Legend Says Gold To Surge Nearly $1,000, Ignited By Fiscal Hurricane

KWN/John Ing/11-01-17

…there is inflation, the Fed is playing semantics and sitting on an inflation time bomb. Already there are early signs of a return to “cost-push” inflation.

…Gold meantime edges higher in stealth- like fashion, as the ultimate store of value. Unlike digital currencies, gold cannot be created by a click. Gold is finite, withstanding the test of time.

…given the record debt levels and the global central bankers’ experimental move to “normalization”, we believe that the world’s biggest debt boom will end in the biggest bust.

…Most important is that gold’s recent rise shows investors are nervous. That is an important message for central banks who are unwinding their portfolios. While gold flirted with $1,300 level recently, we believe that $2,200 is still in sight within the next 18 months, particularly when so much fear stalks the world.

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