The current monetary order is nearing its end

Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland/Interview: Dmitri Speck/5-13-2019

“I believe that this was just the beginning. In the end, it will be very tempting for the US to get rid of its debts by devaluing its own currency. Many creditors are abroad, especially central banks. If the non-American central banks notice the loss of the value of their assets, they will buy much more gold. Then the historically unusual and economically fatal situation where central banks hold the bonds of mainly one country will finally come to an end. This is one of the reasons I have an optimistic view of gold’s performance in the months and years to come. Also, given the global economic and political landscape, that is troubling to say the least, gold’s appeal is bound to rise and not just among institutional investors.”

USAGOLD note:  An interesting, in-depth interview of one of the individuals behind Germany’s gold repatriation program.

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