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News & Views October 2016 issue

newsviews1999ADVWell, here we are in October, “the cruellest month for financial markets” and appropriately the mess at Deutsche Bank is fully unveiled for public consumption. Deutsche Bank is the subject in the lead article for this month’s issue and the systemic risks involved. That and much more. . . . .

“Gold has worked down from Alexander’s time. . .When something holds good for two thousand years, I do not believe it can be so because of prejudice or mistaken theory.” – Bernard Baruch

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Just released! News & View – July 2016 issue

Forecasts, Commentary & Analysis on the  Economy and Precious Metals

UK, England, London, View of Big Ben and Churchill statue

We released this month’s newsletter in the clear and it is now being re-posted and linked at various sites on the world wide web. In keeping with that decision, the link above will take you to this month’s full issue.

The July issue offers much to consider. A top official verifies that 96% of Shanghai Gold Exchange contracts settle with delivery of real, physical metal.  At the same time, the equivalent of 90% of annual global mine production ends up within China’s borders. We explore the impact of these numbers on the global gold market. We also cover China’s eye-opening foray into the silver market, the real impact of Brexit on the gold market, and the restraints of the national debt on interest rate policy . . . All in all an enlightening edition for those who like to dig below the surface

Enjoy!  And a happy Fourth of July to all. . . .


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“It has been said many times that in the absence of a gold standard, the judicious thing to do is to put one’s self on the gold standard by purchasing physical gold coins and bullion. It is a matter of more than passing interest that two of the most respected central bankers in the present era – two individuals with an intimate knowledge of the workings of the contemporary global economy – would resolve the complexities involved by suggesting gold as a workable option for private investors.”

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News & Views April issue

Lead article:
Big banks, hedge funds key factors in 2016 gold surge
Quietly though the advantage goes to private investors

The April issue of our newsletter deals in detail with some of the problems Blackrock’s Larry Fink raises in the headline for this morning’s Financial Times. (See related post directly below) – particularly with reference to gold.  As investors, including private institutions and central banks, move to counter the effects of very-low-to-negative rates, gold becomes a matter of common sense.  Learn more about the logic behind the move to gold of which today’s nearly $20 uptick is a result.  That and more. . . . . .

newsviews1999ADVForecasts, Commentary & Analysis
on the Economy and Precious Metals
April, 2016

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U.S. Mint gold and silver bullion coin sales

Sales of U.S. Mint gold and silver bullion coin sales serve as a bellwether for market sales internationally.  Thus far this year gold bullion coin sales are running double 2015 to mid-March.  Silver bullion coin sales are running about 30% higher over the same period.  Volumes in both areas are very strong over previous periods historically.

Overall gold and silver bullion coin sales ratcheted to much higher levels following the 2007-2008 financial crisis and stayed there.  Sales in silver bullion coins have been consistently strong reflecting the change in public perception toward the metal.  Silver is now viewed by many alongside gold as a monetary vehicle for long-term asset preservation.

Please visit here (gold) and here (silver) to see results for years 2002-2014.  Some of the mints have yet to report 2015 sales.  We will update the charts once the data from all the mints becomes available.

If you have an interest in gold and silver bullion coins, we invite your call at our

Extension #100.
Great prices.  Quick delivery.  All the time.

American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins

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New video service

Our Weekly Review and Outlook video, hosted by Jonathan Kosares and Pete Grant, is posted and linked every Friday at our News & Views Online Daily Newsletter.   We cover the week’s top news and analysis on the gold and silver markets and ring the golden gong for quote of the week.  Look for this window.


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New page

How to choose a gold firm
Right turns and wrong turns on the road to gold ownership


“Some might consider the precautionary checklist offered below a matter of common entryexitsense, but in our experience it is surprising how many prospective gold owners simply dive-in without much in the way of a consumer inquiry. Your choice of a gold firm can mean the difference between success and failure as a gold owner.”

Note:  This dedicated page immediately went to the top tier in Google rankings under a number of searches.  It includes a printable pdf at the bottom of the page.

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March Buyers Group Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia

Our March offer features special pricing on the elusive BU pre-1933 Swiss 20 Franc gold coins. Please see details below, or click here for immediate access to the offer page.

Minted: 1897-1930
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .1867 troy ounce

The Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia has always been a highly sought after cornerstone of any historic bullion coin position. It evokes the sound monetary and banking principles for which Switzerland is known, and has long been recognized as an international standard for portability and liquidity. As such, when demand for gold spiked in 2008/9, the Swiss Francs were heavily subscribed and supplies simply never recovered. We were occasionally offered smaller lots, but always at oppressively high premiums, to the point that, in many ways, we gave up on recommending Swiss 20 Francs for inclusion in safe-haven oriented gold positioning and pursuing them for our inventory.

But that said, it would appear the stars have finally aligned, if only for this one moment. It took four sources and some stingy negotiations, but we are now prepared to make available the largest (and least expensive) lot of pre-1933 Brilliant Uncirculated Swiss 20 Franc’s since before the financial crisis.

All participants purchasing ten coins or more will be entered into a raffle to win this Swiss Confederatio Helvetica (minted 1883-1895 – total mintage 1.5 million – BU condition). Buy more and increase your odds of winning!


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Happy New Year

31-Dec (USAGOLD) — From all of us at USAGOLD, we wish all of our clients and friends a happy and prosperous 2016.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wishing you the very best of the Season
and a Golden 2016 from all of us at USAGOLD


All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

J. R. R. Tolkien

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Newcomers: USAGOLD website guided tour

We invite you to click through our new slideshow overview of the USAGOLD website.  Since first posting our original pages in 1997, we have developed a significant amount of content. That content, as you may have already discovered, positions many of our pages at or near the top of search engine rankings. The slideshow breaks the site down to essential pages for the newcomer.

Happy browsing.


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Post ZIRP Stock/Gold Era – What’s next on the road to “normalization” of interest rates

New entry for our Gold Classics Library, and a timely one

by Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence, 12/18/2015

For those of you wondering about the potential after-effects of the Fed’s interest rate hike last week, Adam Hamilton offers some timely and interesting speculation – the best analysis we have seen thus far on what some see as an unexpectedly hawkish announcement.  He warns of the potential for a nasty surprise in the stock market, as the realities sink in, and predicts a very pleasant outcome for gold – both under the heading of unintended consequences.  Consider Hamilton’s essay an early heads up . . . . .and a productive weekend read.

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What would Keynes have done?

News & Views

keynesyoungKeynes on the menace of printing money
How the celebrated economist might have structured his investment portfolio today

Free of charge

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Gold trends + indicators in chart form

Queen Elizabeth II And The Duke Of Edinburgh Visit The Bank Of EnglandNEW PAGE SOLID GOLD!

Our new page offers a remarkable user-friendly service – auto-updating and interactive charts of some the most widely followed indicators and correlations followed by current and prospective gold owners. The charts are offered in conjunction with the St. Louis Federal Reserve and ICE Benchmark Administration, the new organization created through the London Bullion Market Association to establish the price of gold twice daily.

Offered on the page:

Annual gold retuns
Annual gold returns (month over same month previous year)
Gold price (one-year)
Gold price (ten-year)
Gold price since 1968
Real rate of return on gold
Real rate of return on the dollar

Plus several interesting correlations including (among others):

Gold and the Dollar Index
Gold and the Monetary Base
Gold and the Purchasing Power of the Dollar
Gold and the Federal Debt
Gold and the Volatility Index

You can toggle the charts for the specific time period you wish to see.

Look for the link under Charts & Tables in our main menu as –

Gold trends+indicators in chart form

We invite your frequent visits.  Take a look and let us know what you think:

If you have questions about the charts and how they might affect you as a current or would be gold owner, we invite you to contact your broker here at the firm.

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Raffle of the 1827 Charles Felix Sardinian Gold 20 Lira

01-Dec (USAGOLD) — When we received the lot of Italian 20 Lira gold coins that comprised our November Special offer, we found a small stack of Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira coins mixed in. All predating 1860, these coins are exceedingly scarce, and are the first of their kind we have ever had the pleasure of holding.

The twenty Sardinian coins we made available as part of the special quickly sold out, but we saved the oldest and rarest — a nearly uncirculated 1827 Charles Felix (image of actual coin pictured above) — to raffle off to one lucky client that participated in the special. NGC Price Guide places a retail value on an uncirculated version of this coin at a whopping $1850!

The winning ticket drawn was 35466Q.

Congratulations to T.M. of Colorado!

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November Special is Now SOLD OUT

sardinia as
Our November special offer on the Italian 20 Lira is now sold out. Thank you to all who participated. After the last payments are in (we anticipate by the middle of the week), we will do the drawing for the rare Sardinian coin up for grabs and announce the winner here. Stay tuned…

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November Gold Buyers’ Group

Chance to win an 1827 Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira!

But before getting to the special, a quick thought on current market conditions. Feel free to jump to special link below…

As gold continues to hover near multi-year lows, the question on most of our clients’ minds is whether or not to buy now, or wait for potentially lower prices. And while no one knows for sure whether or not this $1080 level will hold again as it did in July, it has become quite clear that all of gold’s price activity over the past few weeks is based on one single catalyst – the specter of the first domestic interest rate hike in a decade. This may all sound familiar, because it is exactly what happened four months ago, as word broke that September was a ‘virtual certainty’ for the next rate hike…except that it didn’t happen…and gold rallied $100. And as gold has fallen again this time on the same ‘promise’, the financial media has trotted out the same tired argument that ‘a rate hike makes interest bearing instruments more attractive, and since gold earns no interest, gold prices will fall as the Fed raises rates.’

But such logic begs the questions: Would you rather give your money to the US government for 10 years to earn roughly 2.35% or own gold? Would you rather hold a traditional savings account earning just better than a half a percent, or own gold? Is a quarter point more in interest going to change the way you answer these questions? It is an interesting exercise, because it not only points to the folly of this retread argument, but also points to what a gift lower gold prices are in this context. And if you find yourself nodding in agreement, we think you’ll like our November special linked below:

Inquire via phone: 1-800-869-5115 x 100

Italy20liraFor this month’s offer, we have compiled perhaps the most beautifully preserved, yet lowest premium group of Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated pre-1933 Italian 20 Lira Umberto I coins we have ever offered. Also paired with this offer are 120 of the much harder to find and older Vittorio Emmanuel variety, as well as a very small group of just 20 Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira. All pre-dating 1860, the Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira coins are exceedingly scarce and are the first of their kind we have ever had the pleasure of holding.

All are priced to sell, so a great deal on its own but to sweeten things even more, we are making the oldest and rarest Sardinian coin – a nearly uncirculated 1827 Charles Felix (image/details below) available via raffle to one lucky winner. NGC Price Guide places a retail value on an uncirculated version of this coin at a whopping $1850!!

sardinia asFor every set of ten coins purchased, each customer will receive a raffle entry for a chance to win this 1827 Charles Felix Italian 20 Lira from the Kingdom of Sardinia. Year specific mintage was only 150,000 total pieces. This example has great luster, and strong original detail – worth noting in a coin nearly 200 years old!

Buy more and increase your odds of winning!

The more you buy, the better your chances to win, although the last time we did this, the winner had only one ticket in play. After the offer is sold out, we will conduct the raffle and announce the winner at our new “Live Daily Newsletter” page.

As always, first-come, first-served. Quantity discounts available. Please call to confirm your piece of this special offer.





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October News & Views just released


Why is this chart important?

Find out in the October issue of News & Views. Delve into Goldman Sach’s thesis that we are now in the third stage of the financial crisis that began in 2007-2008, and what it might mean for gold demand. Also, what is going on in the overnight Shanghai Gold Market? Is China starting to flex its muscle in the pricing mechanism? Last we ask, “Is helicopter money in our collective futures?”

We invite you to subscribe to News & Views. It comes free of charge and you can opt out of the service at anytime. Last, we will not deluge you with e-mails. Over 20,000 subscribe to this newsletter – one of the best and most widely read in the field. Never miss another issue. . .

Register here.

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Latest issue of News & Views now available

Reflections in a golden eye
Confluence of events drives renewed investor interest

The gold and silver markets are experiencing very strong investor interest and demand. For the gold investment industry, this past summer has been one of the busiest on record. This issue concentrates on the factors driving this interest and speculates on what the future might hold as we move into precious metals’ traditional September through January busy season.

newsviews1999smNews & Views is available free of charge and you can sign-up here to receive the latest issue.

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USAGOLD once again rated one of top ten best gold blogs

We are a little late in getting this posted, but once again CommodityHQ rates this page one of the top ten best gold blogs. At number nine overall, we find ourselves in good company and among colleagues and friends. We would like to thank CommodityHQ for rating us so highly.

In an era of purchased ratings and bogus rating services (often created clandestinely by the website ranking itself at the top), it is gratifying to rank highly in one where the results are arrived at independently, and where the websites ranked had no influence on the outcome, except by the strength of what they have to offer.

We invite you to bookmark the USAGOLD Daily Blog for quick, easy access. Pete Grant, our resident economist, begins updating this page in the early hours of the morning. We give special attention to getting news and opinion posted quickly (including our own views on the matter at hand) whenever something important happens in the gold market.

From CHQ (6-24-2015):

These blogs are among the most active, both on this list and in the industry.

1. King World News: The gold section of this broad-based website will keep you up to date on all of the news surrounding the yellow commodity.

2. Gold Investing News: Hands down one of the best gold resources on the internet, featuring daily analysis on the metal.

3. Gold Review: A news based source that features multiple updates per day and breaking news in the gold industry.

4. 321 Gold: An extremely active website that focuses on gold news.

5. 24 Hour Gold: Another go-to source for all things gold, including pricing, news, and analysis.

6. ZeroHedge: One of the most popular websites, ZeroHedge often writes about gold and the surrounding industry.

7. GoldSeek: Dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date gold news.

8. TF Metals Report: A site focused on both gold news and analysis.

9. USAGOLD: One of the best places to get updates on your favorite precious metal.

10. JLN Metals: Though not specifically catered to gold, a fair amount of posts are dedicated to the world’s most popular precious metal.

11. Mineweb: A well-known financial resource that includes multiple daily posts concerning gold. \

12. Resource Investor: One of the best places to keep up with the overall financial world, including gold.

13. Silver Gold Market News: A great resource that aims to be the best at bringing readers developing news in the precious metals world.

14. CommodityOnline: A great site that brings you all aspects of the commodity world.

15. The Daily Crux: A website that is jam-packed with gold news and analysis on a daily basis along with other popular financial instruments.

16. A massive trading website with a strong gold section.

17. Economy Collapse Blog: An excellent resource for controversial posts covering gloomy economic forecasts as well as dollar and gold manipulation.

18. Hard Assets Investor: Another one of the most prominent commodity sites on the web with a heavy focus on gold.

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August News & Views just released

The gold investment demand juggernaut
Public buys dips, saves gold for rainy day

investmentgolddemand 2

What stands out to you in this chart? Read this month’s issue of our newsletter to find out what we found interesting about it. We also cover gold mining’s existential crisis and what it means to gold coin and bullion owners and publish an interesting Q&A exchange with a prospective client.

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Important study just released

News & Views Reprint Series
Open Access / Full Version

In Gold We Trust 2015

by Ronald-Peter Stoferle and Mark J. Valek, Incrementum AG, Lichtenstein


Editor’s note:
Annually Incrementum, the Lichtenstein investment house, publishes the most comprehensive gold study available. In Gold We Trust 2015 comprises 140-pages of top-drawer analysis for those wondering whether or not gold should continue (or begin) to play a significant role in their financial plans. That study is published in the clear at the link to the left. We highly recommend at least paging through this important work, if not fully digesting it.

The following is an important excerpt from the study’s conclusions:

“We are strongly convinced that we are now close to a fork in the road. Over the coming three years, a paradigm change is likely to become evident in the markets, quite possibly including rising inflationary trends. We believe the following scenarios to have the highest probability:

Scenario I: The current economic cycle nears its end and the fairy tale of a self-sustaining recovery is increasingly questioned by market participants. This leads to a significant devaluation of the US dollar relative to commodities, since the Fed – as it has stressed time and again – will once again employ quantitative easing or similar interventions if occasion demands it. In this case gold would benefit significantly from wide-ranging repricing in financial markets. A stagflation-type environment would become a realistic alternative in this scenario, something that is currently on almost no-one’s radar screen.

Scenario II: Rising yields lead to an increase in credit creation and an increase in money velocity (= decline in the demand for money). Economic activity picks up, is however accompanied by accelerating price inflation. In this scenario, both financial assets (with the exception of bonds) and real assets (such as gold) would benefit in nominal terms.

Scenario III: The system hasn’t become any healthier since 2008, but has in fact become more fragile in many respects. Due to further concentration in the banking sector, the balance sheets of the largest banks have grown enormously. The volume of outstanding derivatives has continued to grow, with many off-balance sheet positions. In addition, the geopolitical situation hasn’t been this tense since the end of the cold war. The probability of a “black swan” event striking is therefore in our opinion higher than it has been in a long time. In this type of scenario, gold would likely emerge as a beneficiary as well.

Conclusion: All in all we are convinced that gold remains in a secular bull market, which is likely close to a renaissance. Should this assessment be correct, we would expect to see a trend acceleration in the coming phase. As discussed above, a variety of scenarios is possible which would mostly have positive effects on the gold price. We believe that this is a good time to provide a concrete time horizon for our long ago formulated price target. In light of the perspective discussed above, we have decided to set a time horizon of three years for our long term gold price target of USD 2,300.

Emphasis added. Reprinted with permission

• • • Also added to USAGOLD’s Gilded Opinion Library – a repository of timeless classics on matters of importance to gold owners.

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The latest edition of Review & Outlook now available


Hedging the Twilight Zone
Candid mid-year assessments from some of Wall Street’s big hitters

 “One analyst aptly described the situation facing investors as being “trapped in a Twilight Zone” between the end of the Fed’s money printing policies and its first rate hike. Remaining fully committed to the Twilight Zone, though, is a matter of choice not necessity. It can be, and should be, hedged.”

And more. . . . . .

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Contact me Marketing – Jen <>


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Bonus April Special – Argentina 5 Pesos (Argentino) & Mexico 20 and 50 Pesos

For the first time in nearly a decade, we stumbled upon a small cache of Argentina 5 Pesos “Argentino” gold coins – a perennial favorite of the old guard – and couldn’t resist snapping it up. Back in the mid 1990’s a large hoard of Argentinos was released by the Uruguay Central Bank, and it quickly became one of the most popular portfolio inclusions for the privacy and accumulation-minded gold investor in early stages of the bull market. We literally placed thousands upon thousands of these coins over a six to seven year period, but by 2006, the last of the large Argentino caches disappeared. argentino5peso Any coins that have come on to the market in the years that followed were typically sold out of private positions, and only incrementally – twenty here, fifty there – making sizable offers an impossibility. So while a 300 coin offer hardly qualifies as ‘large’ by comparison to other offers you’ve seen here in the past, it is truly remarkable for these Argentinos. What’s more, despite their undeniable scarcity, we are offering them at a discounted rate that makes them our least expensive pre-1933 option, and also prices them competitively with 1/4 ounce modern bullion coin issues.

It seems we’ve come full circle – if only for a moment – where clients can once again look to the Argentino to fulfill their goal of accumulating the most gold for their money, while maintaining the protective qualities associated with pre-1933 gold coin ownership.

Also, we are pairing this special with a small group of Brilliant Uncirculated Mexican 20 and 50 Pesos – investor favorites both for their beauty (some consider the 20 Pesos’ depiction of the Aztec Sun Stone to be the most striking design of any historic gold coin), and for their heftier gold contents (1/2 oz (20p) and 1.2 oz(50p)).


Full details including pricing and availability can be accessed here.

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Strike gold on your smartphone!

With USAGOLD’s new mobile gold and silver market monitor

USAGOLDmobilerWe were among the first in the industry to offer a gold and silver live pricing page specifically designed for smartphones. It quickly became our highest volume web page.  Now, with our newly introduced one-stop mobile portal, we are among the first to offer a complete mini-site purposely designed for smartphones.

Included –

• Live spot prices for gold, silver, oil and the euro

• Live gold bullion coin prices

• Live silver bullion coin prices

• Daily, live gold chart

• Daily, live silver chart

• Live, running gold news and opinion from our London-based wire service

• Running gold-centric news and commentary via our Daily Blog

• Introductory gold and silver purchase information

We invite you to explore smartphone-friendly USAGOLD Mobile.  Don’t forget to bookmark.

And please remember: It is your purchase of gold and silver from USAGOLD that makes services like this possible.

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Review & Outlook – April, 2015

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Rejection, repatriation and redemption in the gold market


Caveat venditor

Let the seller beware! The German citizen/investor who put away a few rolls of 20 mark gold coins (.2304 tr ozs. shown below) in 1918 would have done so at 119 marks per ounce. By early 1920 the previous rapid inflation had suddenly given way to deflation. Had that gold owner decided to cash in on gold’s significant gains thinking runaway inflation was over, a 100,000 mark investment would have made him or her a millionaire. The glow, however, would have quickly worn off. By late 1921 the runaway inflation had resurfaced but now with a vengeance. Gold shot to 4,000 marks per ounce. By mid-1922 gold reached 10,000 marks per ounce and the wholesale price index went from 13 to 70.  By late 1922, the roof caved in. Gold traded at 134,000 marks per ounce.  In January, 1923, it cracked 1,000,000 marks per ounce.  By midyear, it broke the 100 million marks per ounce barrier and at the peak of the hyperinflationary breakdown, it sold for over 100 billion marks per ounce.  The individual who thought he or she had the cat by the tail and cashed-in his or her golden chips during the 1920’s deflation became a millionaire. In short order though, that millionaire became a pauper as wave after wave of hyperinflation washed over the German economy. One moral from this somewhat frightening tale is that becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire on one’s gold holdings was inconsequential. Another is not to give up one’s hedge until there is ample evidence that it is no longer needed. Momentary nominal profits can be illusory.

Caveat venditor!

New Fix same as the old Fix
Federal budget myths and reality
How gold benefits from the yuan’s challenge to the dollar
The potential effects of the gold repatriations on the rest of the market

Review & Outlook April Special Report. We welcome your visit.
Sign-up here for an e-mail alert when we publish the next issue of Review & Outlook

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Gold Chartography 101

The case for gold ownership in ten charts you will never see on CNBC











To learn why this chart  may be the most important of the ten published, we invite you to visit the latest issue of our newsletter:

Review & Outlook


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Silver Stackers 2015


Month after month and year after year, the world’s mints continue to report record off-take of modern silver bullion coins. Whenever the economy or financial system receives a jolt, that demand multiplies to the point that the mints simply cannot keep up and are forced to ration production. The public has taken a shine to silver ownership and in the process elevated the metal’s status to that of a highly sought-after safe haven asset. All in all, we believe the silver market at current prices offers an outstanding opportunity for long-term accumulators — or stackers as they are called in the popular parlance.

When we first introduced our Silver Stacker’s Special in September, 2014, it became an immediate success. By the end of the year, the firm had placed over 30,000 of the one ounce modern silver coins with investors asking for more after we had run out.

The World’s Top Five Silver Bullion Coins
Specially priced • Lots of 100 (20 each), 300 (60 each), 500 (100 each) • All dated 2015

Details here • Please call the Order Desk to reserve your lots.


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German 20 mark special update

WihelmpilesmWe are sold out of the uncirculated portion of our German 20 mark special. About 150 of the XF-AU graded portion are still available and we suspect those will be taken up in the early part of the week.

If you have an interest, please call the Order Desk to reserve your purchase.

January Special Offer

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A Special Offer 7 Months in the Making


For the first time since January 2013, and only the second time in seven years, we’ve secured a large enough tranche of pre-1933 German 20 Mark gold coins to feature them in our signature special offer program. Minted in significantly lower numbers than European counterparts like British Sovereigns and Dutch Guilders to start with, numerous coins were also lost forever during the two world wars, making German 20 Mark one of the most elusive European coins in the market. Moreover, they are thought to be ‘sticky coins’, meaning that once they find their way into private ownership, they rarely make their way back out. As such, after we saw a very small batch of 90 coins generate significant interest back in May of last year, we’ve made it a sort of mission to accumulate German coins whenever the chance arose. So now, after seven months of tapping literally every resource possible, often securing only 20-30 coins at a time, we’ve finally accumulated enough coins to make an impact. So without further ado, we present our January special offer – and we’re adding in some very attractive incentives to make this one of our most intriguing special offers to date. Put simply, we’re starting the new year off with a bang!

Click here for further details.

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Bonus Advisory – How to choose a gold firm

Right turns and wrong turns on the road to gold ownership

Some might consider the precautionary checklist offered below a matter of common sense, but in our experience it is surprising how many prospective gold owners simply dive-in without much in the way of a consumeentryexitr inquiry. Your choice of a gold firm can mean the difference between success and failure as a gold owner.

Choose the right firm and it will help stay the course on protecting your assets from economic uncertainties. Choose the wrong firm and you can be easily diverted from true gold ownership through a maze of related but speculative and/or derivative investments.

High-end numismatics, leveraged precious metals accounts, graded (slabbed) contemporary bullion coins, off brand bullion bars and jewelry items, gold stocks, precious metals futures contracts or options, and exchange traded funds (to name a few of the wrong turns often taken by first-time investors) – all have a gold component as part of their profile, but are no substitute for physical coins and bullion which you own outright.

Only gold coins and bullion meet the four basic criteria for safe-haven status – liquidity, portability, tradeability, and “appreciability” in direct correlation to the international spot gold price. Inherently there is nothing wrong with owning any of the other investment vehicles just listed as along as you are mentally and financially prepared to shoulder the risks. If you are interested in owning the precious metals for asset preservation purposes, it follows you would be best served by a firm specializing in coins and bullion for delivery.

Key criteria for choosing the right gold firm

Apply the tests listed below to your choice of a gold firm and we are confident you will get off to a strong start. We are confident too that USAGOLD will grade at or near the top of your list.

1. Choose a gold firm that has a solid track record. Ten years in business is good; fifteen years or more is even better. As gold continues its secular bull market, opportunists are sure to enter the market, resulting in numerous start-up gold firms that often close their doors as quickly as they were opened. Firms fifteen years old or more have seen both good times and bad in the gold market. As such, they have demonstrated a commitment to the industry that carries a great deal of value to you as an investor. Such longevity shows not only a commitment to the principles of gold ownership itself, but is also indicative of the sustainability of a particular organization – an important indicator when it comes to the ethics of an organization’s sales practices, the accuracy of its advice, and it’s ability to honor its commitments.


Coins & bullion since 1973

2. Choose a firm with a commitment to keeping you informed – one that offers information-based services suitable for our information-based age. During your time as a gold owner, much is likely to change in the economic and political landscape. You will want to stay informed, and the mainstream press does not always report prominently on the trends likely to affect your portfolio, or emphasize the articles of interest to you as a gold owner.


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Our commitment to information services is almost as old as the firm itself. Starting decades ago with our monthly hard-copy newsletter, News & Views, and continuing today with our widely acclaimed website, we have dedicated ourselves to providing first-class information services designed to meet our clients’ needs. The USAGOLD website today hosts almost 1.5 million visits per month – a guiding light and practical resource to its users.

3. Choose a firm willing to spend time with you and answer your questions. The firm that is abrupt at the outset is likely to give you short shrift if you have a question or concern that needs to be addressed in the future. Be wary of companies that use aggressive sales tactics. Seek out and develop a relationship with firms that handle your inquiry in a friendly, professional manner.

Choose a firm with a large and satisfied client base. You will benefit from the experience it has gained working with a variety of situations. A firm that knows its business can help you choose the right portfolio mix to address your specific goals, circumstances and concerns. Understand the difference between the “client-oriented” and “customer-oriented” gold firms. The latter generally compete on the basis of price with little or no attention paid to your particular portfolio needs.


A boutique firm with a large clientele

USAGOLD is unique among national gold firms in one important respect. By design, we are a boutique firm with a small but highly regarded staff of experienced and knowledgeable client advisors. We have little interest in expensive national media campaigns, a large and unwieldy overhead and the aggressive sales tactics which usually accompany that business model. Instead, we have gone about the business of building our clientele, which now numbers in the thousands, through the USAGOLD website and by referral from our existing clientele. Our commitment to the gold business spans nearly 40 years and, during that time, we have built and maintained a reputation for friendly, client-oriented service and consistent, level-headed guidance — qualities that will benefit you as a gold owner now and in the future.

4. Choose a firm with a high degree of professionalism and commitment to the gold business. The level of expertise in the gold market varies from firm to firm as their general interest in the economy and financial markets. Although there are many outlets for gold, there are relatively few companies with staffs capable of providing reliable direction to the first-time investor. Not every gold firm, for example, has asset preservation as its top priority. Some tout leveraged accounts or high-end numismatics neither of which blend well with the safe-haven aspirations of most gold owners. Then there is always the firm that totally disregards the individualized needs of the inquiring client and concentrates instead on its own agenda.

Before you even contact a gold firm, it would serve your best interest to ascertain the real nature of its business. You can learn much by browsing a company’s website — something even the smallest firms offer these days. If its product line, services (and, most importantly, its focus) seem a good match, a follow-up call is in order. If not, keep searching. The initial spade work will end up saving you considerable time, effort and money over the long run.


Safe haven for the asset preservation investor

USAGOLD carries the range of precious metals bullion coins and bars and bullion-related historic gold coins that track the gold bullion price. Our unambiguous purpose is to accommodate investors wishing to own precious metals for asset preservation and/or safe haven purposes.

5. Choose a firm with strong credentials and a solid history. A firm that has proven itself to be trustworthy can help you avoid some of the problems, pitfalls and wrong turns often encountered on the road to gold ownership. One reliable source for investigating a business’ standing is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile — something any reputable gold firm should have. (If they are not members, that is a red flag in itself.) There you will find basic information — the company’s BBB rating along with a record of complaints and how they were handled. A history of dissatisfaction, particularly if there has been a large number of complaints, can be a warning sign even if the complaints were settled satisfactorily.


An admirable track record for over forty years

USAGOLD enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has been granted the right to display the Reliability Program logo. It has not had a single complaint lodged against it for over over a decade, and has consistently been awarded the annual Gold Star certificate which goes to firms that have no complaints over a three-year period. In addition, the firm is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets since 1985. Michael J. Kosares, the firm’s owners is a life member of the American Numismatic Association, having joined the organization in 1975.

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