Chinese-American misunderstandings, disputes and wars

Linked-in/Ray Dalio-Bridgewater Associates/6-18-2018

“Because Chinese and American leaders have all sorts of carrots and sticks (e.g., economic, military, cyber, etc.) that they can use, they are now determining which ones to use, how far to push the testing, and how far the other will go in inflicting pain and enduring it. The escalations come in the form of tit-for-tats—i.e., a series of escalations that can become progressively larger and more painful, and that take different forms that can extend beyond trade (e.g., to include capital wars). It’s this series of escalations that the wise Chinese leader that I referred to conveyed can easily get beyond anyone’s control.” [Emphasis added]

USAGOLD note:  Dalio explores the cultural differences between China and the United States based on his experience from his business dealings and contacts there.  Deep background from the head of the world’s largest hedge fund and a gold owner/advocate.

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