‘Other’ is the largest Treasury buyer?

Gold Eagle/Mike Savage

“The only real growth that I am seeing is in asset prices (great for those that own them) and in debt (likely the real reason behind the rising asset prices). As I have said many times before each and every intervention into the markets have to be bigger than the last one to get the same effect. This is why I believe we are seeing and will likely continue to see debt growth that is truly astounding.”

USAGOLD note:  An excellent overview of the towering debt problem in the United States and what it might mean for investors and investment markets.  One aspect of the debt problem – the national debt – is approaching another milestone. It will soon go past the $22.1 trillion mark. Through the first five months of the government’s fiscal year, the federal government has added $467 billion to the national debt.  At that rate, the U.S. will add $1.12 trillion to the national debt by the September 30 end to the fiscal year – and that, before all is said and done, might be a conservative projection.

Repost from 3-1-2019

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