Gold continued its downtrend today


Gold continued its downtrend today shedding another $11.34 and finishing at $1282.61.  Silver held its own losing only 4¢ and finishing the day at $16.73.  Both metals are trading quietly early in Asian markets.  Both yesterday and today, gold spiked lower at precisely midnight ET.  The Japanese yen and Chinese yuan both chased gold lower oddly at the exact same time.  The whole move had the look of structured trading, but there is no way to verify the cause of the triple declines, i.e., the yen, the yuan and gold. Scroll down for a chart depicting the event, and we will leave it to you  to make your own call. . . . .

Quote of the Day
“[Y]ou can’t afford to try to time the market. What you have to do is study the long term elements, and you have to have a diversification plan that protects you when you’re wrong.” – Tony Robbins

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