Notes on chairman Powell’s 60-Minutes non-interview

Mises Institute/Jeff Deist/3-12-2019

“Granted, this was 60 Minutes and not Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal. It was a puffball interview. But is it too much to ask the man who holds tremendous sway over our financial well-being to give the American people a substantive primetime interview? Go back and listen to presidential debates thirty years ago, or old Firing Line shows. We weren’t always subjected to dumbed down cartoon versions of policy issues. If Americans can’t—or won’t—understand the basics of central banking, we really do have bigger problems than unaccountable technocrats at the central bank.”

USAGOLD note:  Deist is right, of course, on the dumbing down of modern society – a subject on many people’s minds. The fault, though, is not in our stars, as the bard tells us, but in ourselves.  If we choose to be dumbed down, we will be dumbed down.  There is plenty of in-depth, well-presented information at our beck and call.  All we have to do is take the time to access it, process it, and incorporate it in our own understandings.

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