Gold pushes past $1300 mark, silver moving towards $17.50

Gold continued its march to higher ground today finishing above the $1300 mark at $1303.60.  Gold is up $10.00 on the day and $27 on the week, or 2.1%.  Silver followed suit up 16¢ on the day at $17.38, and 59¢ on the week, or 3.5%. Gold’s rise this week has taken investment markets by surprise and it will probably take some time to sort out the reasons for the sudden resurgence of interest in the precious metals.  Inquiries and sales are both up at USAGOLD over the past week, and investors are citing concerns about the long-term value of the dollar.

Quote of the Day
“In a lot of cultures, the word for money derives from the word for gold. In China, the ideogram for money is the ideogram for gold.” – Peter Oakley, Royal College of Arts (UK)

Commonality is probably something you would not expect to find as an attribute of a brokerage firm, but when it comes to gold it is an important one. Having a similar world view goes a long way in establishing the common ground essential to a good working relationship. For over 40 years we have resolutely advocated owning gold for asset preservation purposes. Admittedly, this philosophy does not resonate with all prospective gold owners, but if it does with you, we think you will find USAGOLD a kindred spirit.
If the time has come for you to begin or extend your gold and silver ownership plans – if you are raising the red flag – we invite you contact us and find out why thousands have chosen us as their gold firm.
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