The many traps of paper gold

Sound money for a sound society/Claudio Grass/12-3-2018

“As the historic bull market is approaching its end, with volatility increasing and investor anxiety climbing, interest in gold is sure to be soon renewed. After stock markets revert to an uncertain, bearish stage, a seismic shift towards safety and capital preservation is bound to take place. Nervous investors looking for shelter in a time-tested safe haven will inescapably try to build up a defensive precious metals position. However, investing in gold can be a complicated affair for those who tend to overlook the small print. In a market full of “gold-backed” ETF products and pseudo-physical gold solutions, there are several traps to look out for.”

USAGOLD note:  Claudio Grass goes on to identify and explain those traps and the differences between owning paper gold and the real thing.

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