Ballanger on last week’s gold COT report

Gold Eagle/Michael Ballanger/11-5-2018

“Once again, and in honour of an ancient financial tradition, gold and silver fulfilled their respective roles as ‘precious’ metals, accordingly defined as ‘objects of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.’ As we head into the final eight weeks of 2018, there are a great many managers of other people’s money who are paying attention—and it couldn’t happen at a more opportune time. Tonight’s COT report shows that the Commercials were covering shorts into weakness while the Large Spec algobots continued to pile and add shorts/dump longs also into weakness. As long as the Large Speculators continue to carry such a paltry number of longs (13,194 futures only; 5,976 futures and options), the gold price should continue to trend higher through year-end. It is imperative to remember that major declines in gold have occurred when the aggregate long positions held by Large Speculators exceed 300,000; we are nowhere near that figure today and won’t until $1,400 is tested by year-end.”

USAGOLD note:  Ballanger also offers his take on the stock market at the link above. . . . .

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