Kondratiev – Riding the economic wave

Bella Caledonia/George Carevan/4-9-2019

“The new downswing results from more than the 2010 financial crisis. There has been a wave of Chinese and Asian working-class resistance to exploitation, which has eroded profits. In the West, paradoxically, the historic defeat of the unions has flatlined wages. As a result, goods can be sold (and profits maintained) only by bolstering consumption through easy personal debt. That makes the Western capitalist model unsustainable and prone to endemic bank failure. The banks and their tame accounting firms are busy covering up this chronic instability via wholesale fraud. As a result, we are nowhere near the bottom of this K-wave.”

USAGOLD note:  The link above takes you to an excellent overview of the various stages of the Kondratieff Wave when applied to recent history and includes the author’s opinion as to where we are now. . . . . . The chart above provides a simplified template of the Kondratieff Wave since 1800.  We allow you to draw your own conclusions and only mention that gold is not just an historically proven inflation hedge, it has performed equally as well in modern times under disinflationary, stagflationary and deflationary circumstances.

Image: Kondratieff_Wave.gif: Internaszonalderivative work: Agmen [Copyrighted free use]

Repost from 4-9-2019

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