Trump: I ‘doubt’ China trade negotiations will succeed

CNBC/Jacob Pramuk/5-18-2018

“‘Will that be successful? I tend to doubt it,’ the president told reporters during an appearance with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. ‘The reason I doubt it is because China has become very spoiled. The European Union has become very spoiled. Other countries have become very spoiled, because they always got 100 percent of whatever they wanted from the United States. . . . But we can’t allow that to happen anymore,’ Trump added.”

USAGOLD note:  That comment comes as China and the United States sit down to the latest round of trade negotiations in Washington.  Posturing or honest assessment?  The media will be parsing that one for days if not weeks to come, but I chalk it up under the honest assessment column.  Keep the bar low and any progress will be seen as remarkable.  Meanwhile, China issued a statement overnight denying it had agreed to the $200 trade deficit reduction demanded by the Trump administration.

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