Morning Snapshot: Gold Edges Up Within Range

USAGOLD/Peter Grant/11-13-17

Gold is up modestly, attempting to retrace Friday’s sharp intraday sell-off. Just about half of those losses have been recovered, but the yellow metal remains well contained within the recent range.

A softer dollar and weakness in stocks are offering support to gold. Focus remains on political uncertainty surrounding the House and Senate versions of tax reform legislation. There are concerns about the reconciliation process; what might ultimately reach the President’s desk and when that might happen.

Not much on the economic calendar today, but we have important inflation data coming out this week. October PPI is out tomorrow, with expectations calling for further slowing to 2.3% y/y. CPI is out on Wednesday. A small m/m increase is expected, which will likely result in a downtick to the annualized rate. Core CPI is expected to hold steady at 1.7% y/y.

The market continues to see a Fed rates hike next month as a given, despite persistently soft inflation. However, those expectations may be tempered if further weakness is evident in the October data. That would likely put the dollar under additional pressure, offering further support to gold.

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