Introducing Our New Online Order Desk Department


‘Collectible Coins’

We are pleased to announce the expanded availability of USAGOLD’s market leading offers of type sets, date runs, complete date sets, regional sets, and mint-mark sets of both U.S. and World gold coinage to our Online Order Desk, in a brand new section titled ‘Collectible Coins‘. These items can now be purchase anytime, day or night, via our secure, password-protected, live-pricing environment.

Contrary to the moniker ‘Collectible Coins’, many of our sets sell within a reasonable range of the spot gold value of the coins, and are typically offered at a discount to the cost of the coins individually. That said, items offered at this page are generally extremely limited in their availability, and represent unique, hard-to-find accumulation opportunities for heirloom-minded investors.

We invite you to peruse our current offerings. And, to commemorate the opening of this new section of our Online Order Desk, we’re offering some great, albeit short-lived discounts. All discounts expire Friday (9/21) at midnight! And check back often! New sets will be added all the time.

** $25 off any sets under $2500 **
** $75 off any sets over $2500 **


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