That isn’t how it works

“Simple, compelling language describing cause and effect is both comforting and reassuring. The alternative to this soothing narrative is an unimaginable world of random disconcerting events. This stands in stark contrast to how we prefer to see the world around us: orderly, predictable, subject to expert management and prediction. Sorry, to say, but that isn’t how it works.” – Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg, 10-11-2018

Dr. Moneywise says. . . . . .It is precisely because of the ‘random disconcerting events’ of life, economy and markets that shrewd investors are always on the lookout and why they include gold and silver in their portfolio plan.   Barry Ritholtz, I might add, is the author of the book, Bailout Nation. We recommend a visit to the article linked for more of Mr. Ritholtz’ deep-thinking.




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