Top Trump advisor Cohn says tax reform has to get done this year

CNBC/Liz Moyer/10-16-17

Gary Cohn, the top economic advisor to the White House, said Monday that tax reform has to get done this year.

“The opportunity is now,” he said in a question and answer session at the annual meeting of the American Bankers Association.

…The House and the Senate haven’t been in session at the same time recently, something that frustrates efforts, Cohn said at the ABA meeting. “Unfortunately we keep losing days” when lawmakers could meet to work on the plan, he said.

PG View: It seems to me, a great deal of optimism was ascribed to a 9-page outline proffered by the administration. Now the question becomes, can Congress actually come up with a plan that will make it to the President’s desk before year-end?

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