DOW To Lose 97% Against Gold

Matterhorn Asset Management/Egon von Greyerz/10-27-17

Little did I know in 1969 that Nixon two years later would change the destiny of the world for decades to come as the US came off the gold standard. By throwing off the shackles of a gold backed currency, there was no longer anything stopping the US government and the financial system from creating unlimited credit and printing infinite money.

The consequences have been a US and global credit expansion of gigantic proportions. Just in the US, credit has grown 47X from $1.5 trillion to $70 trillion.

…One thing is certain, gold will continue to preserve wealth and maintain purchasing power as it has done in the last few thousand years.

…if we take the next 10 years, gold (and silver) is likely to vastly outperform most conventional assets like stocks, bonds and property. The Dow is now the most overbought it has been in over 60 years with gold and silver depressed by a fake paper market.

…The Dow / Gold ratio crashed by 87% from 1999 to 2011. After a weak correction, the ratio is still down 60% since 1999.

…The current correction up of the ratio could go slightly higher but it is now very stretched and the downside risk is massive.

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