensure the secure packaging and delivery of my order. To further my grasp of precious-metal investing, they sent me a free copy of The ABCs of Gold Investing by Michael Kosares, which I read with interest. This book really is about gold investing and is not an attempt to push USAGOLD as a dealer.

My trust in USAGOLD as a professional and reliable dealer is now established. I have continued to do business with them and my initial impressions have been confirmed. They continue to be flexible and helpful. An example of that flexibility is working within the constraints prescribed by New York State for sales tax exemption.

I happily recommend USAGOLD to others.

RP, New York

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January Special Offer

dutch kings

Historic Dutch Guilder Kings

We were fortunate to acquire these coins somewhat by accident — they came in unexpectedly from Europe in part of a Queen Wihelmina group — and as such, we are passing on our good fortune to our clients. In other words, we will be pricing these Dutch Kings at the same price per coin as the commonly traded Queens, providing our clients an opportunity to increase rarity, age and condition without paying anything extra for it. Quantity discounts are also available. Buy more, save more.

Privacy item-investor favorite
Tracks gold
Limited Availability

First-come, first-served

We invite you to learn more about our January Special Offer by clicking here.

Or please call for details. . . . . . . . 1-800-869-5115, Extension #100

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Unprecedented Total Chinese Gold Demand 2013

USAGOLD Review & Outlook

The final facts and figures on a remarkable year

by Koos Jansen

“Since November demand for physical gold has surged, weekly withdrawals have been above average, transcending weekly global mine production. Not only did we observe strong demand at the SGE, it was also perceived in an incredible shopping spree at jewelry shops around new year.”


In Gold We Trust

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The Gold Owner’s Guide to 2014


Clients & Friends,

Michael Kosares opens “The Gold Owner’s Guide to 2014 with this:

“Since the beginning of gold’s bull market in the early 2000s, we have recommended an unambiguous course of action: Own the physical metal — fully paid for and stored nearby — then sit back and watch the show. Part of watching the show is the forecast and prediction festivities that greet each New Year. This year’s entries will be of special interest to gold owners coming off the first down year for gold in the past thirteen. As our good friend, James Turk, says further on: ‘One losing year after 12 winning years is not that bad.'”

We think you will both enjoy and gain from the January issue of our newsletter which includes a section on why Mr. Spot — pictured in his study above — “remains content, confident and assured this New Year’s Eve.”

— The Management

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Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical
by John Hathaway

John Hathaway is a frequent contributor to USAGOLD’s Gilded Opinion Library simply because he has a way of getting to the heart of whatever it is that is either bedeviling or charming the gold market at any given point time. Below he explores the underlying causes for what could mature into a major scramble for physical gold metal in 2014. There is plenty to consider here for both the newcomer to gold and members of the old guard — its content a solid start for the New Year

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French Angel Special Sold Out – Raffle Winner Chosen

Just a quick update that our French Angel Special sold out the middle of last week, and all payments were checked in by Monday. We had our drawing on Tuesday and the winner was chosen and has been contacted to receive her prize. In this case, the individual who purchased the largest group took home the Lucky Angel Pendant, proving that in some cases, having the best odds does pay off. Thank you to all who participated, and stay tuned for our next offer. Happy Holidays!

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Year End Review, What to Watch for in 2014

Linked here is our latest video Roundtable entitled: Year End Review: What to Watch for in 2014

Happy Holidays!

Recap: In terms of price, gold has had a tough year. After starting the year at roughly $1700/ounce, the gold price fell through the first six months of the year hitting a low in mid June at $1180 per ounce. Even though gold has stabilized over the last six months, it is all but certain to have its first losing year after twelve consecutive years of gains. And while this has been somewhat difficult to digest for gold owners, many take resolve in the recognition that gold, as a non-correlated asset, has actually done exactly what it is supposed to do. And while mainstream financial media continues to pile on the yellow metal, we at USAGOLD are starting to see the makings of a recovery in the gold market. More and more analysts are stepping forward to announce their skepticism about the sustainability of the current rally in equities. The bond market has started to roll over, but remains in a sort of ‘no man’s land’, where yields are too low to attract long term investment, but appearing to be on the rise, crippling the premium trade. In some areas, housing is reaching the same levels seen toward the end of the housing bubble. Gold, it would seem, is one of the only remaining asset classes to appear ‘undervalued’. There is a general consensus that all markets have been greatly distorted by the Quantitative Easing policies of the Federal Reserve. Yet that said, gold has lost just about all of its QE premium. The same cannot be said for equities or bonds, further highlighting the attractive relative value of gold at this time. From a fundamental point of view, both gold and silver demand saw records this year. China will ultimately import close to 2000 tonnes of gold this year, which amounts to the entirety of global gold output. Taxes and tariffs have done little to abate Indian demand. Meanwhile, in the United States, 10 times as many silver Eagles were purchased by American investors as gold Eagles – a record. With such a strong fundamental underpinning, it seems the only thing holding the gold price back is technical weakness, and the absence of speculative money. That could change in an instant, and as gold appears to be finding a bottom, may not be too far off.

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